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  1. Suffolk exile

    Alfie Mawson - Fulham

    That is a good point. That dead wood is holding us back
  2. Suffolk exile

    Alfie Mawson - Fulham

    Very disappointed too. But - I suspect, like others, we are not looking at CBs. Makes you wonder what (if anything) we're in for......
  3. Suffolk exile

    Will Mahrez go for 100 million.

    They are also saying the offer includes a player - but who? In any case, I believe he will be staying. If that proves to be the case, I am more concerned about the fall-out. SSN (and other sources) are suggesting that some of the squad are pretty unimpressed by Riyad's actions in trying to secure a move..........
  4. Suffolk exile

    Fastest Debut goals....

    Didn't Graham Fenton score with his touch at Anfield?
  5. Suffolk exile

    Ulloa - To Brighton on loan (Page 8)

    Gone to Brighton according SSN Good luck Leo!
  6. Suffolk exile

    Have we ever signed a worse defender...

    Nicky Mohan?
  7. Suffolk exile

    Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    I think that it is obvious his time is over. The signs were clear at the end of last season. As others have said - be gentlemanly and let him go with some dignity. We need an actual manager.