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  1. Can see him being a hero here
  2. Had the car for 5 years to be honest its only this year am noticed alot of fixing
  3. Cars are so annoying 😪 feels like all am doing is paying more to get the car fixed then I put petrol. Anywho anyone know what engine management light being Amber mean?
  4. Looks nice the training ground. R.I.P James Dawkins 🙁
  5. TeamRocket


    Pay is basic wage, manament are good to be honest its the people above them that are ****, but have been at the place for over 10 years and the manament have always been good to me trying to find loop holes in to give me extra hours etc. But thanks need all the luck. However, just feels crap at time when me the wife are trying so hard just for someone to give is a chance.
  6. TeamRocket


    May have to look in to the contract thing. Well the last time I spoken to the bank about mortgage (last year) they told me I need to be working 40 hours min. However, my sis in law who works in the bank also told me just show a p60 and don't say anything about how many hours your doing but am to honest and if they ask me I just tell them the truth. And the house price am looking at is no more then 100k (north west England) just a small 2 bed house that needs doing up as there is just me the wife and our 2 cats. Thanks for the help wolfox but I think you maybe right about finding a new job that will give me full time hours and look next year again. Only worry with that is will be turning 36
  7. TeamRocket


    I wish I could get a house been trying for 10 years have 15k deposit saved but cos my contract is 22.5 hours no one will give me one keeps saying I need more than 40 hours 😪 but that ain't ever gonna happen cos the company I work for just won't give anyone more then 25 hour contracts (but give you over time hours like their billionaires). Anyways was gonna ask has anyone here brought land to build on and whats the process of it or any tips cos feel like that would be my only option now. On and the house I wanna buy is like 90k and fix up house.
  8. BR: Hey... do you know why my bum is itchy JON: Erm..say what
  9. I knew it we sold our foxes souls to the illuminati. We are massiveeeeeeeeee....!! Yes
  10. Haha just seen wolves away kit 🤣 will defo never say anything bad about ours ever again
  11. I Googled him and a rugby player came up
  12. this is getting depressing now when will the ins change
  13. TeamRocket


    has he signed yet?
  14. Maybe on his 15th game will see why we signed him
  15. If we play him after 14 seconds. I don't see why not
  16. Well good luck and good bye shame won't miss him as much and to be honest he looked to posh for us
  17. TeamRocket


    Love him already
  18. Why are toyota dealer stupid? Took my car for air bag recall (nothing wrong with my car as it just had been done and MOT pass) and then they gave me a list of things to do grr... took it back to my normal place and they told me they took parts out and changed my brake discs grrr......... ahhhhhh.....
  19. Personally would be sad to see him go if he goes but at same time wouldn't be upset with him wanting to go to Manchester United even would be happy for him to be honest but definitely missed
  20. I understand what your saying but dude let the guy have his moment golden boot winner. I dunno which lcfc player has won in my time as a lcfc fan.
  21. I wouldn't mind a code but to be honest I dunno how to use now tv :s
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