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  1. We need to some how slow the game down
  2. We are running like headless chickens
  3. He looks like one of those crazy 99 rated players in fifa who just never stops running in that video
  4. So much for the storm
  5. Think king value is like Master Card priceless
  6. He sounds abit sad like am here cos I know they pay me well but its abit of a $#!? Club but il say what they tell me
  7. Can we not get someone on loan with an option to buy? Like an ageed amount so no stupid extra 50mil just cos he played well?
  8. Hope so. I really dont care how good or bad he is. Just having him in this team will always be a good thing. His work rate when he gets the chance. His off the pitch attitude plus loyalty is hard to find these days
  9. Can we just keep him for ever ??I dont care. Love how hes always posative and think he will help all the next gen of players
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