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  1. Does anyone if its safe to travel in to Leicester got elderly parents who need some working doing to there home and I was wondering if it safe to travel in to Leicester. I said I'll wait till after 2nd spell but not sure whats going on on as I live up north and here everything thing to be back to the new normal.
  2. Looks good hope it happens and he turns out good as he looks
  3. Good game felt like we could have won it better from us. Like the foxes never quit plus nacho goal should have be a goal
  4. Dunno if I like football anymore far to stressful when we losing
  5. What happened to the team from the weekend?
  6. Is he like the oldest player to get 100 goals in the Prem? Maybe wrong sorry if I am
  7. Would be interesting to know what teams we played where VAR worked for us and what teams VAR did not go our way or even used. Personally I thought VAR would be good but after how poor it's been over all I for one dont ever wanna see it again
  8. Hate all this back pass when most of the team is in the other half tuts
  9. I wanna why VAR and the refs hate us the most
  10. Swear down they have in for Leicester the whole world
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