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  1. Woohoo end of season they can't catch us topic best topic to talk about in FT
  2. At least one leicester team on my birthday:)
  3. Why do we play so poor at home and when is vardon gonna find the net again. We look soo poor today
  4. Sad but so true, that or he's missing the fans more then anyone else
  5. Starting to feel like we really should have got forward this January more then ever
  6. When does the "teams that cant catch us theard" open? Always liked that for some reason
  7. Anyone watch the mars landing?
  8. What a dirty team glad hamaz made the hard tackle, but do think we should have killed them off 1st half
  9. Haha West ham fans never seem to shock me anymore
  10. Underrated: I would say sucker punch. I think is an epic movie that has so much hidden messages but its also a movie with ot of gimmick but at the same messes with your head and if you can get pass all the gimmicky stuff and see the story its mind blowing
  11. Watched last 15 min look like they was running over us big time
  12. Now your just messing with my mind
  13. Think he will make a really good manager someone day
  14. Well to be honest I have it on the pc already but just would love to play it on switch or PlayStation
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