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  1. Dont agree with this VAR thing dunno but feel like its spoil the game want to be happy that we are winning but dunno
  2. The OH Leuven Thread

    Ru sure he signed for the right team?? Could do with playing for us
  3. Kasper

    Maybe just cos no one is fighting for his spot and he knows that although hes had poor run lately i think it may be healthy for him to be dropped for a game or two but for who i dont know
  4. Manchester United (H) Match Thread

    Oh well guess this days jusy gonna be a sh!!t day
  5. PPI

    Yep prob go down on Saturday or summit just gonna get all my paper work that i have of the loan and see what they say
  6. PPI

    Hi I dont know if there is a forum for this but really need help i had a loan from HFC bank(part of hsbc now) about 5k but my repayment was like 10k or summit stupid which i didnt notice 1st was desperate n needed cash at the time but was able to get an early settlement due to my wife n mil paying most of it off but had like 1k left but was told i wouldnt be able to get a loan for 3 to 4 years again(never did) so its been like 7 or 8 years now and i noticed when going throw some papers in the case that hfc loan agreemen lettet was there n i was miss sold ppi and life insures. Would i be Able to still claim for ppi even tho i had an agreement in place to pay it off early?? It would be nice if i could be able pay back ppl n save summit for morage
  7. Is this ment to be like a CR v2? CP well lets hope he can do summit
  8. Shakey Sacked

    Said but defo agree with this. It sad but he just wasnt the right person for the club to take us forward nice man prob a very good assistant manager or assistant coach wish him all the best hopfully he can join NP (if hes not coming here) now we hunt for our manager
  9. West Brom Post Match

    We went from come back kings to champs to chumps and now a joke of a team whats next??
  10. FIFA reject Adrien Silva appeal

    I think if fifa are letting sky move our game they should let us have what is ours
  11. Next City Manager?

    Or micky adams with his new new book going back to thw foxes
  12. Next City Manager?

    I am just gonna say it gonna go with Peter Taylor
  13. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    Its not about the teams we lost to but the team he has put on each week and the subs he has made! He does not know what he is doing he should go now and join NP
  14. Bournemouth Post Match 0-0

    He need to go i dont care hes had enough time. CR cant even pick the right team