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  1. Was my fav keeper even tho what he did was way before i was born. Him and kellers always Made me wanna play as a keeper even though am only 5'3 R.I.P
  2. And people will go on about how we are 12th
  3. Players are not be blamed at all they gave it there all. Just lack motivation from the manager.
  4. Bring him on for a pen and leaving him out for the game i wonder whos ment to motivate the player
  5. Positive?? For what a manager who doesn't not know how to pick a team or a manager that does not know how to motivate the team? Il be more positive onces hes gone
  6. Nah dude going from 7th to what 12th now is a joke dude. Not about it being fifa how can you play a team without having a real striker? This aint fifa where u can put the goal keeper up front
  7. Its a joke puel and anyone whos backing him is a joke
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