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  1. Fans have been poor and play has been poor. Just one of them days
  2. What is with poor ball control today it's like play the ball is on fire
  3. Agree what has happened to our fans
  4. Is that our fans or there's cos needs some Leicester chants going
  5. Playing really poor today feels like losing the ball alot
  6. That would be unfair to Celtic come on we took the gaffer dont need to take their plastic cups too.
  7. Maybe Conrad Logan was coaching him on how to earn money for free. Just saying
  8. What you on about that was Silva who scored
  9. Lol this just reminds me of daddy shark haha
  10. ACL recovery these days are okay. Just depends on how good the Rehabilitation program is. Personaly I wouldn't rush him back to early and rush get re injured
  11. Only 2 player in my list logan for keep the bench warms in them rainy cold days and m.james for never recovering from injuries
  12. Shocking we didn't get him to sign a 5 years more
  13. Hes bitter about it all. He needs to wear his nappy and move on. It's not like he left em when they was fighting to stay up he gave em 7 league trophy and gift wrapped this one too
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