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  1. Well ACL injuries could be bad, as someone who tears an ACL risk their MCL being turn too. Then it all depends on the grade of injuries for example if it's a grade 1 could be days grade 2 1week to 6 months,grade 3 you looking at 6months plus. Then at what stage of the healing phase hes in. Then it depends on the rehabilitation program hes on, rush him back to early and hes done for good take time let it heal and hes good a new if not better. Lastly how well hes doing the rehab program.
  2. Think villa should play there game in hand before season starts and the bottom 3 go down. Or bottom 3 of prem play top 3 of champ in a playoff style football game before new season starts.
  3. Summer break, winter break and now almost spring break
  4. Loss the fearless factor, but just need a few things going our way too.
  5. Data like this dont mean much ave seen team will poor possession poor shots on target win games and not saying we should have won the game but defo didn't deserve to lose the way we did. Sorry that's just how I see it
  6. Can we have a re vote or even after each game see how peoples view changes
  7. Football is ruined the more VAR goes on the more am hating football bring back old football please
  8. Dont get why when vardy hard the ball no1 was doing anything like come on open it for him or make room for urself
  9. What BS they did the same thing other end no pen lmao
  10. Would be interesting to see how the fan would annoy them :p
  11. I wonder how long before we hear he's waiting in the airport or even the train station with his bags :p
  12. How do we even know if VAR is real?think they should allow fan to go watch VAR room just to see what they do. So a VAR for the VAR
  13. Played really well today hope he keeps this kind of play hopefully the goals will start coming back and surely against a normal keeper he would have got 2-3 goals.
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