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  1. I like hamaz cos he's a player that represents alot South Asian people , Also dont mind him not playing as much but when he does always like to cheer him on cos he give hope to a alot of South Asian people, who may wanna be footballer but feel like they can't cos of social barriers
  2. Who would have thought il be smiling so much about a draw
  3. Didn't we already in the liverpool game or was that to soon sorry
  4. Next game please. Guess we can't win em. Still don't know what to expect from this Leicester team games you would think we will win we don't game we think will lose we win. Just don't know anymore
  5. Think he maybe thinking about our European game or summit
  6. Maybe he done with football or summit but feel like if he left it there would be no goal
  7. Glad I didn't watch it on now tv would be even more vexed about it going to bed
  8. Feel like we just hand one game plan against Liverpool and that's let them win
  9. How have liverpool got the ball so much, okay going off here cos gonna end up saying dumb things
  10. Hope we win, would hate to see headlines if they won to be honest
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