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  1. If this is ain't a sign for us to get some new players in I dont know what is. We needed players and something to change
  2. Just been poor since we got to pass the 39 point mark p!as poor
  3. sign some players in so we could cope with it all
  4. Played slow and played poor something needs to change
  5. Dunno why but lately feels like we have been playing real slow football
  6. At least will be playing primer league football next season
  7. Oh my lot all from Bolton so said that to but they just kept doing the 4-0 thing so sat quietly in the corner cos didn't know what else to say haha
  8. Just want to apologise for last night's moodiness had a bad bad day with the in laws being all liverpool fans and having to spend the whole day and evening getting mashed by them so sorry if I upset anyone and sorry for saying a lot of stupid stuff
  9. Lost to a better team! But BR needs to sort it out other wise will be lucky to be in the top 8
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