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  1. Should have just walked off after they scored properly would have gotten a draw then
  2. Wow 👏 why am I not shocked anymore. You could bet your house and granted we would lose today big time
  3. Maddison is just a waste dont play him till next season
  4. Thanks lcfc for adding more to sh!t to a day that is just been full of sh!T
  5. I don't get why he was booed just seems werid but well done to our local lad and for over coming what ever he has been goings through. So happy for him and can't wait to see him win some more
  6. Just was not clinical with finishing, Vardy needs to wear his scoring boots and need to start finishing teams when we have the upper hand
  7. I refuse to vote on the basis that its to scary to think pass next game.
  8. Lets just have an 11 man sub that way everyone plays 😆 but honestly a nice headache to have means everyone is always fighting for a spot to be on the team sheet
  9. My wife just asked me is this super Sh!t league all because we're shaking the cage of the top 6
  10. Personally I start panicking just before kick and all game be like come on come on please please get one goal and still sh!thing it normally even when we got 2 goals, even more of the 2 goals came in 1st half
  11. You wasn't joking you did have alot of time to think normally on my runs all I could this is why the F*** did i start running
  12. If its captain wes maybe he was planing a team talk for the last 8(hopefully 10) games and someone said it was a house party. All will be forgiven when they start winning again
  13. We have only ourselves to blame disappointed with loss big time
  14. Think BR has his heart set on FA cup . Don't understand why teams do that
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