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  1. Drinkwater

    'A compromise has been made' Does that mean there's something in it for us down the road?
  2. Leicester City's 2017/18 kits thread

    Still applied today. The person who served me mentioned that 'Friday was the last day' they were doing it, though I didn't know whether to take that to mean tomorrow or next Friday. They're switching to a loyalty card thing though they said themselves that they've been told next to nothing about it.
  3. Expand the stadium? The poll

    I'd have thought, seats and spacing aside, that safety regulations in the case of fire escapes and routes and things of that ilk would be pretty restrictive on how much the capacity could be increased by, if it could be increased at all.
  4. Mahrez has asked to leave

    Interesting, assuming that's right.
  5. Leicester City's 2017/18 kits thread

    It's not ideal, I know. But it *seems* as though it's a high enough quality to last. Just wash on low heats/iron inside out. As for the design, I don't hate it, but it's growing on me. The arm tag things are ridiculous no matter how you look at it but I was hoping for a long sleeve version to see how that looked, JC have none at the minute though.
  6. Leicester City's 2017/18 kits thread

    Popped into JC on my lunch earlier for a quick look, not embroidered. That said, it's a much more high quality heat transfer than the Puma logos have been in the past. I'm reasonably confident they'll be fine but I'd remain wary of potentially losing a couple after a few washes.
  7. Transfer kitty for the summer

    Can't fathom why people suggest a new right back every window. By all means, bring in a younger player and have him available and ready to step in with a view of him being first choice long-term, but Simpson has been excellent these last two years. Granted he isn't the best going forward, but he's defensively sound and rarely has a wobble. One of the few (if even that many) who didn't deserve the flack that the team as a whole got for the first six months of the season. I'd rather invest more into positions that really need strengthening than into those that are more than adequate.
  8. Next season ....

    Assuming Shakespeare is given the permanent position, which he seems nailed on for at this point anyway, then I expect he'll get a reasonable budget this summer. Money isn't an issue and even with Walsh being long gone I suspect shrewd business. We're only desperately in need of a new centre back (or two). Truth be told, when this lot play like they're playing right now, or anywhere close to the level that they're capable of, there's no need to demand an overhaul. Shakespeare knows this lot better than anybody, he'll know what's required. The owners aren't delusional, they'll be more than happy with a top ten finish. Establishing ourselves as a top ten club that can challenge for Europe is next step for us.
  9. Islam Slimani

    Five year deal.
  10. Islam Slimani

  11. Islam Slimani

  12. Islam Slimani

    Type to fold on the flop and beg for his cards back on the river.
  13. Hull City Post Match Thread 2 - 1

    It's hard to justify being mad after everything we've been given by them for the last year, but I can't take anything positive from that. Gray was only interested in shooting. Mahrez wasn't interested period, bottling every 50/50. Defence was all over the place. Vardy wasn't in the game. With the exceptions of Musa and Drinkwater, maybe Okazaki when he came on, everybody was dire. Dreading next week now if we're going to put in a repeat performance. We'll be put to the sword.
  14. Mahrez - Chelsea/Arsenal

    Interesting from Ranieri in his conference. When asked 'you've said that you won't keep any player that's unhappy; you only want players that want to be here. Are you convinced that Riyad wants to be here' He replied by saying 'err, yes, but, sometimes a manager says one thing and does another thing'. Perhaps that's Ranieri struggling with communicating his point. It's just interesting that he'd answer like that. As if to say 'I know I said that, and he isn't totally happy, but we still won't be selling'. That's how I interpreted it at least.
  15. Towards the end of the season I was finding myself at a pub in High Wycombe more and more to watch Tottenham's games and because I was so close to London there were often a fair number of their fans in there when they were on. The night they played Stoke off the park there was a pretty loud Spurs fan about. When he found out I was backing Stoke and questioned me as to why he wouldn't take 'I'm a Leicester fan' as a reason, brushing it off as 'no you're not, not really'. I had to produce my season ticket for him to be convinced. I don't think it really matters - why should it? I don't think any of us need to be vindicated by strangers. The only bit that bothers me is the suggestion that we're obviously so small that it's unthinkable that we actually have any fans outside of the city, which is ludicrous.