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  1. This could be a massive coup for us. More importantly, it may even signal that players consider us a viable option when there’s a lot of talk about interest from Liverpool and Chelsea etc. It’s one of the main reason I can’t get onboard with the ‘happy to go unnoticed’ types - just feeds into the rhetoric that we aren’t a top club, and if pundits or others in the media that have any prevalence can’t acknowledge us as contenders, how are we to be perceived abroad? That said though, the narrative around this is thankfully beginning to shift. Most importantly though, this is the sort
  2. A lot of talk about what is being perceived as a tearful farewell. Is it possible (and I’m just throwing this out there) that the bloke, despite his cup heroics actually just cares quite a bit and got a bit emotional at the thought of feeling like maybe the team let the fans down? I’m not saying they did - he most certainly hasn’t - but in front of a crowd at the KP, pretty big game against some faux rival and to be on the end of the result when Chelsea dropped points might actually be a bit overwhelming. For the record, I’m not convinced he’ll be here next
  3. I’m in! Lost my uncle during (but not due to) this pandemic. As loyal to a club as they come. Going to be incredibly bittersweet to be back at the King Power without him, but he’d want nothing more than our usual bunch there as normal.
  4. ‘Proud of the players’. Is he trying to give me an aneurysm?
  5. Bloke has been unbelievable. Can’t believe he’s the same guy that we endured (at best) for two and a half years. His first touch can be hit or miss but it’s a non-issue. His finishing is sensational, his hold up play has come on leaps and bounds and he’s showing himself to be very capable operating as some kind of pseudo-target man. His decision making has improved no end, which has been the sort of turnaround we waited years to see from Gray and he never gave us a sniff. If anything, more so as Kel felt like even more of a lost cause than Demarai. His application and e
  6. A lot of talk about whether this should be enforced here, as it is in Germany (with the exception of two(?) clubs), due to recent events - though mainly by fans of the offending clubs themselves. Hypothetically, if this was to be enforced, is it something you’d want? I think it’s probably in the best interest of most clubs and obviously prevents tyrannical madmen from taking a controlling stake, but then I look at what Vichai did and Top continues to do for us and can’t look past the good an owner has the potential to perform. We’re a special case though, and an extreme
  7. Apologies - frustration of it all is giving me word vomit. Players should have taken pay cuts when asked, especially when a lot of the country didn’t even get the choice. Worse yet was the pathetic NHS donation, given the context and circumstance. I still think them largely innocent in regards to The Super League in of itself but concede that their previous actions are likely contributors to the timing of it in particular.
  8. The Super League may well be a product that’s come about because players’ wages are so high but clubs don’t have to pay that. It’s these exact clubs that have set precedents that allow the players like Gareth Bale to be out of the Real team for two years whilst picking up £650,000 a week. I’m not sure how they possibly felt that to be a good investment even if expected to be playing every week. But they’re now meandering in €900,000,000 of debt which is the driver for all of this. It’s poor financial and club management that the players aren’t responsible for, even if they and their agents hav
  9. Can’t get my head around this idea that a points deduction isn’t appropriate because it ‘only hurts the fans, players and managers who aren’t to blame’. They aren’t to blame. But so what? Are the fans to blame when poor club management or self interest leads to administration? Those fans, players and managers have enough to worry about in not getting paid or having no club left to support before points deductions and, more often than not, relegations. Every club has peaks and troughs. Maybe they’re all due one. They can’t keep behaving as though they’re invincible. Has
  10. Really interested in the point that was mentioned earlier around Council's giving club's permission to use the name which they could strip. Don't think it would bother most of them one bit - almost seems like the ideal scenario for them. If the city/borough/town name etc becomes irrelevant, they have the franchise ready made. Manchester United are just United. Real Madrid just Real. It's inconsequential when the community you're based in doesn't matter. American sports have been moving franchises for over a century. It's suits this lot to a tee. If this goes ahead, the
  11. In part, almost certainly but I’d be amazed if talks about this hadn’t been taking place even prior to that. Our title win will have just hurried them along. It is a concern around Europe, though. Remember a comment being made (maybe by Florentino Perez) back at the start of the season about Roma not qualifying for the Champions League. Something to the affect of ‘Why should they have to deal with the financial consequences of not qualifying one time?’ which is what all of these clubs are afraid of. Laughable then, that they aren’t even involved.
  12. Apologies - took ‘we’ and ran with it even though I knew you probably didn’t mean it at individual club level. I agree there’s no parity when it comes to boardrooms and the (not so) startling correlation between the money in them and likelihood of honours and high finishes, but it isn’t always an open and shut case. We’ve been on both sides of that. Spending money and signing players left, right and centre when Mandaric came in just to see us relegated and then, oppositely, the title win win on a relative shoe-string budget. It isn’t fair financially but domestically th
  13. I guess that’s it though - it’s a beast that we’ve created. I’ve no doubt that conversations took place long before we came along and started ruffling feathers but I’d be astounded if they haven’t been hurried since. A lot of people are rightfully angry. I think I and a lot of us are probably feeling it more so because it’s clubs like ours that are this serves to stop. This season has been the first where the media have begun to really acknowledge us as a contender. If not the ‘Big 7’ then the ‘Best of the Rest’. We might not be an immediate threat to Man City and Liverpool, but we’v
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