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  1. Maybe we should be looking for someone to push Vardy during the next couple of seasons, I haven't any idea who would fit that bill but that why I feel we should be looking now! It’s going to be a mammoth task to find someone to score 15 -20 goals a season. I know this may not be a popular statement but IMO nacho still does not seem good enough to me although has improved a little this season.
  2. I have always hated zonal marking you can end up with a complete disparity with a 5 foot 9 inch player trying to mark a 6 foot 5 inch player. IMO we are not a tall enough side to work ZM properly. We would do better to do it tallest marking tallest (man to man) the old way! Our zonal marking was shocking today against Rudiger.
  3. This is the team for me! Ward Justin Morgan Benkovic Fuchs Choudhury Albrighton Praet Tielemans Gray Iheanacho Subs: Jakupovic, Chilwell, Soyuncu, Ndidi, Barnes, Perez, Maddison
  4. To move forward we need a quality player now not bang average!
  5. I must agree there is something we are not being told about, going on! You only need to look at their body language now compered to earlier in the season. Everyone was playing for each other they all wanted the ball and with smiles on their faces enjoying the game. Maybe some players have had a bit of a bust up or it could be all the speculation and rumours around in the lead up and during the transfer window? I am not sure what the problem is but now they are not wanting the ball so much and not enjoying playing so much, something if differently wrong behind the scenes. Fingers crossed it’s only temporary, Roger needs to earn his massive new contract and sort this out quickly.
  6. Always liked the look of him and thought he would make it in the Premership! Haven't seen anything to change my mind as yet?
  7. I for one am a little sad the way such a great servant of LCFC has been treated in his last season. No testimonial no send-off…. Nothing? Just feel it could have been handled better? In my view must be one of our greats and will always remain so!
  8. OK but I think his contract runs out in the summer....then bye bye on a free! When you see all these strikers that other clubs have brought in have that have ended up 2-4 goals in a season in the Premiership! He didn't do badly with 13 goals. Would have liked to have him back at LCFC to have got some value for our money.
  9. Couldn't agree more some people are idiots? They just love to hate someone in this case Chilwell. I remember when he had all 3 assist for England’s first 3 goals and was voted man of the match by the fans, next day people on here still got on his back moaning and winging. The clue is if he was a weak link the likes of Chelsea and Man City would not be after him. Sometimes people wouldn’t know a good player if they saw one. (Moan over).
  10. And it's a defo no...not a chance in hell from me! Maybe some people will now get off Chilwell's back?
  11. I think we only need a couple of players, However good players are no longer enough anymore for LCFC! They need to be something a bit special, only excellent players are needed in an effort to improve this squad and move forward. Fewer signings but higher quality!
  12. I for one like Chilwell he is only a young player and all young players have dips in form but if a massive offer comes in thenwe may cash in on a deal.
  13. FFS it’s a different NO.. NO.. NO from me! plus he is always injured as well.
  14. Islam Slimani scored 13 times in 46 games for Leicester following a £28million move from Sporting Lisbon in 2016. I must admit I quite liked him as he gave us something different up front when plan A wasn’t working.
  15. Roger is a great manager but like all great managers they make some mistakes IMO, The Man City game I thought his tactics were poor indeed and last night with Nidi injured should have started Hamza as a like for like! Tielemans has been so poor recently and DF midfielder he is not, Chilwell is another that has had a drop in confidence maybe they should have gone off instead of Preat and Perez who were having far better games.
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