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  1. If local rivals are good enough to play in the Premier League then great, but until then I don't really think about them. It's more fun mocking deluded 'big club' fans than Coventry.
  2. Unlucky. Can anyone help Shiteforever out?
  3. That means the date it's on sale to members if there are any tickets left.
  4. It's not a new idea. The finance ministers of France, Germany, Spain and Italy proposed a form of turnover tax a couple of years ago for multinationals paying almost no tax.
  5. Her point is a valid one. Amazon is hiding its profits made in the UK in other countries and not paying a fair share of its tax in the UK. Amazon is freeloading on the rest of us for the costs of operating in the UK - healthcare, education, transport infrastructure and so on. Some other multinationals like Starbucks are doing the same and it needs dealing with.
  6. Don't buy anyone but take the entire squad on another short break dressed as superheroes. The spirit of this squad is what sets it apart.
  7. I remember seeing that one and have just dug out the programme. Makes me realise I am older than I think and my house is full of shit. I still have programmes from meaningless games in 1982. I have moved house about ten times since.
  8. At the start of the season I'd have said top 6. Given the start we've had, and especially how Caglar has replaced Maguire so well, I'd say top 4 now. Either way we should aim to start next season with a better squad than we started this season, with properr competition for each place. The fact that Praet - a fantastic signing - can't get in the first team says a lot about how we are progressing as a club.
  9. Good luck to him. Even at 3-0 down after about 20 mins I wouldn't have predicted a 9-0 result. 150-1 doesn't seen that generous in the circumstances. I'm still kicking myself for not putting bets on City to finish top 4 at 25-1 and top 6 at 10-1 this season.
  10. And I hate that song that starts F *** off Maguire. We have a great squad and are going places. No need to look petty and cheap.
  11. I've got no problem with Maguire leaving. He played well for us. We got a huge price for him. He didn't mess us around like Mahrez did. And Caglar is a great replacement.
  12. Losing 5-0 away at Man City in the 1990s was the worst I've seen in terms of goal difference. But losing 3-0 to Palace at home a couple of seasons ago felt worse. They were in the relegation zone and hadn't scored in their last ten games away.
  13. Not tying the government's hands is a fair argument, but Johnson didn't put that case to the public. What he did say was 'We have no intention of falling behind Europe' on standards, and then he did the one thing that made that possible. And saying you won't accept any evidence in an impact assessment because you assert that all the people who write it are remainer bureaucrats is a bit feeble. It's not bureacrats that has made the pound drop against other major currencies since the referendum, and Honda decide to stop making cars in Swindon etc. Again, if Johnson had said 'we expect the economy will take a hit of x billion in the next few years, but we think it's worth it because of y', that would be an argument that the public could consider. Unfortunately Johnson has a history of tlling whoppers, and you can't blame people for being suspicious.
  14. They wouldn't need so long to understand if it the government had produced an impact assessment. But that would show what a bad deal it is.
  15. I think Johnson can ask for a general election, but under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act 2/3 of parliament needs to agree for it to happen. Corbyn's point is that the only reason for the government to remove the text from the previous withdrawal agreement is to lower standards. If the government were serious about maintaining or improving standards, they could leave the previous WA text in to reassure the other parties and the public. It's no coincidence that Johnson chose authors of Britannia Unchained (a book that supported lower employment standards) for his Cabinet - Raab, Truss and Patel. You may or may not agree with the idea of lower standards, but Corbyn is just calling out Johnson's lies.
  16. It's not just about whether they vote for or against it. They also have to think about how it could be amended so they could accept it. And to do that they have to understand the detail.
  17. It's not just a question of reading it. They have to understand the implications and spot the problems. It's being deliberately rushed through with inadequate information (e.g. no impact assessment) to undermine scrutiny. Yesterday showed that not even the Brexit secretary understands it properly. The politicians who are complaining don't think it's the same as May's deal. They think it's even worse.
  18. Selling an adult and U16 ticket together in SK1. Can upgrade the U16 if needed.
  19. There's a single ticket in J2 on general sale.
  20. Southampton away selling out on a Friday night is decent. Anyone got a sense of whether Brighton will reach all season ticket holders?
  21. Then why aren't other member states complaining about the EU approach to Brexit? The truth is that they agree with it.
  22. I think the tough bit is still how to exit the customs union and single market while still having an open border with Ireland. I do think there has been some naivety in the UK thinking the EU would want to bend or break their rules and the Good Friday Agreement to favour a country that wanted to leave.
  23. Actually I think it's 6 percent. Net contribution = £8.9bn out of an EU spend of £154 bn. Source House of Commons library. Total EU budget =166bn euro. Source EU website What's your source?
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