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  1. evil jack

    Local Media Coverage

    Here we go again. Seriously chaps....
  2. evil jack

    Players talking to BBC/Stringer - Its Time!

    LCFC TV is terrible. Their attempt at a 'TV studio' looks like a converted stationary cupboard.
  3. evil jack

    How to pronounce Srivaddhanaprabha

    Alan Brazil just went with "Mr Vishai".
  4. evil jack

    Cardiff Pre Match Thread

    Yeah that'll definitely happen.
  5. evil jack

    Cardiff City match to go ahead.

    Well that's it then.
  6. evil jack

    Cardiff Pre Match Thread

    Home or away, it's got to be mentioned that there is a very real danger of heading into action too soon. All this emotion, and outpouring of grief could effect the team in a very negative way. Not to draw too much of a comparison(!), but we could really have a Brazil v Germany 1-7 situation, when they had the whole Neymar injury thing going on in 2014. They shit the bed massively. Don't want that.
  7. "If you don't want to talk about it it's fine". Hardly pushing, eh?
  8. It might not be a popular opinion around here, but Ian Stringer has been tremendous throughout all this. Out there in the cold and it seems to me he's barely slept.
  9. evil jack

    Club’s Commemoration.

    I wondered the same?
  10. So true - do you think someone who has seen death and loss through adult eyes, is in charge of a twitter stream.....
  11. I'm glad Top is here, but I hope the media coverage is not too intrusive now. The family's grief should be private IMO.
  12. evil jack

    Profile pics

    It's a no brainer. Done
  13. evil jack

    Helicopter crash

    Puel not on board. Just spoken to French media.
  14. evil jack

    Helicopter crash

    Look, we know a number of people have quite obviously died. The question is who? There needs to be an official statement from club.
  15. evil jack

    Helicopter crash

    Holy shit.
  16. evil jack

    West Ham H Match Thread

    There is a fine line between genius and madness.
  17. evil jack

    On This Day Thread - On Going

    Ha! Brilliant - could be a good omen
  18. They were hyped beyond belief before the season even started.
  19. evil jack

    On This Day Thread - On Going

  20. evil jack

    Everton Home Pre Match 06/10

    They were, weren’t they.
  21. I couldn’t agree more.
  22. As I said above, it’s from the Guardian interview with Riaz Khan. The picture is titled “I do miss it...Baby Squad members with Riaz Khan second right” https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2018/sep/16/riaz-khan-memoirs-of-an-asian-football-casual-interview-hooliganism-leicester-curve (Not) sorry if I’ve misrepresented anyone’s heroes.
  23. It’s from the Guardian interview with him.
  24. Just looked up a review of this. Apparently it was all about the clothes.