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  1. You're right, but what he said is exactly what happened last night.
  2. You'll miss him when he's gone. The club's alternative pick would no doubt be the wooden, humourless chap who does all the interviews on LCFC TV. No thanks.
  3. The Leicester Pirlo! Amazing passing range and accuracy. I used to love it when he'd unexpectedly switch play from one wing to the other. He's also looking pretty cool these days
  4. I started to write a post, but I'll just echo this one which is spot on. He was also unbelievably arrogant towards fans when he appeared on Nev Foulgers BBC phone in. The worst manager in my time supporting the club.
  5. Live broadcast today: https://www.lcfc.com/tv/live
  6. Paul Merson has mentioned a certain brand of chocolate confectionary.
  7. As long as this place doesn’t become the new Fighting Cock.
  8. Not the only cup he's gonna be holding.. . Am I right?
  9. It’s a results business & Puel’s just not a winner is he?
  10. We may well have a few, but compared to the Fighting Cock, Foxestalk is a bleeding utopia. Absolutely hateful, that place.
  11. You’re right, but it’s easy to forget that he had his fair share of critics when he played. Fell over a lot for a big man, if I recall....
  12. Under O’Neil we were unstoppable. ah the good old days.
  13. Neville Foulger often appears on the official LCFC web broadcasts, pre match.
  14. He's in The USA running 3 races in 3 days for a local charity.
  15. Give it time, he eventually got Iheanacho right
  16. I don’t see any improvement on last season. And that’s what happened last season. It’s my opinion.
  17. The players will stop playing when they hit 40 points. We will not reach 7th.
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