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  1. And dresses like those that use the service.....
  2. acronym PGIHINTFATATBT - did not match any documents.
  3. Yes, but luckily we sold Maguire...
  4. Scrap football as we know it and start all over again...c'mon the Fosse
  5. Awesome show of strength as he tears a whole sheet off at the end....
  6. Where can I buy a programme will there be half and half scarves?
  7. First glance, I thought they were trying to launch the Goodyear Blimp...bloody concrete mixers
  8. How quickly can reliable test results be produced?
  9. Not really Boris and he are level pegging....
  10. Perhaps we should all meet in a pub somewhere to discuss the possible outcome had the games not been suspended...the more the better... (wash 'em and keep the world free of virus)
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