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  1. A superb performance from our fans, I'm sure you must all have been hand picked.
  2. After a bad dream on Thursday night where I woke up certain that we had just lost the FA Cup final again (it took me at least half an hour to realise it was the wrong day), to wake up this morning with only a slight hangover knowing that we had just pocketed the Holy Grail is just fcuking fantastic. About to watch it again when my son arrives with beer replenishment...unfortunately he's a Norwich supporter so I'll be watching it alone I guess.
  3. I've waited so long for this, how could I not give 10's all round
  4. I appreciate what Brendan Rodgers has done for us, long may it continue
  5. It's because it's made from dead Jellyfish...
  6. Has anyone calculated what we and our challengers need to do to secure a top four place?
  7. We should replay the match now...we do better when they have 11 on the pitch.
  8. a point nearer our target...other than that, oh dear
  9. Dave...it will rename to Kevin if the deal goes through.
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