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  1. Cost us 9 million to get this clown from Celtic
  2. jeezzz... they're slaughtering us COYF
  3. the best thing to happen first half is that Tielemans value has dropped to 12 millionm euro's
  4. OK, complete the spoiler and tell us which minute he will score in....
  5. Which of Mendy, Choudhury, Ndidi, Tielemans, Amartey, James would you rate him better than in the current set up to warrant a place in a Premier League Leicester City team? (Amartey and James included because they may be fit to play in 1 match before King is ready.
  6. Söyüncü in, or we can wait until the following week when Wes is suspended because of his incoming red card for a poor tackle from behind on Rondon.
  7. Glad to see BR is doing his homework by reading Foxes Talk and having all the answers we all want to hear ready.
  8. Is that why I can't buy one of this seasons to fit me now?
  9. Pleased for you that you are sold on him. I'm prepared to wait and see how things are after his first transfer window.
  10. Lets hope it's not all Colgate smiles and sound bites rehearsed in front of his bedroom mirror with crowd noises being played by Alexa...I would love to see him take Puel's squad to the next level and have a concerted effort at winning a cup or two.
  11. Also true of someone quite close to home....keeping fingers crossed it's not just "bounce"
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