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  1. I'd have to include Davie Gibson
  2. Pleased for Kingy, good luck to him at Huddersfield.
  3. This is true, sadly/...not expecting a Wembley trip on current form.
  4. my eyes are sweating.. may you continue to RIP Vichai.
  5. I didn't say I agreed with it (I really want that FA Cup in precedence to anything else)...I only said it was well written
  6. Offset seats....be my luck to get behind conjoined twins....
  7. With whoopee cushion Peruvian Prayer Mats?
  8. Agreed, but wondering if you're on the right forum posting such sense....
  9. Sort of, yes.... https://liveonsat.com/uk-cup-competitions-all.php
  10. I'm fat enough to take up 2 seats if it'll help.
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