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  1. norwichfox

    Kasper Schmeichel...

    Goodbye Kasper thanks for the memories, and good luck wherever daddy finds for you to play next. I'm happy about our range of GK cover, we'll be fine without you.
  2. norwichfox

    Gordon Banks RIP

    R.I.P. True Legend, gave me some special memories when I was but a lad.
  3. norwichfox

    Albrighton out for the season?

    Shock to me....I always had him down as a straight guy.
  4. norwichfox


    What next after booing? Maybe a protest as per the WHU fans against the dildo brothers, for some reason it reminds me of that awful last home game of the season large scale insult to Vichai by walking out before the season end "presentations". Lets get back to "the dream" and support the longer term team structure that is currently being worked on.
  5. norwichfox

    Pearson sacked

    Yes, all his best work was done when he wasn't at the clubs.....let's keep it that way and let him not be at this club.
  6. norwichfox

    Manchester United (H).. Up next.

    I seem to recall something similar happening when Diabate joined us
  7. norwichfox

    Tielemans Signs From Monaco; Silva Goes T’other Way

    Don't, just don't, if Puel sees this he'll think you are a genius....
  8. norwichfox

    Manchester United (H).. Up next.

    We're not allowed to play Liverpool players, we have to use our own.
  9. norwichfox

    Tielemans Signs From Monaco; Silva Goes T’other Way

    He talks as though he's been promised a start on Sunday, but an ITK told me he's only here to improve Puel's English...
  10. norwichfox

    Andy King to Derby on loan

    Served us well, I hope all goes well for him in the future. Would like to see him back at LCFC in some capacity some day after his playing days are over.
  11. norwichfox

    Liverpool (a) Pre Match Thread

    I'm hanging my hat on this fact..... ANFIELD has long been considered a fortress – but never more so than in the late 70s and early 80s. Liverpool went 85 games unbeaten in front of their own fans in all competitions, between 21 January 1978 and 31 January 1981. The team which ended the run? Leicester City, who had long been considered a Reds bogey team. (but we were relegated that season)
  12. norwichfox

    Rafa Benitez

  13. norwichfox

    Rafa Benitez

    frying pan ----> fire
  14. norwichfox

    This loan

    It's about 90M spread over 3 seasons
  15. norwichfox

    This loan

    Read the bit starting "Leicester City's Demarai Gray helps fund" and thought we were selling him, good on him though to throw something in the hat to try and find Sala and his pilot.