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  1. Hmmmm... wasn't that part of the idea of signing the Algerian Slimani to be the "comfort goat" for Mahrez?
  2. I like your way of thinking...
  3. We must not loose VAR otherwise Iheanacho becomes even more meaningless.... https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/var-rules-football-1082859
  4. Not impressed so far, but it's a pre season friendly, just hope we don't finish up with a long list of injured players...and we play better 2nd half.
  5. It'd be tragic if they hijacked the transfer at this late(ish) stage
  6. seanfromenderby is paying the addons....
  7. and testing for gas leaks with a flame thrower....
  8. Just another feckin car thief from Manchester....
  9. Strangely, his slot in the first team graphics on LCFC site has disappeared, just wondering if he's being sent out on loan, hopefully his injury on Tuesday had no bearing on this, played a fairly impressive game up to that point.
  10. Finishing 9th again would be a bit Stoke(ish), 8th upward and I'd be content as long as we pick up the FA Cup...win the league and it'd probably kill me this time round....but what a fookin' way to go
  11. Thanks for that, I've just ordered one myself Now to order an Adidas Pink one...although the colour goes against values I have been bought up with and set myself, I can't deny it looks great
  12. Do you wear a kipper tie when typing?
  13. If we're lucky, Khanya Leshabela may turn out to be that future forward, looked a littler cracker on Tuesday until he got injured. jeez....Just checked the First Team on LCFC site for correct spelling of his name, and he's not shown as part of it any more....is he being farmed out now?
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