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  1. it seems like a win, but I feel for Vardy, he's scored against Arsenal (yet again) and not increased his stats on goals scored against top six sides.....
  2. https://www.lcfc.com/tv/1715096/arsenal-1-leicester-city-1 just short of 10 mins in
  3. Can we have Sir Nigel in charge for the remaining 6 games please.
  4. I'm going all in that we have the most possession...
  5. I've never been a fan of Rodgers, but I don't want to see yet another manager bought in at this stage...let's wait until the end of the season - Chris Sutton might leave us alone then.
  6. Ben Meadows....wasn't that the name of Cheese's dinosaur?
  7. does this mean B ennett won't be able to play in cup games...be a shame if he missed his debut in the final.
  8. was rather hoping that a job within the club would be found for him...he's surely earned that. Sincerely hope we see him again in the future employed in some capacity by the club. Good luck in the meantime Andy, you did good.
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