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  1. Year ago today that Claudio's 'dream died'

    It was an unfortunate decision that the club felt it had to make, I dread to think where we would be if he had been allowed to stay. He did wonders for the club (and the city by putting it firmly on the map) and I still feel sad that it came to that, would have loved him to turn it around and still be here.
  2. Leicester City-Champions Party

    Just watched that video...my eyes are sweating.....again....
  3. Stoke (H)..pre match thread.

    Probably down there with a suitcase full of samples trying to find a shop prepared to stock his "nofuchsgiven" clothing line.....should keep him well fit, all that walking.
  4. EFL, LCFC and FFP

    Ahhhh.. the joys of being a Leicester Fan......
  5. EFL, LCFC and FFP

    Would love this to have been published the day before our Sheffield United FA Cup tie and watched their fans implode.
  6. FA Cup 2018

    I'm made up for Mahrez, that's one trophy he's not missed out on by Pep not really wanting him and staying with us.....
  7. Mahrez being booed?

    Good clarification, I'm always unsure whether to Boo first then Clap, or Clap then Boo...... I've never booed at any of our own players match in my life.
  8. Chelsea FA Cup 1997

    Still gutted over that.....nothing can ever get us that game back unfortunately.
  9. Chelsea fa cup quarterfinals

  10. Chelsea fa cup quarterfinals

    not sure...what's the odds?
  11. Adidas

    Nice...but they can stuff the red shirt where the sun don't shine....
  12. Adidas

    Yes please.....
  13. LCFC 1-0 Sheff Utd Post Match

    I'm not going to go back through the thread to see if you are correct in what you say., perhaps you could be kind enough to link me to the post which says that...
  14. LCFC 1-0 Sheff Utd Post Match

    We've won three league cups, Winners 1964, 1997, 2000 - Runners-up 1965, 1999
  15. I'm Old Enough To Remember...

    Ahhh, the Corona Man, Spangles, Pink Paraffin delivered to your door for that awful smelly paraffin heater in the kitchen/front room, the coal man missing the coal shed with half a bag of coal because mum couldn't afford to tip him at Christmas...and getting chased by "fatty Farmer" over City Farms before the Beaumont Leys Estate had ever been thought of.