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  1. It's a coded message for "where's High Peak Fox". Just wondering where you should have put your full stop, before or after the emoji?
  2. It's your duty, as a King Power Club, to nurture him, improve him and return Josh to us in tip-top condition and as a top class striker I wish him all the best with you and hope that he fits in well and is productive for you.
  3. They'll rue his presence as he makes 2 goals and scores 1 (for us)
  4. Would probably help our finances if they have to buy out Rodgers contract, it would surely get us a CM...but not sure that I want to see a Taylor, Sven, Puel or a McLintock type manager in his place.
  5. Of course it's weird... p.s. how do I sign up for social Media
  6. You have flushing toilets...wow
  7. Jeez, where's Country Fox's update?...Can't stand the suspense of waiting for the next one, it's worse than waiting for the next meaningless re-vamped tweet from France.
  8. 0-0 half time v Everton, watched the last 15mins on LCFC TV and we're struggling a bit
  9. Just my luck, my broken clock is a 24 hour one...
  10. Yes, he's called Puel....
  11. Do we have to have some sort of declared squad for the League cup? I wouldn't want to see them in the line up. Asking for a friend
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