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  1. I'm not believing that Pogba will be out tomorrow...you heard it here first
  2. I don't understand the picture, it flew right....oh hang on...
  3. Fully agree with you, but I suspect James Maddison would think very differently and is probably talking with his agent right now with a view to a new "big" club.
  4. I struggled to tell them apart, are they twins separated at birth?
  5. Interesting I hope his trial goes well.
  6. I hope this goes better than the Malaga fiasco, good luck to you smiling Samurai.
  7. so far, so good. I'll wait a few more weeks/months before saying he's an exceptional manager (or whether the veneer has started to peel off). If I see him hiding behind a tree with a shirt on like above (so embarrassing), I'll be pelting him with rotten eggs and tomatoes.
  8. please keep telling us which ones you missed, it'll make it really easy for me when I can get around to having a go at it.
  9. I've just sicked up all over mt monitor and keyboard...
  10. Looks like an a bookie in the silver ring offering 73/1 odds
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