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  1. Was his playing with the under 23's a shop window exercise? Didn't do any harm his scoring 2 goals. https://www.lcfc.com/tv/1905968/goals-leicester-city-u23s-2-west-ham-united-u23s-1
  2. Any of them except Spurs, Liverpool, Manchester (both clubs) Southampton Everton Arsenal Chelsea Wolves and Villa...
  3. Not for me, perfectly happy with what we currently have. Change of our Fox to a cast member of Red Dwarf could upset a lot of our supporters.
  4. Just thinking here that Colin Appleton has slipped under the radar a bit, 12 years with the club, many of them as captain...played in our first League Cup win and 2 FA Cup Finals.
  5. He's set up The Fox Soccer Academy in a haunted ex-prison. https://www.hudsonsportscomplex.com/about
  6. Nice that Mr. Vardy now has a tick in the box for scoring against Wolves....near heart attack inducing moments in the second half though, can we make it three up in the first 10 mins of our next game please to stop these worries.
  7. Seems that he may not get a flight or ship back: https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/denmark-england-flight-ship-ban-covid-mink-b1690500.html
  8. A wonderful, wonderful player. All we have to do is win things so he doesn't want to leave....ever.
  9. Was it anywhere near close to ours first 11? Brilliant performance from us...has to be noted that we get the best results when we're not getting the highest possession figures. So many good players for us last night, difficult to pick a MoM, so guess it has to be Iheanacho with 2 goals and an assist. Delighted to see Choudhury put a good shift in.
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