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  1. sorry, I couldn't resist when served up like that ....I haven't seen him play to form any valid opinion as to what I think he's worth
  2. Ouch...a broken hip sounds painful I hope your well now my friend. Yes I'm in the N&N I just hope it's not a first year student on the saw and knives ....
  3. Thank you kind sir
  4. I was either 7 or 8 (61 or 62 years ago) when my uncle Dennis took me along with my cousin Anthony to my first game, I don't remember who we were playing and I can remember the atmosphere was great. I was passed over the heads by fans to the front of the crowd...they couldn't do that now....I'd need to loose a great deal of weight . As someone else posted in this thread, my eyesight was poor so the first few years I couldn't really focus on the players although I got to know a few by size and movement, like Howard Riley easy to spot due to his lack of height, Ken Keyworth always hanging around the goalmouth, Colin Appleton (could spot his ears from 2 miles away) It was a great moment when I got my first pair of glasses and I could watch the game properly. The next few years were magic for being a Leicester supporter, and I consider myself privileged to have survived long enough to see us win the Premiership (still the First Division in my eyes). Although I moved away from Leicester before I was 20 and have lived in a number of locations, I've never considered supporting another club...and never will.
  5. Really hope this expansion happens, I go into hospital 07:00 tomorrow to have a Right Hip replacement, would be able to sit or stand for the 90 min's....but first I'll need a season ticket and that ain't going to happen on current capacity.
  6. Notice there's a number of posting gone missing...does this constitute special treatment for spell checkers and pedant's?
  7. I'm delighted at this news, I think he has a very bright future with us.
  8. Apologies for my flippant reply, but I couldn't find any u23 competition in France. Is it international, LCFC v foreign opposition, or just french clubs?
  9. Yes, we know that, as £1Million was turned much do you think he's worth?
  10. Unconvinced about any of the many gods (other than Vardy), but agree Slimani to be kept
  11. Is this site yours?
  12. Lovely bloke, no malice there whatsoever I wish him every success at Nantes, I hope we get to meet him in a European match in the next few years.
  13. I think it may be In France
  14. with 30,000 one handed conductors setting the tempo