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  1. That was in November....it'll be featured on his November Player of the month award.
  2. I've been saying for some time that "the Jury's still out" on Rodgers, and I thought I'd check the jury room, they were havin' a fcukin party, empty vodka bottles and skittles packets everywhere, foreman of the Jury was being dragged across the floor. So I guess that means Brendan Rodgers is what we need...a habitual winner that communicates well, and has the squad working like a well oiled machine. Just hope he sticks around to see it through for a few years.
  3. It just gets better and better, thank you Top
  4. That's probably why you never got in the team....I must say that Tilelmans is quite good isn't he
  5. Very sad, I hope Kelechi can come to terms with it soon. https://wotazo.com/sad-one-kelechi-iheanachos-personal-assistant-david-dies-in-ghastly-car-crash-while-returning-from-nightclub/
  6. quite honestly, I couldn't give a flying fcuk about women's football.
  7. I had to look that up, I'll be using it on our next 0-9 win...
  8. R.I.P. Vichai, missed forever - forgotten never.
  9. Anyone else notice Söyüncü tapping Grays head with his fists during Maddison's goal celebration, gotta love this guy...
  10. Jury is still out, verdict incoming after 2 more games....optimistic as to the outcome so far.
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