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  1. 7.75. We’re a better side on and off the pitch than we were when last summer started. The past year has been very tumultuous and at times calamitous. It’s going to be a hot summer - I expect to lose one of Chilwell, Maguire, Ricardo or Ndidi and to see the arrival of at least 3 new players.
  2. It's nice to go into the summer without the controversy that's hung over the club in recent years.
  3. Will be a very anti-climatic finish if this ends in a draw. Neither side really seems to want it all that badly, aside from a few individuals.
  4. And why we’re not starting Shinji
  5. I would absolutely have him as a head of recruitment TBH. He wouldn’t ever do it, IMO - but I really respect his eye for players - Ghezzal not withstanding.
  6. That genuinely frightens me. We’ll probably buy total muck.
  7. Will Okazaki and Simpson start, or will we see second half appearances? Fingers crossed for a Vardy / Okazaki pairing.
  8. Seems like it’s the confluence of a number of understandable but unfortunate (for the player and club) circumstances: 1) Found form at the end of 2017-2018 season, but was unable to turn that into a prolonged run in the side because the campaign ended. 2) 2018-2019 season saw managerial turmoil and a clear reshaping of the front 4, which left Nacho out. His performances did little to help. 3) 5-15 minute cameos when chasing a match don’t really reflect most playing situations. Player fails to impress. 4) Player devoid of confidence due to #2 and #3 is also reputed to be immature —> Bridges burnt with fanbase that is not known for repairing bridges. 5) Doesn’t seem to have a future here; needs to move on BUT has little to throw on a resume for their time in the LCFC shirt. Club will lose lots of money on said player.
  9. Ideally this was an inexpensive way of maintaining a (title winning XI legend) backup with a strong dressing room presence.
  10. It's fun to watch Leicester attempt play spoiler, without the chance of being spoiled themselves.
  11. I have an odd feeling that the Dean Effect will work in our favor today.
  12. Costing him a chance at a second PL title would be schadenfreude of a very high level.
  13. Not even on the bench. I'm sure we'll see him against Chelsea though.
  14. My money is on Hamza, but Foden breaking through while Man City are having a season like this one says a lot about the type of player they believe him to be.
  15. I know. I'm just playing around. Though we used to love hitting this bunch with a punchy, rapid counter.
  16. As the hour approaches I feel increasingly confident that we'll get something from this.
  17. My thought too. Can we bring back the Sport Psychologist while we're at it?
  18. If he's not given a significant run out against Chelsea, I'll be absolutely furious. Give the man a proper send-off.
  19. Really not concerned with the result but rather the performance. Let's push on and end the season in good form and on the highest note we can muster.
  20. Liverpool have been a completely dominant side for much of the season. Man City have also been incredible. Both would be deserving champions, but they've got to finish the job. We're one of the final hurdles, and Man City has to get through us if they want to win the PL. If we beat the potential champions, that's a massive feather in our cap. I'm only concerned about our club.
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