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  1. Oh Jonny do you know what you’re worth, you and Caglar are the best on earth. They say in Leicester, clean sheets come first cause Jonny and Caglar are the best on earth.
  2. Brendan Rodgers magic, he wears a magic hat, he could’ve gone to Arsenal...
  3. Barnes masterclass incoming. Think he will be a lot more confident having a defensive minded Fuchs behind him. Fancy Pérez to bag his first goal at the KP too.
  4. If anyone has a decent stream would be grateful for the link
  5. https://twitter.com/j_cartwrightn0t/status/1196537729141657601?s=21
  6. Ward Justin Benkovic Soyuncu Fuchs Hamza Praet Madders Gray Albrighton Perez
  7. He made his Belgium debut in 2014...
  8. Going to Reykjavik in a few weeks for 4 nights. Going to hire a car to get around. Anyone got any suggestions of what to do?
  9. Well happy with that team! Barnes masterclass incoming...
  10. This is how it feels to be Leicester, Playing in the royal blue. Who needs Maguire, When we've got Soyuncu
  11. Can see what you are saying but Maguire couldn’t afford to down tools and not play etc with the Euros coming up next summer. Whether he likes it or not he’ll have to keep playing and performing if he wants to keep his place in the England team.
  12. Marton Fulop for GK definitely.
  13. My streams gone down, can somebody PM me one please.
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