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  1. home fans too busy drinking free beer & eating Pad Thai
  2. Let's see what Burnley brings.. if we don't score 3 points - something;s definitely afoot
  3. I have said it plenty of times in the past 2 years ,even back in the Premiership yr - Chilwell is over-rated he is slow in the back he doesn't dribble much he's passing is weak he doesn't score goals or even drive/overlap into the box he does do the occasional cross though
  4. The problem with Leicester/B.R. is too much tikki Takka and not enough direct football & esp in the last 1/4 of the opposition - just wasting all that tikki takka build up if you're just going to chip it into the box. Might be okay against the bottom feeders but won't work against top sides.
  5. I have always said Chilwell is over-rated - sell him while Chelsea is still(?) interested.
  6. so that he could go to a 'biggerrrrrrrr' club..?
  7. on second thoughts - maybe sell both for 140M quids.. 80M on Maddison is a good gamble
  8. Hey Mate - everybody/player plays for money... look at the Spurs team - they have stoppped playing because of money
  9. cHILWELL can go... but Maddison must stay Chilwell, well - he is over-rated
  10. SO why didn't albrighton clear it?? is he trying to dribble his way out there & score a goal on the other end bollox. not the ref's fault when he was invited with a decision
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