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  1. With the fact that Fulham played fairly decently against Chelsea in their 2-1 loss to them, I would be happy with a 1-1 score. 1-1
  2. It is difficult to criticize a man that has been a part of Leicester’s success. It is perfectly understandable why so many here love the man. So without taking away credit from him and his triumphs, I have a difficult time saying that he’s not the man for a league such as the prem. I believe Pearson should look for a Director of Football position and not a managerial one. He’s no nonsense and doesn’t take shite from primadonnas. He has other qualities that are made for this position, such as man-management and a keen eye on talent.
  3. In a forum where most would take a mediocre championship manager like Pearson back “in a minute!” This defence is wasted.
  4. How in the hell do we beat Man city and lose to these blokes? Befuddling!
  5. ...and I was ridiculed for supporting Puel
  6. You can’t always blame a manager for things going badly. Sometimes it’s the players. I believe in this case we have a malaise at the team. Ride it through. Puel is a decent manager and we’ll overcome this also.
  7. Thought Fulham deserved it more than us. I was surprised. I though a tough but a 1-0 game. Not sure why we looked so bad.
  8. I expected a difficult game but not down 1-0. Absurd!
  9. Well, you’re in the minority, except for the British press. The rest of the world sees it otherwise, not to mention statistics.
  10. So we’ve won the prem since him? 😝 great improvement!
  11. We won the prem under Ranieri How have we improved? You’re making a judgement on the half dozen games the year afterward where players had a dramatic drop (the reasons could be debated by psychologists). I think you’re too confident. I wish I was like you, but I’m not so sure that this game will be so easy. You’re greatly underestimating a top manager.
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