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  1. Friday night

    To be fair to them I wouldn’t fancy the M1 on a Friday evening either! Couldn’t we just tell the Tigers to play on Friday and we have a 3:00pm kick off on Saturday?!
  2. Friday night

    It’s only £15 for non STH and don’t they have to offer the away team a certain percentage of the ground for FA cup matches or has that rule changed? Dont get me wrong I’m going and I went to Fleetwood away and I really want us to go for it but the second string teams we’re seeing year in year out must come from higher up - the owners - I read the other week that the total prize money for the cup this year including runner up and losing semi finalists is only £13.5m, there’s more money to be made with a decent league position and or staying/gaining promotion to the premier league .
  3. Friday night

    Of course if we get to Wembley everyone and their Grandmother will want a ticket but you just have to look at all the grounds in the cup this past few years and there’s empty seats everywhere. It’s been loosing its magic as a competition for years sadly and the FA don’t seem to give a damn
  4. Friday night

    It’s just a reflection of how low the FA cup is viewed by everyone these days sadly. What I don’t understand though is how we sold out the last couple of league cup matches this season which really is a toy cup!
  5. I’m well up for that, where do I pay?!
  6. Manchester City (A)..pre match thread.

    I seem to remember Jaap Stam making his debut against us and Heskey ripped him to shreds for 45 mins and Sir Alex subbed Stam at half time, I’d take that again tomorrow please!
  7. FA Cup 2018

    fuchsntf is right we don’t have a “first 11” at the minute which is great but I don’t think we should be going into cup matches and dropping 7/8 of the team that started in the prem the match before, that just suggests that we’re resting players and playing our second string.
  8. Adrien Silva

    I’ve always been a massive fan of James but he does need someone a little more dynamic along side him. When we won the championship it was Drinky then during the great escape it was Cambiasso, I see a partnership of James and Ndidi as very reliable but nowhere near creative enough so we need to get Silva involved somehow as often as possible especially with Mahrez missing and Gray forever miss firing
  9. Swansea H match thread

    I’m having a shocker, can anybody send me a stream please.
  10. Swansea City (H) Pre Match Thread

    Finally someone else who’s been watching the same Chilwell as me, this man cannot defend to save his life
  11. Utd and Liverpool can basically pay whatever wages they want as their incomings are huge compared to ours so FFP can’t touch them whereas we’re walking a fine line as our incomings aren’t big enough to start paying £200k a week wage
  12. New chants and songs

    That’s outstanding Shilton Fox 👏
  13. Next up.. Peterborough.. (A) F A cup.

    It’s a really sad state of affairs for any of us older guys who remember when the cup was magical. Back then it was a rare chance to actually see some live football on tv if nothing else! I think most of the modern dumbing down must come from ownership and not the managers as league places are worth much more financially than a cup win. It’s been going downhill ever since the champions league offered us 3 and then 4 places so all the big boys care about is qualifying for that.nothing will change until they offer the 4th champions league spot to the FA cup winner, let’s see how serious teams take it then!
  14. Next up.. Peterborough.. (A) F A cup.

    It’s a very sad state of affairs in modern football when people will sacrifice the FA cup so we can dream of finishing in 6th place! Football at this level is about winning, realistically we’re never going to win the league again or even challenge for a champions league spot so surely a couple of trips to Wembley and some silverware is the dream??
  15. Foodbank - Tomorrow

    Can people stop turning this into a political debate, like it or not the society we live in is hugely divided from the top few compared to the poor and whatever your view there are people that need our help. Well done to all that donated and especially to Union FS for organising such a good cause.