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  1. Sometimes ideas are worth trying but you’ve got to be able to admit when they don’t work. I didn’t want VAR but at the same time was open to the idea because similar things were working well in other sports. All it’s done is add more controversy and more stoppage time and the relating of info to the fans in the stands is appalling. See it out for the rest of this season then bin it off as an idea worth looking at that didn’t work.
  2. So the FA are disrespecting the cup as much as Klopp now then!
  3. Am I reading it right on the BBC website that the 5th round are to be played on weeknights?? I got so excited at the thought of having a few beers in town before playing Cov - basically pretending that I’m about 20 years old and not in the middle of my life!
  4. Can’t we just bin off the league cup altogether? That would free up a few dates over the season. If we get rid of FA cup replays then I think the competition will be even more devalued than it is now. The big clubs struggling at the small lower league grounds and then taking them back to a replay is what the whole romance of the cup is about.
  5. I’ve been quietly critical of him ever since he first came on the scene and I still don’t see anything to get excited about but last night I though he was ok/decent. I’d give him a 6/10 but he still hasn’t a clue what to do near the oppositions box and either just passes back to a centre half or runs it out of play for a goal kick. His defending has improved lots since he first played but he still gets caught out of position too much and doesn’t get out to try to stop crosses from coming in the box. I’ll give him more time yet as he’s clearly a very athletic young man who could come good and I fully trust Rogers coaching ability but he needs to start putting in some better performances.
  6. God I hope he doesn’t. I stopped watching England about 15 years ago with the only real exception being when Vards played and they are a whole lot of 90 minutes that I won’t get back. I’d feel like I had to watch again if he plays and that’s not sounding like a good summer to me!
  7. Will we be having a go at - Who our the ball in Southampton’s net, who put the ball in Southampton’s net, who put the ball in Southampton’s net, half the f*****g team did! its hardly original but how often do you see your team put 9 past their opponents? It’s usually only a song that the likes of Man Utd or Man City ever get to sing and even then only once ever few years.
  8. My big concern with Chilwell is that he rarely tries to get out to the oppositions winger and stop the crosses coming in, he almost looks lazy the way that he strolls over rather than sprinting to close them down. Several times this season the opposition right winger has had time to pick his target and not only the Man City and Liverpool matches, the Everton goal came from the same thing. I’ve been impressed with how much Chilwell has improved and seems to be proving me wrong but he has to improve this side of his game.
  9. Speaking as someone who had many years of season tickets in pen 1/2 at Filbo and then season tickets in the Kop at the Walkers/King Power but then has spent the past 12 years in the family stand due to having children I thoroughly enjoyed my time back in the Kop today. Well done and thank you to all involved in Union FS. It’s hard to tell how the atmosphere traveled around the stadium but it sounded banging being part of it!
  10. That’s got to be the dream of every football fan - other than the “big 6 “ supporters. I never watch champions league anymore as it’s got so stale with the same teams going through the same motions year in year out. I’d watch it if Wolves made it one year, Everton another and anyone else. That would also generate more revenue for us smaller teams and let us all continue to compete with the big boys.
  11. These are a very decent side at home. I think they’ve got the best home defensive record in the league which means we need to play our most creative side and try to stretch them and get in behind as much as possible. I don’t see how the diamond could help in this one. We could use both Wilf and Hamza to cover as the full backs need to be getting to their touch line behind the fullbacks as much as possible. I also think we need both Maddison and Tielemans to try to break them down. I’d go with - Kasper Chillwell Evans Soyuncu Ricardo/JJ Ndidi Hamza Maddison Tielemans Perez Vards Playing Pérez and Maddison behind Vardy with plenty of options off the bench to switch it around
  12. Hasn’t Vardys wife given birth which explains his exclusion but the rest of the team is mental! I’m all for squad rotation this time of season but couldn’t we have played this team against either Man City or Liverpool which were games we were likely to loose anyway and the go strong tonight on a very winnable game??
  13. I presume the person who started this thread has only been following us since 2016! I was at all three league cup finals under MO and they were great days. Like many have said before me, lots of people complained that Puel didn’t take the cups serious and now you’re complaining that we take them too seriously?! There was no way that anybody was catching Liverpool even before the Man City match, we’re good enough to try for a cup and try for a top 4 finish and what’s football about if it’s not winning trophies?
  14. Does anyone have a stream for the game?
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