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  1. Has anybody watched Batwoman yet? I’ve always loved the comics as a kid but Marvel have taken superhero viewing to a new level and I wondered if it’s worth bothering with?
  2. I’m not a fan of Chilwell at all and never have been. Defensively his positioning is very poor, he never closes the winger down quick enough to prevent crosses coming in. Going forward his final ball is poor and far too many times he just seems to have no idea what to do with the ball when he gets in good positions and either passes back to the centre half or just runs the ball out of play. BUT I am prepared to admit I could be wrong. If a team like Chelsea want him and he’s England’s first choice full back then there must be something to his game that I’m not seeing and he has to be worth more that what Man Utd paid last year for Wan-Bissaka who hadn’t earned an international cap at the time, is very limited going forwards and no other team seemed to be interested in him.
  3. As it’s prem era there’s probably a few from the Pleate era that deserve a mention too
  4. I’ve always said along with Junior Lewis that Lee Marshall was the worst I’ve seen. He didn’t even run like a footballer, it was like someone had won a raffle prize to turn out for LCFC.
  5. Didn’t Morrison’s but out Safeway so it worked out well for them too as they’d own two sites within a few hundred meters of each other.
  6. Absolute belting times. I quite often look back with my mates now and say how lucky we were to all be 17-21 that first season back in the prem under MON. Non of us had any responsibilities and the country seemed to be coming out of the dark ages into a new dawn just as Leicester emerged as a force in football. Never a problem getting away tickets, loads of beers before the games, trying to sneak in one last bottle of Becks in the Turnstile at 2:50, get into the Kop, place a bet and still find 4 seats for the 6 of us to balance/stand on in time for kick off! It was past the dangerous/awful hooligan times of the 70’s and 80’s but it was a less sanitised, prawn sandwich brigade international product like we have today. I can honestly say they were the best times of my life.
  7. Has nobody at FIFA even watched an international friendly in the last 20 years?? More subs will just loose any flow the game has at all, make it more tactical and easy to protect a lead and “park the bus “ and once again suit the big boys better. The likes of Utd and Chelsea have a squad stacked full of internationals who cost tens of millions to bring on.
  8. Are there any still available? I bought one for my dad as a Father’s Day present off a very generous bloke on FT when they were released and although my dad loves it I’ve always been slightly gutted in ever got one for myself.
  9. They’re managing to mess up a whole season with a World Cup in November bought with oil money in a non football playing Middle Eastern country, if they put the same level of thought into the health and safety concerns of the fans, players and staff I’m they could come up with a plan in no time at all.
  10. Seen this one doing the rounds on Twitter.
  11. I thought Cantwell was outstanding at king power earlier in the season and have watching him closely ever since, this kids a real talent who we should be going for.
  12. He’s shit, he’s always been shit and anybody that thinks otherwise is a clown
  13. Was that in the greatly inferior sequel?
  14. Does anyone know how I can volunteer to collect money for the final run? I did it two years back with my wife and kids, raised loads of money and we all loved it.
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