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  1. Mint23

    Jamie Vardy

    One up front is fine when we get to the knock out stages against better opposition but the refusal to try a plan B and play 2 strikers against lesser teams that will sit back and defend against us for 90 minutes baffles me.
  2. Mint23

    Decent restaurants in and around town?

    Has anybody tried Sumac in Hinckley yet? Not only is Turkish/middle eastern my favourite food but they’ve named the restaurant after my favourite spice AND it’s over near my neck of the woods!
  3. Mint23

    Please Fill My Bucket

    I will also have a bucket that you’re all welcome to fill if Deb doesn’t take your fancy!
  4. Mint23

    The owners.......

    The question is what do you all want/expect LCFC to become? The premier league title - as amazing as it was - was a one off and we will never see the likes of it again from any club. We are currently sitting financially secure, safe and secure in the premier league and we were a couple of mistakes away from 2 cup semi-finals. We will never be big enough to compete with the top 5/6 year in year out so exactly what is it you want? Me personally? I’m a whole lot happier than where we were when they took over the reigns
  5. Mint23

    Ben Gibson

    I’d take him over Smalling or an ageing Evans all day long. Been a fan for a few years and whenever I’ve seen him he looks really classy. This is the type of player we should be going for, hungry, young and already has a bit of premier league experience.
  6. Mint23


    Get him and Choudhury in a midfield 2 just for the afros!!
  7. Mint23

    Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Come on then people it’s time to help out computer illiterate lil old me and ping me a thread - with instructions!!!
  8. Mint23


    Surely to keep him we need to promise a decent centre half partner for him, a decent left back, a decent right back and to keep Wilf otherwise I’d be off if I was him
  9. Mint23

    Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    When West Ham go down can we sign Cresswell? He looks twice the player Chilwell does
  10. Mint23

    Burnley away match thread

    That’s asking a lot of Choudhury to play in a midfield 2 away at Burnley, Shinji’s got a lot of running to do today!
  11. Mint23

    Daniel Amartey

    You can’t appeal against a second yellow
  12. Mint23

    New chants and songs

    I’ve been thinking about evolving the Diabate type one or type two song and taken inspiration from the barmy army whilst watching Johnny Bairstow score his hundred. So to the tune of “I love you baby” how about - Oh Diabate, you are the love of my life, Oh Diabate, id let you shag my wife, Oh Diabate, is it type one or type twoooo?
  13. Mint23

    Summer 2018 Transfer Kitty

    Isn’t he already a full international with Jamaica?
  14. Mint23

    Summer 2018 Transfer Kitty

    I don’t think we need too many new players to be honest, sign Drago, 2 new full backs and then the biggest thing will be a Mahrez replacement - Zaha? Hazard? Bailey? And maybe a better back up keeper to pressure Kasper other than that I think we’re ok.
  15. For some reason we started on Newcastle Brown when I was about 16 in the Curzin Arms in Twycross, it’s a fancy restaurant nowadays but back in the mid 90’s they’d serve anyone!