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  1. Mint23

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    He always looks promising and dangerous when brought on as a sub and rightly earns a place in the starting lineup then when he gets a start he goes missing for large parts of the match and gets subbed off. Maybe he’s a modern day Rooster and his best position is super-sub!
  2. Mint23

    Matchday Programme (Burnley)

    Love this, there must be more out there willing to spread the love. #whatwouldvichaido?
  3. Mint23

    Saturday 10th November- Walk for Vichai

    Has the route been announced yet? Me and my family are really struggling to make the start time but want to join up with the walk ASAP. We were thinking of getting our usual parking space near the stadium then walking up to meet it head on but I need to know where it’s coming from.
  4. What was the celebration I’ve not seen it?
  5. Mint23

    Arsenal away next😳

    Remember when everyone said the same about us up until Nov/Dec in 2015/16? Winning can become a habit and that’s where Arsenal are at the moment, I’d take a point but I just can’t see our defence keeping their attack to less than 3 goals
  6. It’s not an area that we’re stacked in, Shaw is always injured and Rose can’t get a game at Spurs, even in the World Cup we is a 35 year old right winger playing at left back so it’s a position that’s there for the taking, if Chilwell can continue to improve at the rate he is doing then I don’t see why he can’t become England’s starting left back
  7. Mint23

    Too easy to play against

    It’s been said many times before but........surely the best way to play when we have no pace at the back and attacking full backs that aren’t that good defensively is to play 3 at the back!
  8. Mint23

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    Recall in Jan and loan him out to Arsenal for 6 months, they can be our new feeder club!
  9. Fingers crossed. I’ve been one of Chilwells biggest critics since I first watched him away at Milwall, his defending 1-on-1 at times has been so so poor and his crossing ability has been bang average too but this season he looks to be proving me wrong and long may it continue
  10. Mint23

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    He’s looking pretty good from everything I’ve seen so far, let him stay there all season and then get him back for a full summers training and friendlies and see where he’s at.
  11. Although Chilwell is improving rapidly I still think both Rose and Shaw are much better defensively and Rose offers so much more quality and end product going forward
  12. Mint23

    Daniel Amartey

    I don’t think this needs to become a thread just to bash Simpson, he did the job asked of him better than anyone ever expected, defensively he’s been one of the best in the league and that’s what we needed him for. Now it’s a new manager asking something new of the full back and Amartey seems better suited, he’s no Trippier or Walker but he’s improving and given a season in the system who knows, he might actually become really good - but don’t knock Simpson or slag him off, he did more than asked of him.
  13. Mint23

    Newcastle Away Match Thread

    Didn’t want to watch it anyway, keep your fancy streams secret the lot of you !
  14. Mint23


    He’s a full on serial killer who I wouldn’t want associated with our club.
  15. Mint23

    Time for a Puel in thread.

    I’m still not sure if I’m Puel in or Puel out. I was underwhelmed by his appointment at the time and nothings really changed my mind. I love the fact that he’s trying to bring in young hungry players but at the same time baffled that he plays Wes after spending tens of millions on new centre half’s - a position we’ve needed to strengthen every window since we won the league. We play some nice football at times but aren’t quite creative enough and the lack of replacement for Mahrez shows. I don’t really understand why the players one minute look to counter attack quickly and then the next make 6/7 passes across the back 4 and defensive midfielders. I always said give him last season, his own transfer window and then 12-15 games this season before we judge. At the minute we sit in 8th which is pretty much as good as a club our size can hope for consistently but like many others I think we could be so much more. Am I just greedy after the miracle year? After all I’ve wat he’d the turgid years of the 2000’s AND the Pleat years so who knows.