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  1. Wasn’t that what he was originally bought as?
  2. Other than his penalties - which were the best I’ve ever seen in a city shirt - Gally was the most frustrating player I think I’ve ever watched. I’ve never seen anyone not commit to tackles and even 50/50 headers like this man, to call him weak is an understatement. What was really annoying is that there was quite a lot of talent there and with better commitment and/or coaching he might have made a decent prem player but he used to wind me up so so much!
  3. You could pull up facts about all of our starting 11 that would give us more goals scored, more chances created, more saves/block/tackles made if we were to get better players on all of those 11 positions but that would cost us the same as Man City have spent.
  4. I know this isn’t a popular opinion on here but I can’t see why anybody would want us to keep King. He’s taking a fairly decent wage, last season couldn’t even make the league squad and hasn’t been a starter for us now for 6/7 seasons. I get people banging on about loyalty but has the guy got no ambition at all to play the last few seasons of his career?
  5. What he said! this is the kind of behaviour that would really upset me if someone did it to Leicester so I can take now pleasure in us doing it to another club.
  6. Mint23

    A. Perez

    I can’t believe the negativity I’m hearing here. This guy is just the sort of player we need in BR’s formation. He’s got energy to burn, loves to press high but also has a great touch and bags a few goals too. He’s like a goal scoring, better footballing Marc Albrighton who just happens to be one of my favourite players.
  7. I’m in too! First season ticket in 10 years!
  8. They have done the past two years
  9. Any details been released about Cheltenham away yet? I can’t seem to find any anywhere
  10. Have they announced how many season tickets haven’t been renewed this year?
  11. Sorry to hear that you’re having a tough time. If there’s any way at all you can keep your ticket do try. I hardly missed a game home or away between the Pleat years and league one but gave up my season ticket when we had kids as I worked 5 and a half days a week and wanted to see the family grow. I never thought I wouldn’t just be able to walk back in and order a season ticket when the time came but by the time my kids were old enough to go we were back in the premier league and it was great escape season so I’ve been working up points to get my season ticket back!
  12. If you’re looking for something a little different try “What if - an alternative history of Leicester City”. It’s written by a mate of mine and is full of different alternatives such as what if the club hadn’t been saved from administration, what if Gary Lineker hadn’t signed for us, what if Knockaert has scored that penalty on Deeney day. It’s a good read and a bit of fun.
  13. Obviously I wouldn’t swap places with either of them but there’s no doubt about it that the best way to gain promotion is through the playoffs. I loved it when we won the championship but it wasn’t as exciting as beating Derby or Palace in the last minute at Wembley.
  14. We still don’t know how good Benkovic and Soyuncu can be but what I do know is that I really enjoy watching Maguire. I know the partnership between Wes and Huth was great when we won the league but HM is the first centre half I’ve actually been excited about watching for us since Elliott retired. If we can keep him I would, he’s better than some on here realise and he’s entertaining with the ball at his feet and if we don’t lay out money to be entertained then what do we pay it for??
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