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  1. I’ve just cancelled 2 beer52 subscriptions, it was painful to cancel but there’s so many decent offers online at the minute it was just getting too expensive.
  2. Mint23


    I’m an MOT tester and that’s correct. Any car that was due between April 1st and July 31st has a 6 month extension.
  3. Mint23

    Said Benrahma

    I always liked the “oooh aahh, we are Exeter” chant, I’ve never known if it’s tongue in cheek from the West Country or a genuine chant, I do love custard though!!
  4. I think he’s an outstanding talent if he can stay fit but I don’t understand us being linked with him after just 1 year at Arsenal.
  5. I get your point, they’re ran in a really s***y way and sack managers for fun but I quite like the Watford fan that posts on here so I’m torn!
  6. Once we’ve used the free pass and the match is over do we have to cancel with now tv so they don’t charge us?
  7. Who’s this left back? Another on to add to our possible Chilwell replacements?
  8. Can people stop using the term “far left” for a group of people just looking for equality for all please. Nobody is saying that ONLY black lives matter and just because you agree with black lives matter doesn’t mean that you think white lives don’t matter but at this moment in time saying all lives matter is like telling a fireman that all houses matter, yes all houses do matter but there’s only one house that’s on fire at the moment.
  9. Yeah I might sign up, thanks for posting HighPeak.
  10. Is there any way we can read the whole article without signing up?
  11. 100% this. It’s not just a wage increase for a promotion like in a normal job, it’s double your wages for doing exactly the same job for a different company.
  12. Has anybody watched Batwoman yet? I’ve always loved the comics as a kid but Marvel have taken superhero viewing to a new level and I wondered if it’s worth bothering with?
  13. I’m not a fan of Chilwell at all and never have been. Defensively his positioning is very poor, he never closes the winger down quick enough to prevent crosses coming in. Going forward his final ball is poor and far too many times he just seems to have no idea what to do with the ball when he gets in good positions and either passes back to the centre half or just runs the ball out of play. BUT I am prepared to admit I could be wrong. If a team like Chelsea want him and he’s England’s first choice full back then there must be something to his game that I’m not seeing and he has to be worth more that what Man Utd paid last year for Wan-Bissaka who hadn’t earned an international cap at the time, is very limited going forwards and no other team seemed to be interested in him.
  14. As it’s prem era there’s probably a few from the Pleate era that deserve a mention too
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