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  1. Next up.. West Ham (a)..Friday 8pm ko

    These are no better than Everton and like the toffees they lack pace so the same team and formation for me please.
  2. Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    Sometimes you just get outclassed, today was that day. Yes Kompany probably should have walked and the game would have been different if he did but after the first 30 mins they were as good a team as I can remember seeing in the premier league.
  3. Man City Match Thread

    I think people are being a bit harsh on here, this is one of the best teams I’ve ever seen and will cut open a lot better defences than us this season
  4. Stoke (A) Match Thread

    Am I watching a different game here, everyone saying we should have been 3-0 up? It’s a very open game and it could probably be 3-3, both teams missing chances and both keepers have made decent saves
  5. The Iborra Thread

    To live on Saffron lane
  6. FIFA reject Adrien Silva appeal

    Who’s that sitting between Silva and Albrighton
  7. Welcome Claude .... positive posts only

    I’ve got to admit he was a little way down my list of ideal candidates but the more I hear about him the more I’m warming to him coming here. It’ll be nice to see us trying to keep hold of the ball a bit more and play it out from the back comfortably. If he could get Southampton to a cup final and an 9th place finish just think what he might be able to do with a team that’s got the qualities of Mahrez, Vardy and Silva in it, all 3 would walk into that Southampton team.
  8. Carry On Cup QF - Man City at Home

    What dates are these guys?
  9. I don’t seem to remember United getting this backlash when they appointed Jose, or Chelsea When they got Conte in. And what’s Vaughan on about? I’m sure there were plenty of good English cricketers when he was the national skipper and on the selection board but he still chose a few South Africans to play for England
  10. Leicester vs Leeds - League Cup match thread.

    Any one got a working stream?
  11. Leicester vs Leeds - League Cup match thread.

    I’ve lost the stream just as we get a decent chance this half!
  12. No they're not, Robbie Williams was doggo and embarrassing back then too!
  13. Like Rumble said, ANYTHING other than Robbie Williams!!!
  14. Filbert Street poster competition

    Yeah what about those of us old buggers without twitter?
  15. Return of the Matt

    As far as I'm concerned if we have to rely on King we're basically relegated! James will do a job, he's no Cambiasso, he's no Kante but he was more than capable in the great escape and looked ok so far this season. Amartey doesn't seem to have a position and couldn't pass wind and King couldn't get into our team in the championship, let's face it he found his level in league 1 and wouldn't get onto any other bench in the prem.