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  1. Mint23

    Danny Drinkwater

    I love Drinky I really do, I’m fact I’d have him up there with Steve Thompson and Neil Lennon as my all time favourite City midfielders but from what I’ve heard we basically ruinned him playing him through injury in the Champions league campaign, I’m fact i believe he was having injections in his hips just to play through the pin barrier.
  2. Mint23

    James Maddison Confirmed

    We’rd Not playing to his strengths, he needs to play either more central at the top of a midfield 3 or in the whole as a number 10 but with better ball playing footballers in the middle behind him. Our problem is the obsession with playing both Wilf and Mendy every week and they just don’t move the ball quick enough. If we can find Maddison earlier when he still has a bit of space he’ll be a real asset.
  3. Mint23

    That Vardy dive

    They can only punish retrospectively if the ref gives the foul and it was a dive, if the ref does nothing then the FA can’t go back to it. I think this is why we’re seeing more and more blatant dives not punished by the refs, if they book someone and get it wrong it could come back to bite them so they do nothing.
  4. Mint23

    On a positive note..

    I didn’t go yesterday, what’s it been replaced with????
  5. Losing football isn’t the worst kind, boring football is. We all know that we won’t win the league again as can’t match the big 6 financially so it no longer becomes a results business. If you win the league no one cares how you do it, if you’re relegation favourites but survive again no one cares how you do it but we’re in the middle ground, can’t win it and won’t go down so what we HAVE to be is entertaining otherwise what are people paying their money for?
  6. Mint23


    I looked into this last season for my kids and then found out how mic it would cost. The biggest problem is that there’s actually a waiting list of over 70 matches so even if I could afford it my kids would be too old by the time we’ve played that many home matches! Like with everything else as long as people are willing to pay the clubs will continue to charge.
  7. Mint23

    Cardiff Home Match Thread

    Still struggling with a stream if anyone can help please
  8. Mint23

    Cardiff Home Match Thread

    Anybody able to send a technophobe a stream please guys
  9. I’d much rather we keep him and sell Amartey, neither are particularly good at good forward but Simpson’s defensive qualities cannot be drawn into question and neither can his professionalism
  10. Mint23

    James Maddison Confirmed

    He looked like he was allowed to play with more freedom and drop deeper than he has been doing which is more similar to his position for Norwich last season. Long matbthat continue and we’ll soon see the best of him and more consistency.
  11. Mint23


    We’ve got a very young side and if you add Benkovic and Soyuncu to a defensive set up that already has Chilwell, Ndidi, Choudhury and Ricardo then I think keeping Wes around to help is the obvious thing to do. He may not have 40 games a season left in him or be able to keep up with a lot of the faster strikers in the league but he still has a lot to offer both on and off the field.
  12. Mint23

    City Flags

    My favourite was always the Don Ranieri one, absolute class.
  13. I’m not particularly impressed with that 11 like most on here but I am really shocked that you’re all so surprised by it, every team plays a second string in this competition nowadays so it’s not come out of the blue
  14. When did we last have 2 shots on target in 90 minutes?!