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  1. Fingers crossed he’s on the bench and will replace Madders after 70 mins
  2. I don’t even know anyone that watches international football anymore except maybe in the World Cup when it gets to the knock out stages. There hasn’t been a decent international tournament this century, with the way the modern world views football 24/7 there’s no new players to burst onto the scene and with European big boys buying all the talent there’s no exciting South American teams either, it’s all become so generic and boring.
  3. It’s a belting idea - 10 minutes from my house!
  4. Could they make use of Hinckley’s stadium? It’s a crying shame they built such a lovely non league venue and folded a few years later.
  5. When he arrived I thought he was a poor signing. I’d seen his mistakes in big games and thought he was league 1/championship at best but he just kept proving me wrong. He’s never let us down on the pitch, is clearly a huge influence on the young players at training and in the changing room but now you read articles like this one and he just gets better and better. Whether his future off the field is with us or elsewhere I wish him all the best, I happily admit I was wrong at the beginning - I’ll even forgive him for having that Forest tattoo! - he sounds like he’s got big intentions on right
  6. Anyone having Nallis just for his goal against Leeds?
  7. Come on who’s got the juicy gossip on what Aubameyang’s been up to?
  8. We’ve seen very little of him so far but from those few minutes he’s had it’s clear the kids got talent. He’s got some big shoes to fill with Madders and Barnes being out injured at the same time but when you consider at his age Madders was playing at Cov or Aberdeen and not at the team sitting second in the prem I think we keep him involved either starting or half an hour every game we can this season and see how he looks for next season regarding a loan or squad player for us.
  9. We’ll be in a title race as soon as we’re allowed the Rachel thread to return.
  10. He’s more than capable of playing against any defence but our problem really is the lack of contingency planning up front. We should have been in for someone like Che Adams a couple of years ago or Watkins this past summer who could come on after an hour as plan B with 2 up top or sub for Vardy and give him a break to prolong his career even more. A man his age shouldn’t have to be playing 90 minutes every match.
  11. Rogers out, bring back the glory days of the early naughties with Kelly, Megson and Allen!!! Those guys would have us 75 points clear by now!
  12. I thought I’d read somewhere that Bennet went there, that really would look bad for Benk!
  13. Is it Ryan Bennet that’s starting for Cardiff ahead of Benk?
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