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  1. Was that against Mexico? I seem to remember wearing Ponchos and sombreros with a few mates in the kop being very drunk and about 21!
  2. Can we add Steve Thompson too? I was only a young lad but I loved wat king him play
  3. 2-0 win at Portsmouth’s swimming pool
  4. It had RIP Sophie on it. I think she’s the little girl who dies of cancer that he became good friends with and had her as mascots at not Norwich and city
  5. Can anybody help me out with a stream please guys?
  6. I’m not Morgan’s biggest fan now that he’s getting in a bit but these are the games that he can still do a job for us. He played well against Burnley at home this season against their big guys so if we do go 3 at the back I’d be happy to have Evans and Morgan marking with Maguire sweeping up behind them
  7. Does the cricket club open up all year round for drinks? I’ve only been at an end of season match when they were playing cricket
  8. He’s young and in his first season of top flight football. Give him time and he’ll beckme just as good as we’re all hoping so missing out won’t hurt him at all in the long run. My only gripe with the whole thing is seeing Loftus-Cheek, Barkley and Delph in the squad, I think all are capable but don’t actually play anywhere near enough minutes for their clubs. This was something I thought Southgate had gotten rid of but it seems not.
  9. I’ve never heard that before but there’s got to be more to it than Taylor thought that Lewis was a good footballer! For starters he wasn’t even an outfield player and more importantly he was the worst player I’ve ever seen in the premier League!
  10. I’d still like to know what Junior Lewis has on him. At Dover he was Taylor’s goalkeeper, he then signed him at Gillingham, Hull, Leicester and Brighton. He wasn’t even good enough for non league let alone replacing Lennon in the premier League
  11. I don’t think we’ll catch them now and i also don’t realky want to this season. When all of our players that are out of contract/unwanted are moved on we’ll actually have a smaller squad than Burnley. I’d like Rogers to have a couple of transfer windows and a full pre season - something he won’t have if we’re playing Europa games in July- that way he’ll get a full run at next season’s league and maybe try to win us some silverware and look at qualifying this time next season
  12. I can’t see how it counts when you’re also able to make as many subs as you want, it’s basically a glorified friendly
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