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  1. Martin Atkinson today

    This shows the impact at the beginning Wilf shouldn’t have made it look so dramatic!
  2. Martin Atkinson today

  3. Palace Home Post-Match 0-3

    I forget his answers
  4. Palace Home Post-Match 0-3

    We will have no wilf for another game that’s the difference
  5. Palace Home Post-Match 0-3

    No but he sent him off still which will cost us a bit more
  6. Palace Home Post-Match 0-3

    A little bit before he went down Ndidi did get kicked
  7. Palace Home Post-Match 0-3

    It shows MRS Vardy is back
  8. Palace Home Match Thread

    I’m talking about the subs! Things should have been changed at half time
  9. Palace Home Match Thread

    They are taking the piss
  10. Palace Home Match Thread

    Well this is the Puel Southampton must be talking about
  11. Palace Home Match Thread

    No way will we make top four
  12. Palace Home Match Thread

    Vardy off Slimani on... oh wait
  13. Palace Home Match Thread

    This is what happens when you don’t use Okazaki
  14. Palace Home Match Thread

    We haven’t turned up
  15. Palace Home Match Thread