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  1. I think that would be a successful season considering our injuries, lack of funds etc
  2. We can’t afford to sack him let alone bring someone else in and we aren’t very attractive right now because we are skint
  3. That we didn’t deserve to lose, Fofana gives him great hope for the future, Vardy out for Thursday and Soyuncu is out for 3 months
  4. BR just said he took Mendy off for more energy
  5. BR usual drivel that we didn’t deserve to lose
  6. I can’t see us getting anything from our next 4
  7. We will struggle big time when he does
  8. We didn’t deserve a thing! We were crap all game
  9. Those days are well and truly gone, it’s just a copy and paste cash cow now
  10. They made a billion off it last year in fifa points
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