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  1. chapero82


    It’s sad really as they were always the first to know when I was growing up
  2. Safe from Watford to palace apparently., that’s who I wanted us to have
  3. chapero82


    Wasn’t it the mercury that said he was close to signing a new deal with us?
  4. chapero82


    📢 There #Fiorentina asked the #LCFC another loan season for Rachid Ghezzal. The details on @TuttoMercatoWeb
  5. We had how many years to plan for Mahrez’s exit and we still haven’t replaced him
  6. Have we even been linked to him?
  7. I can’t see that happening with Ricardo tbh he’s amazing! My problem with Chilwell is he’s great going forward but defensively he’s not that good.. he’s beaten too easily and teams use that to their advantage
  8. Yep I couldn’t have worded what he said better myself, I would love to say we are bigger than those clubs but it’s simply not true
  9. Leeds are about to go and have a 50000 seater stadium while Newcastle are already have one they are still big clubs
  10. Newcastle and Leeds are bigger than us tbh
  11. I am not so sure tbh Look what Puel did to us
  12. Would that manager got us in the top four in the first place?
  13. We need a new keeper next season if we want to go up a level
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