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  1. Rudkin

    He would survive a nuclear blast
  2. Shakey Sacked

    He must clean bum holes with his tongue well too!
  3. Shakey Sacked

    What I don’t get is they can easily sack Pearson , Ranieri who did the unthinkable, let Steve Walsh go and now Shaky but Rudkin gets away with it all
  4. Thomas Tuchel

    Peter O’Rourke is the source who is seriously unrealiable these days so I wouldn’t read too much into it!
  5. Next City Manager?

    Lennon hasn’t though
  6. Rudkin

    Do you mean fire proof?
  7. Carlo Ancelotti

    I want a million pounds but I’m not going to get it
  8. Rudkin

    When will the owners wake up and sack the clown?
  9. Shakey Sacked

    I’m going soon
  10. Shakey Sacked

  11. Shakey Sacked

    They are normally 3 days behind now
  12. Shakey Sacked

    We hear this all the time but The drinkwater situation should show you that they aren’t the best at getting replacements sorted out in time
  13. Poll - Shakey In or Out?

    We will get a new manager in 14 secs too late
  14. West Brom (H) Match Thread

    Shocking game this is and the atmosphere is crap too
  15. Next City Manager?

    I can’t see him getting the sack by then! The owners are patient maybe too patient at times