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  1. Depends on how you get to and from the game - personally on occasion I have to leave 5 mins early to ensure I get my train back home. I wouldn't criticise anyone for leaving early just as long as they wait for a break in play.
  2. We’ve put too much responsibility on some young shoulders - I think he needs a rest but we don’t have too many other options. We should look to support a fledgling career.
  3. Why do we start so slow. We dealt with the game once we equalised but it seems we need to go a goal down to focus. Frustrating - mate who is a WBA season ticket holder is raving about Harvey Barnes. I’d love to get him and Hamza get some game time.
  4. I always try to stay but sometimes the train times mean you have to just go to run to the train station. Lot's of people will have different reasons to leave early so as long as they leave during a break in play then that's fine by me. It's the half-timers who nip down for a pint at 35/40 mins and come back at 50/55 mins who annoy me the most!
  5. I think there is a difference between passing on a ticket to friends or family of selling at face value (or pro-rata for STH's) to genuine fans and profiteering - the latter should not be tolerated by the Club or anyone on this forum. I'd rather see a seat filled than empty but nobody should be profiting from that or risking their membership/ST.
  6. My parents retired to the South coast - if anyone has two tickets it would be incredible ....
  7. I've bought 2 tix (adult and u18) for Valencia and now nailed at Work. I know they are still on general sale but happy to give them away (print out) if anyone needs. Top of SK4. NOW GONE
  8. Hi, I'm a new season ticket holder this year and noted that on my account details there is an option to opt into the Carabao Cup Scheme and FA Cup Scheme. However I could not find any details on the website of what those schemes meant. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
  9. Me and my son have been members for 2 years and bought every ticket we could and went - we got a hefty points total and this summer we finally got season tickets. If you're patient and build the points our experience is the system works in the end (given our limited capacity at the moment). On the total other side of the coin (my other son is a Man U fan (still makes me feel slightly nauseous)) and we've been members there for 2 years and only been to half a dozen games but we just got a call from the ticket office offering us season tickets which we took. It's just a question of stadium capacity I think.
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