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  1. Started watching How to Get Away with Murder on Netflix last week and on series 4 already its highly addictive! based on law students and as per the title lots of murders, it is very high paced and so many twists and turns constantly i highly recommend it
  2. Trading my company car in for a fully electric one as our car scheme has changed, am getting a Jaguar Ipace despite not having anywhere to charge it! Anyone had exprience of them in terms of driving and expected mileage on a battery life? chers
  3. As an addicted/compulsive gambler of many years this situation has actually been a massive help and have now gone over 2 months without any betting. In my dark days of only a few months ago i was placing over 100 bets a day and like Rik said i blew 35k in a matter of hrs online. I signed upto Gamcare so can't bet online but found i was still visiting the local bookies near work a good 2-4hrs every day losing 100's a day. Since the lockdown the closure of bookies has meant i have not placed a bet and as time has gone on the urge is reducing but im only too aware of the bigger tests to come once
  4. Just booked a week in Marrakech for me and the Mrs leaving mid Sept, anyone been as am a bit dubious about being hassled and more importantly being able to get a beer! any idea what a pint costs out there? cheers in advance!
  5. Fathead1981


    Commercial Finance Manager for a big vehicle leasing company doing company cars and yes its even more boring than it sounds
  6. I was at the game as Oxford my local team and I had only just clicked it was our KNight when he went off! Caused by a collision and seemed ok but they signalled straight away he was going off and he limped off would suggest an impact injury. He looked like a typical league 1/2 player in terms of good in the air and whacking it long!
  7. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 100 seconds  
  8. I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 111 seconds  
  9. good point f**k it who wants to come to Vienna to not watch horses trot around
  10. nah already paid £500 for the holiday might let her go on her own as unless they are jumping over fences I find horses boring as f%&k
  11. Just booked Vienna in March for 3 nights with the Mrs, anyone been and watched the Spanish Horse show as the Mrs is desperate to go but £60 to watch Horses walk round for 3 hrs seems a bit steep to me not to mention boring as hell!
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