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  1. Also on channel 144/147(HD) on freesat for us freesatters out there.
  2. It’s to fit in extra ad breaks, mark my words.
  3. It’s with crowd on Main Event, no crowd on Premier League, at least on my Now Tv
  4. Given we’re already suspending, and the epidemic is no where near its peak here and probably in the rest of Europe too (though their radically different approach to handling it will mean it has very different characteristics there), I don’t see how any leagues including CL are going to manage to complete this year. I think what might happen is that this season is just declared void across Europe, and it all starts again including CL participants in the same position we started this season.
  5. You are unfortunately almost certainly wrong. Look at China - roughly 3,000 deaths, from roughly 100,000 cases (actually somewhat fewer). Their healthcare system is very good (as the WHO has said, they are very good at keeping people alive with this disease), so there's no reason to suspect that we'll do any better. The government is expecting somewhere between 35% and 80% morbidity (penetration of the population) over the next 6 months or so for this disease [why won't we stop at 80,000 like China? Because we won't/can't/don't want to enact the draconian quarantine restrictions they have in order to contain this]; taking the lower end of this (and rounding down) is 20,000,000 cases, 200x that in China. There's no reason to assume we can get any with much fewer than 200x the deaths, or 600,000 people. Or look at it another way - globally wherever there are enough cases to measure, about 5% of cases require hospital intensive care of some sort. One can assume that they are put into intensive care because there's a good chance they'll die if not - hospitals don't do this lightly. Let's say that 50% of ICU patients didn't actually need it (I think is probably a massive overestimate, but let's use it anyway, as a best case). Therefore 50% of those needing ICU care will die without it. 5% of our already optimistic 35% or 20,000,000 cases is 1,000,000 people. There are 4,000 ICU beds in the UK. Let's say (and this is now wildly optimistic) that somehow we manage to make that rise tenfold and a bit to 50,000 ICU beds. Let's further made this best best case and say those 1,000,000 ICU-needing cases are spread evenly over the 6 months (they won't be, they'll peak in the middle), and each one only needs it for 3 weeks (which is what the data show) - so 9 periods or so in 6 months. So we have in our hypothetical case here 9x50,000 ICU places, or 450,000, for the 1,000,000 that will need them. 550,000 people therefore won't get one, and we've decided that only 50% of those needed one to stay alive - therefore 275,000 dead. And there are several optimistic assumptions in that calculation. If we get away with even just a few multiples of 17,000 dead just by the end of this year it will be a miracle. The in-house isolation is not to protect YOU - you are unlikely to die as an individual - it's to stop you spreading it. People need to understand this point - it's a population risk problem, not an individual risk problem. Look at the numbers above. If we don't al work together to contain this they could easily be multiplied several times. It can be done - look at China - don't just look at your personal risk-reward (or risk-inconvenience).
  6. On the bench. Expect to see him on 65 full of fresh legs. As it were. COYB.
  7. To be fair three shots from distance have been stopped by three amazing saves - you’re entitled to assume that their goalie isn’t going to make amazing saves all the time.
  8. Well he’s got 7 days to make his mind up on that then!
  9. I thought it was £50m? Certainly that’s what was being reported at the time, did that change? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/08/01/man-city-insist-50m-buy-back-option-kelechi-iheanacho-moves/
  10. They’re very good mates (Chilly regularly refers to Grealish as his ‘brother’) that’s all. No conspiracy needed
  11. Ah, right, yes, I obviously haven’t been following closely... Never mind, still be fun to have them. “The Championship soccer club announced this week that it will play a final full season at existing ground Griffin Park before moving to the new stadium at the end of the 2019/20 season.” https://www.stadia-magazine.com/news/new-project/brentford-fc-reveals-date-of-new-stadium-move.html
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