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  1. On the bench. Expect to see him on 65 full of fresh legs. As it were. COYB.
  2. To be fair three shots from distance have been stopped by three amazing saves - you’re entitled to assume that their goalie isn’t going to make amazing saves all the time.
  3. Well he’s got 7 days to make his mind up on that then!
  4. I thought it was £50m? Certainly that’s what was being reported at the time, did that change? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/08/01/man-city-insist-50m-buy-back-option-kelechi-iheanacho-moves/
  5. They’re very good mates (Chilly regularly refers to Grealish as his ‘brother’) that’s all. No conspiracy needed
  6. Ah, right, yes, I obviously haven’t been following closely... Never mind, still be fun to have them. “The Championship soccer club announced this week that it will play a final full season at existing ground Griffin Park before moving to the new stadium at the end of the 2019/20 season.” https://www.stadia-magazine.com/news/new-project/brentford-fc-reveals-date-of-new-stadium-move.html
  7. What? What? Don’t tell me one of them has closed?
  8. I’m rooting for Brentford to come up; few old friends from round that area, fun times at Griffin Park, plus of course the only football ground with a pub on each corner.
  9. Well, one can’t beat the opposition and the ref at the same time. I’m switching it off.
  10. Can we do double figures margin of victory in aggregate? (Hubris? I’ve heard of it. )
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