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  1. Well that was fuchsing hilarious!
  2. Spurs Match Thread

    Carragher is a cnvt. That is all.
  3. Watford (home) Match Thread

    Ha that didn't last long! Oh well...
  4. Watford (home) Match Thread

    C'mon Demmy!
  5. Watford (home) Match Thread

    Bournemouth equaliser - a point clear in 9th now...
  6. Watford (home) Match Thread

    Ball from Albrighton!
  7. Watford (home) Match Thread

    Have to say I enjoyed the show of camaraderie afterward almost as much as the goal.
  8. WBA Away Match Thread

    Was that 1 shot on target, 1 goal? I think it was?
  9. WBA Away Match Thread

    Crappenburg more like.
  10. WBA Away Match Thread

    We are ****ing burglars!
  11. Atletico Madrid match thread

    I don't care what happens now. I love this team.
  12. Atletico Madrid (Away) - Match Thread

    How much is a UEFA referee these days?presumably there's been some inflation at least since 97?
  13. Atletico Madrid (Away) - Match Thread

  14. Atletico Madrid (Away) - Match Thread

    Channel Ian Marshall lads, channel Ian Marshall.