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  1. HereBeFoxes

    England at the World Cup Finals Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 85 seconds  
  2. HereBeFoxes

    Vardy's Volleys

    West Brom. That goal is pure staring out of the window during a dull geography lesson daydreaming about scoring the winning goal in 7 in the 93rd minute of the World Cup final vs Germany. Magic. You could get the best delivers of the ball paired with the best finishers in the world and they wouldn’t be able to pull that off 1 time in 100.
  3. HereBeFoxes

    Chelsea (A) :: Match Thread

    Oh good a dodgy sending off. Chillwell got to the ball first clearly on the replay.
  4. HereBeFoxes

    Fleetwood Town (A) Match Thread

    So the important question from this game then: how much pizza exactly is a year’s supply of pizza? Is it unlimited pizza whenever you want for a year? Or is it a set amount? And if so, is it in total over the year, or say 3 a week, and if you don’t claim them you lose them? Pondering this is more fun than watching this match.
  5. HereBeFoxes

    Man City (H) League Cup match thread

    I really don't like penalty shootouts.
  6. Well that was fuchsing hilarious!
  7. HereBeFoxes

    Replacing Mahrez

    Marc Alblefton?
  8. HereBeFoxes

    Spurs Match Thread

    Carragher is a cnvt. That is all.
  9. HereBeFoxes

    Watford (home) Match Thread

    Ha that didn't last long! Oh well...
  10. HereBeFoxes

    Watford (home) Match Thread

    C'mon Demmy!
  11. HereBeFoxes

    Watford (home) Match Thread

    Bournemouth equaliser - a point clear in 9th now...
  12. HereBeFoxes

    Watford (home) Match Thread

    Ball from Albrighton!
  13. HereBeFoxes

    Watford (home) Match Thread

    Have to say I enjoyed the show of camaraderie afterward almost as much as the goal.
  14. HereBeFoxes

    WBA Away Match Thread

    Was that 1 shot on target, 1 goal? I think it was?