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  1. marcymarc666

    Where do we need to strengthen for next season ?

    Really, did you watch 2015/16 ?
  2. Ok so 2017/18 over. Leicester are already looking at players to bring in, so where do we need to strengthen ? For me we need to bring in four players, a right back, centre back, creative midfielder and a Mahrez replacement. Has Danny Simpson got one more good year in him, i'm not sure. Johnny Evans would fit the bill to replace Morgan who is fading. We now have a good selection of midfielders but only Ndidi really looks the part consistently for me. I like the look of Shaqiri at Stoke in midfield, he looks like he enjoys his pies but he's the creative player we're still missing and says he wants to leave and gave us some big problems last year. Diabate has huge potential and could replace Mahrez but is he ready yet. Your thoughts......
  3. marcymarc666

    What happened to the Jamie Vardy film ?

    If it means not having the bloke from one direction and vinny Jones as nigel pearson I'm happy to wait a couple more years !
  4. marcymarc666

    What happened to the Jamie Vardy film ?

    It just feels like the momentum has gone now.
  5. It suddenly went very quiet, have they scrapped it, is it still in the pipeline, anybody know ? Would be a real shame if they have because it would have showcased our most amazing year.
  6. marcymarc666

    Stoke post match 1-1

    We're really missing shinji. Gray just seems to have had his time at L.C.F.C. The midfield were just short of ideas but from what ive seen of Silva and iborra I dont think things would be better. Apart from Ndidi the others look to be lacking pace and that's why Puel can't make his mind up.
  7. marcymarc666

    What retains Leicester from becoming top 6

    man city's owners
  8. marcymarc666

    FFP Champions 5 - 1

    Would you say the glass is half empty....
  9. marcymarc666

    FFP Champions 5 - 1

    Yes seen it before with Man Utd. When you expect success it becomes boring, they,'ll be eating there prawn sandwiches before we know it !
  10. marcymarc666

    FFP Champions 5 - 1

    Let's face it Man City were outstanding. Best manager, best facilities, best player. I fear for the prem in the next five years because they've bought this success and they're not going to stop buying all the best players in the world.
  11. marcymarc666

    Manchester City (A)..pre match thread.

    spot on for me
  12. City players say he's 'emotional' which equates to potentially unstable. If he does play his mental state now is so fragile that we'll have a fraction of the player we had. We need to move on, wouldn't it be great if Diabate really shines against Man City (I think he'll play).
  13. marcymarc666

    Manchester City (A)..pre match thread.

    I've heard Puel's sliding tackles are decent.
  14. marcymarc666

    Manchester City (A)..pre match thread.

    It was tongue in cheek !
  15. marcymarc666

    Manchester City (A)..pre match thread.

    I think Man City had a game plan. In the knowledge that we are playing them next and these 3 points basically guarantees them the title. Offer a paltry amount for Mahrez knowing he'd go throw a wobbly, go AWOL and not play for us.