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  1. Telegraph article updated. Unlikely to happen The Foxes, though, stepped back after learning they would have to pay Eriksen his full £300,000-a-week wages until the end of the season.
  2. ...Have you not seen Brendan's pre and post match interviews? Brendans been telling Sky plenty about our in-game tactics this season, did it before the Leeds game as I recall
  3. He looked extremely delighted with Wilf's goal last night. Never seen Lil Wes smile that much, he even did a little dance Actually looking at pictures, the whole squad seemed much more smiley than usual at both goal celebrations. Combined with Madders post match comments, bodes well for team spirit
  4. He also won the Belgian top division's Goal of the Season award for something very similar a few months before joining us.
  5. That was his youth contract pay I think. He signed a new contract with St-E just a few months ago after breaking into their first team, which would have been significantly more (surely at least 10k). He's probably on closer to 40k with us given his transfer fee.
  6. Real shame, I imagine we'll let his contract run out this summer. At one point a few years ago before he started getting all the injuries, he was sitting on our first team bench next to Barnes. Reminded me of Big Wes the way he plays, and he can actually score from corners...
  7. Saw a stat yesterday that Castagne is our player with the highest points per game this season when he plays, Albrighton being second highest. I think Justin keeps his place at least until both of the others have proven they are back to their pre-injury levels. Unfortunately there's a possibility that may never happen with Ricky.
  8. King, Benkovic and Eppiah all played in a friendly game against Brugge's reserves today. Eppiah scored a brace.
  9. Looking at Twitter it sounds like he's playing like he's got his head turned Did still get a shot on target though
  10. https://www.foxestalk.co.uk/topic/124516-wanya-marçal-madivádua-youth-player
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/SamLCFC98/status/1347996357106278404
  12. Perez upfront Nacho in the doghouse
  13. I'd favour the youngster who would at least have been playing regularly in the U23s and properly match fit, while the 3rd choice experienced keeper wouldn't have played since his 45 min spell in presason. Plus when I watched Jaku a few years ago play a couple U23s games, he didn't look better than our usual U23 keepers.
  14. We've installed on-pitch Cryotherapy at Seagrave.
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