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  1. The issue with indoor eating isn't the 2 metre distance. It's the lack of ventilation which means aerosols hang about thickly in the air for ages. Distance makes little difference to aerosol transmission in an enclosed space, just reduces more direct droplet transmission.
  2. The England manager was speaking in the wake of James Maddison, who had hoped to be in his squad this summer but appears to have finally blown his chances, being one of three players dropped by Leicester City after attending a party during lockdown restrictions. Southgate, who had expected to watch Maddison play in Sunday’s Premier League match away to West Ham United, praised Leicester for the way they dealt with the incident although he added that he did not want to “talk about specifics”. However, there have been a number of off and on-field incidents that have affec
  3. I don't think Under went to Turkey. While with the national team, Cags posted a picture of himself posing with a life sized poster of Under with a similar sentiment.
  4. I imagine Vardy will still be our penalty taker until he misses one or two, but I'd have no confidence in him scoring any crucial penalties at the moment. Who's next in line, Youri presumably, then Perez/Nacho?
  5. ... I think I get what you're all implying. I hadn't even thought of that possibility, tbf. That's shockingly unprofessional if so
  6. The Sun doesn't say it was the police that informed Rodgers? Just that Rodgers texted the players saying he knew what was up, this happened some time before the police actually arrived. We aren't sure the two are linked. It'd be a bit odd for the police to be informing the employers of alleged partygoers about their misdemeanours prior to actually arriving and confirming the identities of said individuals.
  7. I think it's most likely one of Perez's neighbours who heard music and saw cars from 9pm, knowing a staff member at the club and it got forwarded on to Brendan? I can't imagine them putting anything on the team whatsapp group where Kasper would have tore into them immediately. They'll have invited others, JJ is very likely as he's close to the Barnes/Hamza duo, but I'm not sure he would have grassed.
  8. Feel sorry for Youri and Nacho and every other player that actually cares
  9. It's not open until Top plays the first game there, he's still stuck in Thailand
  10. The team meeting was the day before Man City game, the party was the day after
  11. Could have been another party with the women's team? The women have just won the league so would have good reason to throw a party
  12. Need to be looking for a Hamza replacement in summer then, given that Wilf and Papy are both disappearing off to AFCON in the middle of next season.
  13. Perez hasn't posted his usual fancy matchday graphic on his insta stories today. He used to do it even while injured
  14. https://www.bbc.com/sport/africa/56664938.amp Wilfred Ndidi says Leicester City and Nigeria team-mate Kelechi Iheanacho can continue to improve and put two years of criticism firmly behind him. Iheanacho, 24, was overlooked by Nigeria for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations finals after finding himself on the fringes at Leicester City. In recent months though his fortunes have started to change as he scored seven times in four appearances for the Foxes to be named March's Premier League player of the month and also signed a new deal to keep him at the club until 2024. "Kelechi's
  15. Did he train with our squad after coming back? Can't see him in the most recent training pics...
  16. Manchester City insisted on a £50 million buy-back option, which has now expired, due to their trust in his potential.
  17. Looks like said editor just typed Marc Albrighton into Getty images and happened to pick one that was labelled incorrectly. https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/marc-albrighton-of-leicester-city-during-the-uefa-europa-news-photo/1229824026 I don't know who usually writes the tags and headlines for stock photos, but possibly the photographer? David S. Bustamante, who is probably someone local to Braga/Portugal and unfamiliar with our similar-looking fringe players. Even Sky has done something similar with showing a picture of Demarai Gray instead
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