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  1. Tanya


    I think both Wilf and Mendy have been playing so much better since Youri came in and the switch in manager. Playing the two defensive mids in the middle only works sometimes against the big sides and asking Papy to thread an incivisive pass is madness. You could tell the demands of the role was getting to Mendy as his performances just prior to Puel leaving were dire. Now he is doing what he's best at; Grunt work. Steady the midfield. Give the centrebacks a reliable person to pass too. Keep possession in tight areas. Make tackles. It's unglamorous, bit vital, work. I certaintly appreciate what he does coming on. All good teams need quality off the bench and I think he is a quality defensive midfield. My only qualm is his continued squad prescence is crowding out Hamza, which is a shame but clearly the coaches think Mendy is the better squad player. Really happy to see him doing well.
  2. The poster who said James Maddison is going around "like a fairy" should be ashamed of themselves.
  3. For me, he's THE priority signing. Even before another striker/back up left back or left winger. Even if it limits who we can bring in, retaining him HAS to be the priority. He is well on his way to becoming the fulcrum of this team. We need him. Do whatever it takes but:Sign.Him.Up.
  4. Slimani's career has collapsed. What on earth has happened?
  5. Tanya


    I felt so bad for both Wilf AND Mendy. Clearly in a two they were forced to try and create and it impacted both their games terribly. Wilf looked a shadow of himself and Mendy, whose game is predicated on being Mr Predictable, was suddenly being harried into mistakes. The introduction of Tielemans (genuine hat tip to Claude there) and Brendan's desire to press high is helping Wilf do what Wilf is best at: winning the ball back high and setting out attack away. It's also given Mendy a niche role: to come on, retain possession under pressure and shore up our midfield. It gives me genuine joy to see these two players who were choking under the old system given a lease of life. Wilf is getting the main benefit but Mendy looks miles more comfortable when he comes on these days too. Happy days.
  6. This is a cracking season. We have endured a lot of turgid dross but it's looking up for us, now. And as for the rest: it’s unusual for there to be such a compelling title race, race for top four AND relegation scrap. Who do you guys think will go down with Fulham and Huddersfield? I think Southampton will haul themselves out of it, but Burnley has an awkward run in. I think it'll be Cardiff who drops down but it'll be a close run thing. I think Burnley and Cardiff play each other so it might be the traditional six pointer clash. The fight for relegation is almost as riveting as the title race. I'm a terrible person though
  7. He's a very good player, I just wish his delivery on free kicks etc was better. Still, for his first season in the premier league I think he's done really well.
  8. Thank you. I am seeing too much: Oh this is just like Puel. Blaiming Rodgers right now is shortsighted in the extreme. Our players are steeped in bad habits, one of which is always passing the ball back, leaving us vulnerable to stupid mistakes like what occured here. Brendan has his work cut out but he's got a proven track record and I, for one, am willing to give him 20 or so games before really forming a judgement.
  9. Good points: Vardy really is brilliant. Not just in his goal, but in his intellient runs and some decent holdup play. He was brilliant. Concussions are nasty but I hope we comes back soon. We need him. Youri is also terrific. We need his slick passing and good decision making. Evans played well too. We played much, much, much better in the second half. So that's good. More attacking and forward intent... BUT.... Stupid mistake at the back again. Kasper is dreaming if he ever thinks he's good enough for the top echleon of clubs. He's an excellent shot stopper but his distribution is diabolical. He cost us a point here. Wretched. I thought Chillwell and Riccy struggled with their different roles. Barnes was barely in it, I think the old system fits him better. 7th is gone but I hope we use this time to figure out how to play in a formation that works for us. Brendan has the time. Mostly I hope he can give them all a rollicking about stupid mistakes. This season has been so underwhelming.
  10. Ugh. Not even a game in and people are having a go at the coach. Christ. How insipid. That was the players fault. Kasper should have handled that better. We should have a point, and were creating the better chances. Ugh. These group of players need an ear bashing.
  11. This season has been awful. So many heartbreaking moments.
  12. I'm hopeful we can sort our marking on set pieces. We look vulnerable. Warming to the game. Pay Monaco what they want for Tielemans
  13. The balls on Brendan.... Curious how this will go. Up the Foxes
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