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  1. Zaha is good but I wouldn't want to spend whatever overblown figure Palace is going to demand for his signature.
  2. I do think Cags has some weaknesses. He was bullied a bit by Wood and really elite players often use his aggreasive defending style to spin him around and run past him. He is alone prone to a rash challenge BUT he is so good at such a tender age. I am really looking forward to watching him develop here. He has all the building blocks to become a top, top defender.
  3. I still think he is going to come good but it's been an underwhelming start to say the least.
  4. We need to win this. I think Palace is going to be a tricky game so it would be good to entrench ourselves in the Top Six by the time we play them. Always tough to play away but I'd play an attacking line up. I do wonder how we can shoehorn Dennis in. He really is the mustard
  5. The Sunderland docu is fantastic. Very sensitive And well handled considering the low ebb it ends on. But who the he'll cares about another middling Spurs season?
  6. I hope we play 4 - 1 - 4 - 1. That's the most attacking formation we have and we need to stamp our authority on a very good Burnley team. My only concern is where to put Praet. I think he is a terrific player and helps ticks our play over but I think we need N'didi to help our back four cope with Wood and Barnes. Maybe we try the dreaded diamond formation with Perez and Vardy up top?
  7. I'm a huge fan of Mendy because I love players who do simple things really well. But I feel like Praet is a 10000 per cent Mendy upgrade. Not only is he a decent tackler, he is comfortable on the ball and can play concise, intelligent passes and possesses a goal threat (something Mendy, God bless him, did not). He also frees up Wilf a little too. Terrific signing.
  8. I am pretty annoyed but at least Spurs are self destructing.
  9. Albrighton made a terrible error but I thought he was excellent before that. Desperately unlucky. I hope this can steel our resolve. I initially thought Top Six will be hard to attain but you know what? I think if we stick to our guns and play Madison through the middle and play to our other strengths, third is ours. Come on you Foxes!
  10. Let's not forget one thing: we are the real deal. Almost got a point against Liverpool at Anfield. If we keep playing like this we are top four quality
  11. Soft but fair penalty. Gutted but the lads have been brilliant
  12. In all seriousness, we need to create more clear cut chances especially from our wide men. I know XP goals can be misleading but we are overperforming this metric. I'm sure Brendan is devising ways to get our wingers in seriously dangerous positions more often. Teams like Arsenal are a joke defensively but score heaps of goals
  13. Officiating was a vile disgrace and the Wallabies shot themselves in the foot with their team selection but well done Wales , excellent first half performance and played smart in the second half.
  14. I am genuinely looking forward to us putting this aside and baracking for Leicester later on! But right now: Come on Wallabies!!
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