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  1. Any indication it's us then? If betting is closed then it's likely he is due to be announced very soon
  2. Sorry if this is a daft question but where he fit in our current formation? He seems fast and is a good finisher but can he hold up the ball or lay on a good pass? Could be play in a combination with vardy? Could he play out wide? He seems talented just wondering where he would fit in
  3. Poor from Slimani.
  4. Vardy is having a blinder in the second half
  5. #sigh# Abysmal
  6. Sorry to be daft, everyone, but if we got Silva, would be as a replacement for Drinkwater rather than Okazaki? Cause I really want an upgrade to Shinji, even though I though love him, because I think we are too reliant on Vardy for goals.
  7. I haven't watched him much. What's he like? I assume he'd play the Okazaki position. Is he fast enough and has a similar work rate? Can he finish on goal (wonder strike notwithstanding Shinji doesn't score enough for his position).
  8. Is Sporting's Silva still an option? Hasn't he been injured a lot this year? I'd like Gylfi Sigurdsson but I think he won't come if Everton want him. Now that Hull look dead certain to go down I'd like to get Harry Maguire
  9. Benny! hahaha
  10. We are all over them. I desperately want us to draw this but what a fabulous turnaround from when I was expecting a 4-0 drubbing. These Man City lot are all fluff and no substance.
  11. I think Slim looked good today. Would seriously think of him getting some serious game time this week
  12. Some poor finishing aside that was a marvelous performance. Very proud of the boys. Gave a wonderful account of themselves. Another European goal for Jamie too!
  13. what the F##K Marc!
  14. I meant to type Man of the Match (MOTM)...but that spells out Man of the Half, which actually works out as well
  15. We need halftime. Very poor so far (Huth excluded. He's the MOTM right now).