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  1. If I could, I would give this post kudos twice over. Everything you said was smart, reasoned and right. Thank you. Eriksen IS a West Ham-type signing. Decent player, but not for us.
  2. I may be a bitch, but I am the kind of bitch who enjoys reading the meltdowns in the Chelsea forums right now.
  3. I swear the pitch looks appalling. Looks hard to put a string of good passes together.
  4. Timmy hasn't been great today. Poor touch and looks uncertain. Nervy finish now.
  5. I am noticing that too. Great off the ball running from Vardy. Is there something wrong with the pitch? Looks a little ragged.
  6. Youri has been poor, but the reason why I always want him in the team is because he can pull off a match defining pass. That was so sweetly hit, cutting the Saints in two, and the finish from Maddison was absolute class. We needed that goal. Saints will need to press even more now. They're a terrific side, but if we win the ball high up they are vulnerable. C'mon FOXES
  7. Evans and Kasper have been brilliant. Everyone else looks offput by the Saints furious press. Youri in particular looks all at sea.
  8. Saints looks brilliant; smart, savvy, tough side with enough flair to trouble most teams in the competition. We look harried and nervous. Early doors but we have to wake up and find a way through their press.
  9. I would have played Thomas instead of Fuchs due to the latter's lack of pace but other than that, no complaints. Come on Leicester!!
  10. Fair play to Rodgers for changing up the system. We looked vulnerable and static before switching to a back four. JJ has been sublime, best game I have seen in a Foxes shirt, what a young player he is! Shout out to Ayoze, Kasper, Vards and Madders - all of them stood out to me in the first half. I know we have Everton in a few days but man, I'd love to unleash Under and Barnes at Brighton in the middle of the second half...
  11. Petition for Under to get a starting place in the Prem now please....
  12. How utterly appalling from everyone, but most obviously the manager. Rodgers is class but he got it extremely wrong tonight. 4 1 4 1 the way to go but he bottled it. Appalling performance. Everyone barr Kasper and JJ should be ashamed.
  13. We are looking to start trying to have kids this year and if all goes well , I'm going to start the Foxes indoctrination in the womb.
  14. He and Papy's bromance is beautiful. So lovely to see.
  15. Can't wait for him to be fit enough to start. Vardy, Youri, Maddison, Barnes and Under? Yes please.
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