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  1. Play the diamond. Then bring on the wings to run them ragged. Norwich are a fun team and could pose us troubles going forward but their defence is so poor. Brendan needs to warn against complacency more than anything else.
  2. He can also hold up play really well. He cushions the ball and then can lay it off to Vards or Maddinson. So chuffed for him. Truly. We should play the diamond against the lower half teams as it helps our attacking prowess while we only lose a little defensively.
  3. We deserve that. Careless. F'ing careless. We need to concentrate because Villa look like thet can score more
  4. Why did Chilwell tug at that player's back? Ugh
  5. Very nervous about this one. Aston Villa are a good team. Still, I think the diamond, in theory, should suit us with our talented midfielders and flying fullbacks. Super excited for Dennis and Nacho. Happy to see what they can do. C'mon Leicester!
  6. I agree. I think Aston Villa are a better team than their position suggests so maybe we need to rotate a couple of players since we seemed a little flat when we played Watford.
  7. A lot of places are claiming Chillwell is Chelsea's "top target"in January. I can't see us selling him under any circumstances. But I am so tired of these vultures trying to pluck our best away. The summer is going to be anxiety-inducing as usual.
  8. That's the problem. I can see them dropping up to five due to the competitive nature of the league and fixture congestion but eight? Plus we have to be perfect to stay in the hunt. Very tough
  9. Ughhhh Liverpool are so clinical. They are going to be so very hard to catch this year I think that was Silva's last as manager.
  10. Completely agree. I actually rate most premier league refs but Pawson is having an awful game so far.
  11. Very poor from us. We need to freshen up and use some of our subs early on. Wilf is peerless as usual though. Where would we be without him?
  12. It's crazy Watford are last in the league. Their starting line up is mid table quality. Here is hoping they don't find form tonight
  13. Maybe I'm being naive but I think Everton could sneak a win here....
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