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  1. @Bert if we don't sell him, how will we afford Youri?
  2. Kompany seems like an intelligent and lovely bloke. I wish him all the best.
  3. I find it interesting people are speculating that Harry will be sky blue shirt when I'm not sure Guardiola rates him? Also, I'm not he'd get a game there and be relegated to otamendi's position on the totem pole. At least at Man Utd he'd get a game. I'm not pro selling Harry, but if it's the only way we can invest in top draw attacking talent in order to launch a proper assault on the Top Six next season, then so be it.
  4. I can't see us getting Foden on loan tbh.Personally, I want 60 to 80 or so million in cash which we can reinvest in Youri/ and a winger who is capable of playing as a striker. My birthday is in June. All I want for it is Youri's signature on a five-year contract.
  5. Agree. If we're going to lose Harry to anyone, it'll be Man Utd, surely. I love Harry but I doubt he'd get a game at Oil City.
  6. Tanya


    Great, that's a deflating start to the window. I hope we have a plan b of how to break down obstinate teams, cause I think Youri is the perfect person to do that. #sad sigh#
  7. Tanya


    I'd be comfortable selling a big asset (Macguire, most likely). I honestly think Youri is key to how we play, and the most vital cog for us to push on and be a regular threat to the 7 and even 6th, position.
  8. I guess a draw isn't too bad, but yes. We were barely trying. Hamza played well. I suspect he might overtake Ndidi next season. Riccy P, what a star. Harvey looked lively. And Youri played pretty poorly....guess that means other clubs can stop sniffing around him. Thanks to Simpson and, especially, Shinji! Onto next season.
  9. Simpson lucky not to give away a penalty. Yassssss Harvey
  10. Ugh. I'm sorry to be churlish, but is Brendan trying to win this? I would have brought Harvey on (Shinji is a smart sub for this kind of game I think) rather than Simpson. Hopefully I will eat my words but right now not super impressed.
  11. I hope Brendan gives them a bollocking at half time. Played at a low intensity. No one is playing well except Hamza, Riccy and Kasper. I'd bring Harvey for Albrighton to give us some more penetration on the flanks. We should be at least one down but we can get them in the second half if we lift our intensity.
  12. Poor old Danny Drinkwater. Can't even get into a squad at the garbage games at the end of the season. If we are up for it, we can beat these. Strong team. C'mon boys!
  13. Tanya


    So Youri gone and Oil City activating a ridiculously low release clause for Chilly? Good to know next year's top six dream is up in smoke before the end of the current campaign.
  14. This cannot be true. Also I am DONE with Man City picking off our best players like the vultures they are.
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