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  1. That was amazing and please I don't want to be a downer but... How are the injuries? Is Evans okay? What about Vards? Cracking win you guys, going to rewatch the game again.
  2. Horrible. Feel terrible for Wilf and worried about what this will do for our chances in Europe. What a sorry state of affairs. Still. Losing Wilf is a HUGE blow but at least Papy is a solid Prem player.
  3. Okay, he is also adorable. Great signing all round.
  4. We got a lot better in the latter part of the half. Timmy C looks great, such a willing runner and a dangerous crosser. Some really lovely interplay between our forwards, especially Barnes who has laid off some lovely passes. Should really be one nill up with the quality of our chances. Hopefully we won't leave our shooting boots in the sheds in the second half. Wilf is doing a good job in a position he really should not be playing. And I LOVE watching opposition players trying to hassle Mendy off the ball: it almost never works. He is SO good at keeping the ball under extreme stress, which must be very helpful to this novice centreback pairing. Downside: Praet is no Maddison. And Justin is getting massively found out. Bit worried that he could be a walking red card next half.
  5. I had high hopes for Justin but he us proper being shown up here.
  6. Tanya

    Dwight McNeil

    @StriderHiryu just wondering what McNeil offers us as opposed to Brooks?
  7. Tanya

    Dwight McNeil

    I was hoping for Brooks. What will this lad offer us? He's good with his feet, right? But not much of a goal scorer?
  8. Tarkowski is a good player... why would he want to go to a basketcase club like West Ham? Burnley will at least finish midtable this season;
  9. Burnley pricing him out of a move I see...
  10. What about Kelechi as the ten, with rotating with Maddison?
  11. Why are we signing a lad who mostly plays on the right?
  12. 70million? I like Ben, but that's an offer too good not to turn down.
  13. I'll miss you, Ben. I am very annoyed, I think he will develop into a top, top left back in a couple of years. I just hope we reinvest the money in THIS window. The end of the season demonstrated that our squad is paper thin.
  14. Do you think he would improve the starting eleven, @StriderHiryu? He sounds amazing but I am so worried about getting my hopes up....
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