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  1. I think he is a very handy holding midfielder. Excellent at keeping possession and a very solid passer (no he doesn't just pass backwards or two metres to the side). I think he could be an asset as a squad player but he could start for plenty of teams around Europe so he will probably go. I wish him well.
  2. I love Cags, but Evans has had the better season and would partner Van Dyke in my team of the year. N'didi unlucky to miss out too.
  3. Rumour on Twitter Bournemouth and Palace are interested in Gray this summer. 18 million asking price. Too good to be true, surely....
  4. Maybe I'm just salty but I love this line: "no one has really stank out the joint. Except maybe Demari Gray." Ouch. True. But ouch.
  5. I still rate Chillwell - I think we look a better team with him in it (albeit Justin looks like a real talent) but it would be mad to knock back $75 million. That's crazy money. I have just read elsewhere we will be holding out for a Macguire-esque fee. Which..I mean...if clubs are daft enough to pay it....
  6. The idea Leicester would have to enter a "playoff" for the Champions League and other big teams get straight into th comp due to last year's ranking makes me sick. That proposal was favourably put forward by a journalist on the Telegraph's podcast and it put me off my brekkie. Eventually the season can be finished - even if it means next season is a bit shorter. I don't mind something being a little unfair if we know the score beforehand. But being robbed of a Champions League spot for no fault of our own? No.
  7. The idea we could be stripped of our champions league place just to placate the richer clubs makes me feel sick. They have to play the games at some stage. Finish the season even if it means next season is truncated.
  8. I am not opposed to resting Maddison for Youri but who would take our corners and free kicks? Albrighton?
  9. I agree which is why I'd love to see Youri for the last 30 Minutes against a tiring defence. We are lucky to have both players to choose from.
  10. I agree @Mark. I know @StriderHiryu loves Praet and he is very good but Youri passing is just that little bit quicker. Praet slows it down ever so slightly. Again since it's Watford I'd probably play Praet but Youri deserves 30 minutes against a tiring defence - he has stardust that Praet, God love him, does not.
  11. Ndidi is key. I thought he looked rusty in the cup but that's gone now. Imperious in the middle, winning second balls AND pinging passes around? He is THE player we cannot afford to lose in the summer. Chuffed for Barnes. His endeavour is paying off. His first goal almost rebounded off Mings' legs but it didn't and he deserves his luck. Was an absolute menance all game. Let's hope Vardy starts another scoring run. He looks Hungry. Still a golden boot to play for. Evans was a rock again, Riccy accepted his more defensive role with aplomb and Justin looks a very tidy player. Although Villa were weak Justin would be unlucky to lose his place. I stand by my assertion Albrighton has been poor this season but he has roared back to life. He is always such a threat and helps us play fast football. Always thrilled to bits when he plays well - seems likely Gray, not Marc, will be the winger let go at the end of the season.. I'd start Praet against Watford because they are a combative team that plays on the counter but Youri offers a lot. He is not great defensively but he played a couple of astute passes - the ball he played helped create the fourth goal. His passes are so precise and swift they don't look tough but help kick everything into gear. I think he makes our attack even better. And I swear, Mendy is the best player in our squad at coming on and seeing a game out. I'd give him another contract if he was okay being a squad player. That felt good. Onwards!!
  12. After a very nervy start we settled into the game nicely. Thrilled Harvey got his goal. Such a pitcher's instinct. I think Justin has been excellent too. We are a much better team with Wilf in it. And I have been ultra critical of him this year but I'm always thrilled when Marc Albrighton proves me wrong: he is looking dangerous tonight. Looking forward to Youri and Vardy getting some gametime too. C'mon lads.
  13. We look so nervous and we are rushing pases- perhaps a reaction to how slow our play has been if late. Villa should have already scored. I miss Youri. C'mon Foxes
  14. If we don't pick up points in this run of games we do t deserve,nor will get, top four. Hopefully the results yesterday will sharpen the minds. Now or never time.
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