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  1. Bournemouth (H) Match Day Thread

    Poor from Slimani.
  2. Bournemouth (H) Match Day Thread

    Vardy is having a blinder in the second half
  3. Bournemouth (H) Match Day Thread

    #sigh# Abysmal
  4. Man City (A) Match Thread

    Benny! hahaha
  5. Man City (A) Match Thread

    We are all over them. I desperately want us to draw this but what a fabulous turnaround from when I was expecting a 4-0 drubbing. These Man City lot are all fluff and no substance.
  6. I think Slim looked good today. Would seriously think of him getting some serious game time this week
  7. We're proud of you

    Some poor finishing aside that was a marvelous performance. Very proud of the boys. Gave a wonderful account of themselves. Another European goal for Jamie too!
  8. what the F##K Marc!
  9. I meant to type Man of the Match (MOTM)...but that spells out Man of the Half, which actually works out as well
  10. We need halftime. Very poor so far (Huth excluded. He's the MOTM right now).
  11. Everton

    Everton are still a good side. If we play the reserves I think they'll win. I'd take a narrow loss if it means we will be in good shape for Athletico.
  12. I thought the slap stuff was overblown by the media but reports like this are serious and very, very sad. I hope for his family's sake (especially for his two little kids) this isn't true. Not to be a killjoy but joking about someone beating their wife is in pretty gross taste.
  13. Nothing to o with us. Totally unfair to blame us. If he is charged my instinct is to put him into the reserves until he is cleared. If he's convicted of course I never want to see him in the shirt again. Feel terrible for his kids, regardless of what happens from here out.
  14. He has the right to a presumption of innocence. I hope for him, his wife and their children this isn't what it looks like but we shall see. Up to the police now. Rest of the club doesn't need to deal with this rubbish though. If this looks legit I don't want him playing against Everton.
  15. Musa - Opinions so far

    I think he's trying but his confidence is shot. When he lost the ball for the umpteenth time he hung his head. Completely demoralised. As of right now, he looks like an expensive dud.