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  1. COVID, the disease that has killed millions and saddled even more with long-term side effects... is "bullshit". You can disagree with the government's response but the disease isn't make believe
  2. Maybe not three months but yes they should be fined and named publically for what they have done. And if true, Morgan might need to be stripped of the captaincy. Should definitely be considered
  3. We are a disgrace. This game was made for Maddison but his selfishness could cost the club the giant windfall and the prestige of champions league football. What a disgrace this.
  4. I do not think we will due to injuries. We just don't have the depth of squad yet. That said, if we just miss out, I'll still be incredibly proud of the boys. If we can avoid injuries we should be aiming for Europe again. Our full strength side can match almost every other team in the division.
  5. I have never been more relieved to be overdramatic IN MY LIFE. Also, real talk, the Vardys sound like they love each other very much. Very happy for them both. xx
  6. I was so optimistic about the season...and now....
  7. Ndidi is my man of the match. What a player. We're a different team with him in our midfield. Vardy didn't actually play well but his pace and his intelligent runs means even on an off day, he is still dangerous. And Harvey...oh Harvey. Thrilled to bits with him. Second!!!!
  8. We look absolutely open at the back, Amartey and Riccy all at sea. I can't blame either of them, though - just goes to show you how bad our injury crisis it, too.
  9. I am probably being emotional and overwrought, but it's hard to see us getting top four. The injuries have been insane. I am so angry and gutted for JJ. And on a purely selfish level, not getting to see this up and coming star play for maybe NINE MONTHS is terrible. I'll miss you. Gutted.
  10. Chilwell is not getting back into this side.
  11. Not looking forward to people linking Rodgers to the Chelsea job now...
  12. Mendy is a cracking player but we look so much better with Wilf in the middle of the park.
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