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  1. That's my judgement too. I think we look better with Youri in, even though you could argue Praet is a more consistent performer. With European football he will play a lot more next season.
  2. Even if we are moving on as a club he will always be a legend in my eyes.
  3. In fairness to Gray he did have a good match against West Ham when we played our second string lineup. But with his contract running out the club has a decision to make this summer. I'd be telling him he can find a new club since I'm sure our recruitment team have identified some wide men to bring in. He hasn't flourished much under Rodgers which is a real worry. Genuine question - what do you guys think his level is? Lower Prem or decent championship side?
  4. Enough is enough. I can think of one moment of genuine quality this season - that interplay with Vards that ended up in a goal at Palace. Whenever he starts he whittles away the opportunity. Most players have thrived under Rodgers - telling Gray hasn't. His contract is up in a year. We should sell in the summer to reap some sort of profit.
  5. Nacho was brilliant, while Praet was pretty good. Back four solid, Fuchs in particular did a job for us. Such a canny operator. Hamza was good in the first bit sloppy in the second. Ward's reaction save was top draw. Perez was poor - he needs good players around him to flourish. I hate to say it but Marc is done. He has looked poor the last few games. Gray is his usual boring self. All fizz no substance. We should be looking for two wingers and shipping those two out in the summer. Dire performance but we are through which is all that matters.
  6. Absolutely. No use offering him an extension. At least we bought him cheap - surely we can at least get a small profit off him
  7. How long does Gray have on his contract? Can't see us renewing it. It's either him or Marc who are at real risk of being sold this summer in order to get a new winger in to supplement our starters.
  8. Lucky. We need a change. Barnes on perhaps? Maybe even Madders or Youri?
  9. Praet, Nacho and Hamza have been brilliant. I like what Justin has been doing too. I'd like to see more slide passes through to Nacho - that looks like a very good way for us to score. Albrighton tries so hard and forces mistakes from defenders but he is struggling with his final delivery/end product. Gray is....boring. As usual. Great chance to progress. Come on lads.
  10. Nacho is killing it today. So pleased for him
  11. Gray. #sigh# Give it to Praet. He looks up for it.
  12. What a ball from Praet! And a good cross from Justin too, and a smart finish. Come on lads
  13. Absolutely! But it would be good to play their full strength team next season in the Prem. Especially if that means Forest misses out.
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