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  1. Praet looks like he will fit in nicely Guys we looked so great. Fast, crisp passing, winning the ball back and then moving it on. So happy that Wilf got his redemption. Maddison was both sublime and a little ridiculous with that miss. Youri had an off game, think he;ll benefit from Brendan telling him to move the ball quicker on the fast break.
  2. Praet looks like he'll fit in nicely. My oh my. We were the much better side in the second half. Very proud of the lads Maddison was both sublime and ridiculous this match
  3. Oh wilfred. I want to cry with relief. With joy. You're a great lad. Brilliant.
  4. I wish James would try and slot Jamie through
  5. Personally I'd go N'didi looks very rattled, poor guy. At least Hamza is confident to make a progressive pass
  6. Okay so The Bad Maddison on the wing negates his biggest threat Wilf looks like a frightened baby wilderbeast We look a bit congested and are struggling to get the ball through to Vardy, possibly because we have no width Tielemans getting marked out of the game for the second match in a row Fuchs is too slow to play at this level. You can see him WINCE when Pedro, etc, race past him. Time is a cruel mistress. Always a legend in my heart though. FUUUUUCHS The Good We settled into the half and looked a bit better later on Perez is lightweight but has won the ball back in some key positions. I like that. Soy Boy looks BRILLIANT. Riccy P was picked up on the mic asking a Chelsea player if he was alright after the pair ran into each other like the good, sweet boi he is.
  7. I think the reason no club playing European football has come in for Wilf is his atrocious passing. He's an amazing tackler and makes up so much ground with his pace and is exceptional in many ways but he is a frightened lamb with the ball at his feet. I wonder if the club is looking to replace him at some point, because we could really go to the next level if our DCM was somewhat comfortable with the ball.
  8. Can't string a pass together at all.
  9. That's a decent consolation. They will probably win. Let's hope it's a decent performance.
  10. I feel for the poor guy. I hope he's not too nervous to make hard decisions. Might be marginally more gentle on him than I usually am on refs.
  11. Everything about this statement is correct. Very worried.
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