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  1. Merson is a narrow minded elitist twit. By his convoluted logic, no team can ever break into the established order, despite Spurs and Chelsea and Man City and us doing so to a greater or lesser extent over the last two decades. Why would Rodgers leave this exciting prospect to manage at Arsenal, which is such a poorly run club? And honestly, what does Merson mean BY BIG CLUB? League titles? Prem titles? Money? Fan base? Cause there isn't a standard definition and he seems to change the rules just to suit bigging up Arsenal over Leicester. He also said the only reason LCFC is successful is Rodgers like our owners and recruitment team didn't play a massive part or anything. I know I shouldn't care but that doozy hyprocit really annoys me.
  2. Gray is the most frustrating member of the squad and I have next to no patience left but boy, I am ready to eat some humble pie. I think underneath all the frustration, if the lad delivers on his promise we would all be happy
  3. I think Perez softens them up. Could have had an assist this game. I'd play him and see if Gray continues his stellar work running at tiring defences for half an hour
  4. I'm boring so a draw for me too. Maybe a 1-1.
  5. Big call subbing Perez. Thought he's been terrific helping Riccy with Zaha
  6. Tough game this. Palace are dragging us down to their tetchy, twitchy and turgid level. They are looking to nick this one nil. And they absolutely can if we don't sharpen our passes up. We are getting in good positions but sometimes players, especially Maddison, are dawdling on the ball, always looking for an extra pass. Sometimes it's better to attack from the off. Perez looks brilliant btw. Chuffed his confidence is up.
  7. I work in the media in Australia and yes, we change copy from our journalists to ensure our domestic readers understand the article. It's also so our copy is consistent and it greatly helps when training new writers to have a house style. I'm not going to engage with you anymore on this particular point because I fear we will talk across each other. There is a game today anyhow! C'mon Leicester.
  8. His editor would have changed his copy to adhere to the publication's style guide. Nothing more, nothing less. I really like Rory Smith. I though that was a lovely, warm article and I especially liked the anecdote about the silver fox
  9. Ughhhhhhhhh. The perils of sitting way way way too deep
  10. Mane is a wonderful footballer. I just wish he didn't flagrantly cheat. If the refs actually booked him more often maybe he would focus on staying upright and finishing chances like the clinical player that he is.
  11. I know Liverpool and Manchester City will probably win but man....what a weekend it could be if they didn't!
  12. Arsenal are really awful. Go get 'em
  13. I'd keep the same team tbh. Palace is a tough team but we have the attacking firepower to overwhelm them. Let's stick to our guns and play our way. We can always change shape etc if things are not going to plan in the second half
  14. I think we would need to play a full strength side but if we do we have a good chance of progressing. Hopefully they are struggling in the League and are not fully engaged in the tie.
  15. To me this feels like they sacked the most expendiable player but let the other two, who were even more culpable, off. Fair play to sack Keogh but surely the other two should have been sacked too? Derby come out of this looking terrible.
  16. Arsenal are so soft. It's unreal. Ugh. I wanted them to win but they always disappoint.
  17. That was incredibly nervy. We let Burton back in but fair play to them: they played some good football. If it wasn't for Ward we could have lost that one. None of the back four covered themselves in glory against a tough and determined opponent. I was particularly disappointed with JJ. Although again Burton were excellent. Thought Youri was a class above tonight. I feel privileged to watch him in blue. Chuffed for Kelechi. Thought he did okay and it was a composed finish for the first goal. Barnes was horrifically unlucky. Thought he looked onside for the disallowed goal. He is looking excellent and I believe in time the goals will come. The backup wingers didn't do themselves any favours. Demari did some lovely work in close and it's terrific to see him adding assists to his game but he squanders so many goal scoring chances. It does my head in. Marc, though, had a risible night. Looked like a League One player at times! He has looked good in the League so far so hopefully this was just an off night. A top notch winger should be top of next season's recruitment list. Very scrappy performance but a win is all that matters. Onwards and upwards!
  18. Mendy is done as a player with us. His contract is up in the summer and it makes no sense to play him when Hamza needs game time. I'd steer clear of Amartey too: Praet will be involved in the League so he needs minutes. I'm almost certain Praet will play, possibly instead of Youri.
  19. I much prefer men's football but the women's world cup was a lot of fun and anything that encourages young girls to love this game is a good thing. At the moment only a few teams play with real skill and pace but hopefully when the game grows this will change. So, yeah, don't like the game, that's fine but to belittle it is just...ew. On topic, if I were a Saints fan I would be more offended if I thought LCFC took their foot off the gas. This celebration argument when discussing two fully professional teams in the same division is very daft.
  20. Ten games in, who do you think is in line for the drop this season? I think Southampton, Newcastle and Norwich (sadly) will be relegated. Watford will wiggle their way clear in the new year. Aston Villa and Sheffield look solid enough to stay up, in fact I think the Blades will be solidly midtable. I really like Norwich but no one will stay up with that defence Southampton we have relegated them already!
  21. I almost want to cry with joy. Nights like this should be cherished
  22. Hahaha. More than pleased to do Watford that favour! Come on you Foxes!
  23. He can get knocked off the ball too easily but he has shown some good footwork in tight spaces this match. But the main reason he was brought in is his goal scoring record. And I am thrilled he has delivered so far tonight.
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