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  1. helping teenage son

    I'd be more worried if he was going out every night getting drunk Abusing the missus, causing arguments in the house, being brought home by the law and you were getting dragged up to the school every other week because he hadn't turned up or was causing problems with the teachers. He'll find his way in life, we all do. Some will find it easy, some a little more difficult but we get there in the end. It just takes some longer to get there............... that's all
  2. 2000-2009

    Dug out the album again after hearing Boom on an advert........ It deserves a place on here. Enjoy Ps: At full volume people.......... Loud that is
  3. is reaching 4th/5th possible ?

    Let's just see of we can sustain the incredible position we got ourselves in now Top of the rest, if we can push for top six it is a fvcking big ask, however I agree HighPeakFox "I just think that, realistically, we're doing just fine right now."
  4. Ulloa

    Now Now people........... for my two pennorth worth He did us proud when he was called upon We have moved on and I will wish him well when he goes..... The guys was looking after himself and his family when he asked for the transfer And in the same position who amongst us hasn't been frustrated with our boss or bosses Best of luck buddy where ever you end up and Thank You just for these special moments alone
  5. Slimani to Chelsea

    Well it must be true then
  6. What are your views on abortion?

    Pro choice...........Sorry
  7. Favourite Pre/Post match pub.

    The Croft, Cardiff
  8. !! shock first offers in, sends all reeling

    Well it brought a smile to my face Just thinking of how many he had before he wrote it. Which reminded me of this, mainly the last choruses Ps: Enjoy
  9. Relegation "Favourites"

    Do you know ? I really don't give a a damn as long as it's not us. However Huddersfield Stoke Swansea With Newcastle just scraping past the post
  10. 70s Classics

    If it's not on here it should be, if it is then sorry
  11. Rodney Fern

    Gutted when I heard the news of both Gordon Wills and one of my all time favourites Rodney Fern It's shit being mortal............ Thanks for the memories Rodney RIP: Buddy
  12. 80s Classics

    Jethro Tull do Dire Straits ................. Still a classic though Ps: I mean it sounds like them, not that it's written by DS
  13. Dolores O'Riordan

    Classic of it's time.............. RIP Lovely Girl
  14. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    No Divorce ................. Holiday in Mexico. It's cheaper
  15. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Good point but I wasn't thinking that when they were 4-1 up And I also wasn't thinking that after my speech about unbeaten, superb team, best in the league etc and Liverpool were weak at the back. She just said "Liverpool will win" to which I just tutted