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  1. Happy St George's Day

    As a Welshman........... Happy St Georges Day. Just stay away from our Dragon
  2. Your Glastonbury

    Friday - Original Deep Purple Saturday - Original Black Sabbath Sunday - Pink Floyd Also rans, Radiohead, Killing Joke, Original Cure and loads more which is why I think the Download suggestion by TiffToff88 was a good shout
  3. What gigs are you going?

    The Psychedelic Furs - June - Cardiff Garbage - Sept - London Gary Numan - Nov - Cardiff Killing Joke - Nov - Bristol For starters
  4. The Nineties

    Just love them
  5. 70s Classics

  6. 70s Classics

    Great track before Johnson went on to join some Little Aussie Band who's name for the life of me I can't remember
  7. Man City.................. Cos according to all the pundits on the box they'll win everything for next 10 years Germans or France might give them a game though
  8. Jack Grealish

    Yea, but I'm not a highly paid professional footballer........... hence the second bit however if he's been getting his head down and doing all the right things. Why not ?
  9. Who should we sign (asset strip) from relegated clubs

    Hegazi and Dawson Hopefully Evans will go to Man Utd and Harry will stay hidden Joe Allen just because if Wilf can't play we have another guy who'll run after everything Ben Foster.................. Still a great keeper at 35 Not sure about Southampton players as they don't seem to want to play for anyone, let alone Puel. Although in fairness Redman and Bertrand stood out Sunday. However I expect there will be other clubs looking for cheap-ish pickings
  10. Jack Grealish

    Yep, he'll fit in well ................. however if he's been getting his head down and doing all the right things. Why not ?
  11. Puel In or Out - A simple Poll

    Ask Southampton Fans I'd say. Then I'd point out he inherited most of what he's played with this season So he deserves at least one decent transfer window
  12. I had it down as Mental and Emotional Help.............. Thank you
  13. What does "meh" mean ? Sorry, but I'm out of touch with acronyms
  14. Like the line up............... can't wait for the FT meltdown at 5 Touche