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  1. Chico1958

    Newport away match thread

    It's bad yes. It's really bad for me.... I live in South Wales. And my mates are going to love this 😭
  2. Chico1958

    What are you listening to?

    Found this and went out and bought the album.................. Then got The Devil......might not be to every-ones taste but I like it
  3. Chico1958

    Man City H Post Thread 2-1

    Two games two wins and I'm a happy bunny. I can't believe only last week we were debating sacking Puel. True to say it will come, however for now I'm grateful we have him. Now lets get drunk.......
  4. Chico1958

    Man City H Match Thread

    Sack Puel now
  5. Be careful what you ask for.
  6. Chico1958

    Killing Joke Tickets Bristol Tonight

    Yep. Still doing his bit. Like I said, great gig and the crowd were amazing. Just a pity I couldn't get to London to see them in The Roundhouse. Just love them Take care buddy
  7. Chico1958

    Killing Joke Tickets Bristol Tonight

    Been seeing them nearly every year since Hammersmith 2010. I have to say it was one of the best gigs they've done. Jaz was in fine form as normal as were all of them. The sound was amazing as were the crowd. Didn't get to sell or give away the tickets which is a pity, also saw Gary Numan in Cardiff Monday who was also on top form. Great weekend all in all. Take care buddy
  8. Anyone up for Killing Joke in Bristol tonight Two spare tickets going at face value of course. PM if interested
  9. Chico1958

    What gigs are you going?

    Killing Joke tonight. I have two spare tickets if anyones in area. Face value
  10. Chico1958

    Killing Joke Tickets Bristol Tonight

    OK point taken but I was in a rush 🏃‍♂️
  11. I know it's late in the day. I've got two spare tickets for Killing Joke tonight in Bristol. Price face value.... any takers
  12. Chico1958

    Cardiff Away post match 1-0

    As I was sitting opposite the away fans end. I have to say you were all fantastic even my friends around me said what brilliant supporters. Great result under difficult circumstances and great support for the man who made the impossible, possible. ✌ Well Done All.
  13. Chico1958

    Bohemian Rhapsody the movie.

    I'll wait for the dvd or sky..... thanks
  14. Chico1958

    Helicopter crash

    I haven't posted for a while due to my own problems but this makes them pale into insignificants. Stay strong people and take care Chico
  15. Len Glover Peter Shilton Kieth Weller Frank Worthington Kante Papa Mendy ( This season so far ) Wilf F this there's to many over the years, my 50th Anniversary next May. 50 years of pain, enjoyment, fun and of course 2016. I wouldn't change a day.