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  1. FA Cup 2017-18

    Chelsea when Hazard leaves. Arsenal are probably still interested. Mahrez is a top player. He will be in demand.
  2. Charity Shop Finds

    Why are you throwing out the classics?
  3. Salisbury, Skripal, Poison and Russia.

    I thought this was a well written opinion piece. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/mar/16/putin-lies-action-moscow-salisbury-attack
  4. Salisbury, Skripal, Poison and Russia.

    An interesting take in your second paragraph. I don't have a problem with a multi-polar world, providing both poled have the same belief in freedom and human rights. It's impossible to test your theory that had the US and Nato been so dominant, whether they would have been less benign, as there's nothing to compare over an extended period of time. The closest we can see is the 1990s after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when American power was unrivalled. At that time, they were fairly benign with an active role in peace talks and attempts to broker peace in the Middle East and the talks with North Korea. Admittedly, this is a short window of time in the grand scheme of things so can't be relied upon for certainty, but it does provide a bit of optimism as to whether utter dominance leads to aggressive policies. But I'm getting woefully off topic so I'll take on board our discussions and steer it back round to topic. Putin bad. We're super awesome.
  5. Salisbury, Skripal, Poison and Russia.

    That's a fair point and I guess different people need different points around which to calibrate. For me, I'm quite confident that the internal checks and balances we have as a country allow the moral introspection to occur. We don't have censorship like they do in places like Russia or China, so the discussions occur. But I don't trust Corbyn to have the same checks and balances, which is why he should be one voice in a discussion, rather than the official opposition with a chance to lead the country. There are plenty of people on both sides of politics who support Western values and try to keep the country on track not allowing one side to pull too far in any one direction. With regards your second point, I don't consider any nation not to take a side. Unwittingly or not, they enjoy enhanced benefits through the benign nature of the Western nations. For example, very few nations in Europe have a large military or nuclear weapons. This is because they rely on and get a free benefit from the United States. If you are Switzerland, you know that your security and prosperity is protected by Western Europe/America. Switzerland can then afford to step off the world of real politik and not engage.
  6. Salisbury, Skripal, Poison and Russia.

    I would compare Corbyn's responses to Trump's domestic policy statements and Putin's to suggest not. All situations with nothing to do with the UK. Different responses from Corbyn.
  7. Salisbury, Skripal, Poison and Russia.

    The answer I would give to that is that I do consider us one of the better countries, despite having an alliance with Saudi Arabia. I'm proud of our country and our Western values. It's no surprise that when people need to escape persecution, they look to Britain, Europe, America for asylum. We should be proud of that, especially in comparison to other countries, and prepared to stand up and shatter the moral relativism that exists trying to equate us with some hideous regimes. I appreciate this is not always easy, when we have to make some nasty alliances, and there are alliances I wouldn't have made (which other former PMs have) but I don't think this discredits us or makes us a pariah nation. The flipside of this is that it requires all of us to be vigilant to ensure that our country retains its values and this is where I have a respect for those on both sides of the political divide who do this. However, I really don't have any respect when it comes to Corbyn as he seems too grounded in his belief that everything is always the West's fault when it comes to foreign policy.
  8. Salisbury, Skripal, Poison and Russia.

    In which case, why is Corbyn not more critical of Russia, Hezbollah, etc? I'll reply as someone who is ok with the situation you describe. It is not that I am delighted with Saudi Arabia's human rights record (far from it), or Trump as president, but I am prepared to maintain our relationships as it defends our country's interests and more importantly, our security. Cosying up with anti Western elements does not do this.
  9. Salisbury, Skripal, Poison and Russia.

    I think the issue is that his criticism of Russia and Putin is always very soft in comparison to his criticism of other countries and our allies. It is not a new accusation, that he is a sympathiser of anti-Western groups and organisations, but it is something that is a concern.
  10. Salisbury, Skripal, Poison and Russia.

    I read Corbyn's article in the Guardian and wasn't impressed at all. I'm grateful he's not PM. It once again shows his muddled thinking on foreign policy but at least he's trying to take a different tone as it becomes clear that, with our allies backing us, his original approach looked daft. Although he writes his article in a qualified tone, there are many glaring problems. Corbyn states "This government’s diplomacy is failing the country. Unqualified support for Donald Trump and rolling out the red carpet for a Saudi despot not only betrays our values, it makes us less safe." These are precisely the two countries that can apply pressure to Russia. We, by ourselves, have no leverage at all over Putin. Having the US backing up our sanctions and actions will make Putin more likely to take note. Likewise, the Saudis have the ability to turn on the oil taps and over time, reduce oil prices through OPEC. This is a massive leverage against Putin as it will hit Russian finances in the pockets when they try to fund their state spending. So, in contrast to Corbyn's natural instincts, we should be offering our friendship to our American and Saudi allies. It's the only way to unite our allies, which is exactly what Corbyn talks about later in his article. Corbyn also says "And our capacity to deal with outrages from Russia is compromised by the tidal wave of ill-gotten cash that Russian oligarchs – both allied with and opposed to the Russian government – have laundered through London over the past two decades." I'm not sure why we are compromised by this in relation to the attempted murder with a nerve agent. The two are separate, so why does Corbyn try to link the two? That is deliberate obfuscation, diversion and muddying of the waters. Interestingly, Corbyn says that Labour is of course no supporter of Putin, which is the most I think I've ever heard of him directly criticising Putin's government, but it's hardly criticism is it and doesn't do anything to dispel the idea that he is an apologist for Russian actions. (No, I'm not suggesting he should be as stupid as Gavin Williamson yesterday with "go away and shut up" line, which was wildly inappropriate and just plain useless) All in all, reading Corbyn's article, I'm glad he's not in charge of the country. Yes, Corbyn speaks of remaining measured, which is exactly what the government have done. Other than the defence secretary making himself look a right prat yesterday, the government have done everything correctly. The investigation is ongoing, our allies are backing us and we have engaged as we should under the chemical weapons treaties we have signed. Corbyn is very much behind the curve on this one and you can only imagine what the response would have been had Corbyn been PM.
  11. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    He could have got all that with us, if he'd stayed.😃 I think Chelsea will prevent him from moving to a bigger club. It's very rare they ever a sell a player in his peak to a bigger club.
  12. Vardy

    Sounds like we should be offering him a job in the Sports Science department.
  13. Zaha is a good player but I'd rather we signed Kenedy or Adama Traore.
  14. Summer 2018 Transfer Kitty

    Our main focus should be how to replace Mahrez (as I think we all expect him to leave in the Summer if the right bid comes in). Obviously, we won't be able to replace him with a similar world class player as any player of that calibre won't come to us, so the chances are we will be a weaker team next season without him. The scouts must be working overtime right now trying to identify appropriate replacements. I'd like to see us all over Kenedy if Newcastle are trying to sign him. Possibly Adama Traore too, who's started to put in some good consistent performances under Pulis at Middlesbrough. Now he's acclimatised to the physical nature and quickness of English football.