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  1. President Trump & the USA

    It's a tough one for the PM. How do you maintain a strong and warm relationship with our closest ally when the president is a nutjob? Play it wrong and it could damage our relationship stretching after this president.
  2. President Trump & the USA

    It would be nice if he is impeached.
  3. President Trump & the USA

    Trump is a disgrace. That tweet is another example of this and has showed his continued inability to live up to the position of President of the United States. It's difficult because as a country, America is our closest ally. Thankfully, it is a strong democracy so Trump will come and go. I can't see him being a two term president.
  4. President Trump & the USA

    I'm not sure there is the desire or will to confront NK if they sell technology. Supposing NK conduct a technology transfer to Iran or sell some intercontinental weapons, I honestly don't believe their would be a response. Let's be honest, if the genocide and chemical weapons use seen in Syria over the last few years can't mobilise a global response, the proliferation of weapons by NK isn't going to.
  5. President Trump & the USA

    I'm not sure that's true. They have technological know-how that and weapons that could be proliferated should they need money. There are a number of countries and rogue elements that would be more than happy to evade the sanctions to acquire some of NK's technology. For example, it's known that NK and Iran have a close relationship and NK has sold arms to Iran before. I should say that I'm not advocating attacking North Korea as they'll flatten Seoul and cause a bloodbath, but I'm not sure I agree with the sentiment that North Korea are a harmless country to anyone bar their own citizens.
  6. Drinkwater

    Drinkwater is a good player. There's no revisionism needed. He was excellent for us in the title winning season and last season until he got injured. But this is Chelsea, so of course he's had his head turned. He wants to play European football on a regular basis, so he wants to go. You can't argue with that. He is good enough to do that. So it comes down to a question of price. As long as the price is fair and Chelsea match it, then he goes. It's a shame we couldn't have done a deal for 25m + adds on + Lewis Baker on loan for 2 years.
  7. Plans being drawn up for Leicester Eastern bypass

    I think this is a good idea. The roads in Leicester are a nightmare, especially getting to and from the motorway. I accept that it's always a shame when countryside gets built on but the bypass looks to be over a large area, allowing for house building that could be done in a manner that is not so dense and can be spread around (that's my hope anyway, rather than the build as many houses onto a field as possible approach we seem to always see).
  8. President Trump & the USA

    Trump's new comments have really hit a low. There is no moral equivalence where facism is concerned, especially when one of them gets in his car and decides to commit murder in a democracy.
  9. I think Mahrez was dropped in it by the manager. We were under the cosh for the last 20 mins, trying to defend a lead whilst Wenger threw on every attacker he had. It was not a game for Mahrez as it's not in his skill set to battle and defend leads. So he looked useless in those last 20 mins as he couldn't offer anything. He should have been subbed off at that point for Chilwell or Amartey to provide some solidity to the flank. I'm sure Claudio used to sub Mahrez off a fair bit in our title winning season when defending leads.
  10. Claudio receives his message book

    That is superb. Fair play to you.
  11. Drinkwater

    Absolutely, Okazaki doesn't have the skills to play the role.
  12. President Trump & the USA

    Have I read that right? Do you really believe that any of the right of centre posters on this forum would not be calling this guy a murderer and be equally disgusted? As it is, this guy was a neo-nazi supremacist, an extreme racist piece of sh*t, which is something pretty much everyone, can unite around to condemn. It's offensive to suggest that anyone centre right would come up with even a half argument to explain or condone this murderer's actions. Punish him to the full force of the law. In fact, to compare the centre right or anyone slightly centre right to the breitbart alt right lunatics is the equivalent of saying every centre left is a Leninist card carrying Commie. And Trump's comments were poor. I hate these mealy mouthed apologist statements with attempts at equalizing or sharing blame, with talk of violence on all sides. It's an attempt to pass blame, avoid condemnation and sound intellectual. Ironically the master of this is Jeremy Cornyn but that's a discussion for another day.
  13. Arsenal post match 4-3

    No-one is disputing we didn't put in a good performance but the game management was wrong on the night, including the substitutions. Shakespeare got them wrong. That's not to call for his head but is just frustrating. Could you ever imagine Mourinho making the subs that Shakespeare made? No. He would have taken Mahrez off to offer protection to the defence. He would not have brought on Iheanacho for a midfielder. I appreciate that Iborra and Drinkwater were injured and might have swayed decisions but still. It's just a very frustrating night because you should win when you score three goals away from home.
  14. Arsenal post match 4-3

    We need to work on defending set pieces? I'm not sure how many times we need to concede from them before we do something about it.
  15. Arsenal post match 4-3

    Gutted and bewildered at Shakespeare's decision making. We'd done the hard part. 3-2 up. Then those substitutions and change of shape. There was no hindsight needed, it was clear they were mistakes. Gutted because I can't stand Arsenal.