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  1. But here's the difference. If Man U have a bad season, they can drop 150m in the transfer market, year after year until they get it right. Their ceiling is far higher than ours.
  2. I really don't get some of the hate. We knew last summer that big clubs wanted Maguire and that he would like to play for a big club. So we signed two young defenders and got him to commit to giving us an extra year. We've now got a world record fee for a defender and Maguire gets to play for one of the biggest clubs in the world. It might not work out for him, but he'd be daft not to take the opportunity to play for one of the biggest clubs in the world. As sad as it is, Man Utd are a juggernaut of a club compared to us. I get that we're only a few places below Man Utd in the league and are looking up at a top six spot, but that is the only bit where we're close to Utd in terms of club size. So fair play to Harry and thanks for giving good service to the club whenever you've played. It was a joy to cheer a Leicester player on for England at a world cup all the way to a semi final. Obviously I hope we finish above Utd, so hope they struggle but other than that, I wish him success. One good thing is it's a good advert for promising youngsters to choose us over a big club's bench. First team football, chance to challenge for Europe, play for your national side and know you won't be denied a move to a big club. It's the natural progression for a club like us and will no doubt see Chilwell and Maddison move next Summer.
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