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  1. Quite enjoying this interview. Actually feels genuine. I wish he asks klopp why he started Milner, when he has a 25 man squad.
  2. 'Lovely finished, bubbling it in to the ground'.... Absolutely flukey finish!
  3. That is astonishing. 60,000 people spending and average of £97 each per match.....
  4. When Liverpool lost 7-2 to villa, I wonder how the fans reacted? That was a much worse result than ours tonight, right? It happens...
  5. I think it was just one of them where they were just off it. If they win the next three, they will be really well set. Obviously if they only take 4 points, then it could go a bit wrong. But, key players coming back will give us a good lift.
  6. I didn't think he was even that bad....
  7. No... We will be fine. Our next three league games are really winnable. So let's see how they go.
  8. He shouldn't be playing against the better teams. No way.
  9. Var needs to stay. Now when a penalty isn't given against man u, they can't say 'Well, his line of vision', or 'it's a split second thing'. Three sets of eyes reviewed it in slow motion from the perfect angle and cheat. And everyone is clear what happened. No excuses. Hopefully, eventually, the cheating will have to change.
  10. If you can't hate Man U more, you really aren't trying hard enough! 😃
  11. it did turn out alright, true.... I personally though we had no chance of signing him! Option to buy is a different ball game.
  12. A loan with an option to buy is completely different. People should really watch people play a bit before commenting! 😃
  13. Justin, Fofana, Söyüncü as a back three.... Fastest defence in history? Not sure we would ever concede again! 😝
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