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  1. FFP wasn't bought in to stop big clubs. It was bought in to stop small clubs getting very rich owners and threatening big clubs.
  2. We have one of the best goalkeepers in the league; probably the second best pair of full backs; one of the three best defensive midfielders; one of the most creative midfielders and one of the best strikers.... Also one of the best managers. It's crazy that we have this quality of player and coach, but we do. Top 4 is right this season... And it will be a brilliant achievement.
  3. Almost like they were trying to talk his price down. I don't think pundits should be part of tapping up....
  4. I've always said, when away from home, try to get to the first drinks break without conceding!
  5. Barnes 5-1 with skybet James Justin 20-1
  6. Attendance down by only 10,000.....
  7. When you come here for the silliness but get syllogism!
  8. I am pretty sure he assisted collymore's first and third in that game.
  9. I bet he had at least three assists just for Tony cottee... At least three for claridge....
  10. I watched him assist enough goals to know he should be on that list.
  11. That can't be right....
  12. How is heskey not on that list?
  13. I expected like you, so I am hoping they just use the booking history to just refund all tickets you have purchased, but couldn't use...
  14. That wasn't very clear to me, either. I am assuming that you are making one claim for all match tickets purchase to be refunded, rather than for the different matches. Fingers crossed!
  15. I am happy to set up a bank account where everyone can deposit their refunds and then I can pay it towards your season ticket next year? Just let me know!😜
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