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  1. To be fair, you can't say he isn't trying.
  2. I remember when the longer Dean Ashton was injured the better he became. He was eventually regarded as the missing piece in the England jigsaw puzzle!
  3. We have our moments but man u is toxic....
  4. But as a player, you can see a world cup winner play there, have a pretty good season, but get absolutely abused by the fans....
  5. FOXSE

    James Maddison

    That was the case. But at the minute, it's very toxic at man u and won't be better next year. Most of their players look like they would rather be anywhere else...
  6. I disagree. Probably first choice left back for England, still young and on a long contract. He will be worth more after next season. Only reason to cash in would be if his value might go down.
  7. That is nowhere near enough!
  8. I read that luke Shaw was united player of the season in the Mercury, and had to check! Amazing. When our left back is better than the man united left back who is also their player of the season. Unreal.
  9. Nathan Redmond is still relatively young at 25 and would fit in well as part of a front three....
  10. FOXSE


    But you would also want to be happy in your work, right? The pictures of pogba being abused by fans (a seasoned pro ,world cup winner and I think their top scorer this season) should send fear down any potential man u players spine.
  11. I understand what you are saying. My point is that we have to try and sign a couple of high calibre players if we want to move up the table. If we don't, we won't progress. This is the best opportunity for a while for teams to break in to the top 4-6.
  12. We need to compliment the players we have. I think we can finish in the top 6 next season. Or are you one of those that think we are only Leicester we should be happy with a top ten finish? We earn the right to sign top 6 type players by them seeing we have players of the calibre of Maguire, Ricardo, chilwell, maddison and Vardy and that we are managed by Rodgers. That will help.
  13. Not being funny, but the bottom 70% of the Premier League is the bottom 14 teams. If we want to finish in the top 6, we need top 6 players....
  14. Interesting. Season ticket holders will be able to sell back seats for games they can't make....
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