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  1. Yes. Anything is possible. If you drop an ashtray there is a statistical chance it will go up, not down... But it's very unlikely. Liverpool have been amazing and are worthy champions.
  2. There is a stong argument that as Liverpool are 25 points clear, it's inevitable they would have won the league. But teams are out side the relegation zone on goal difference, so less clear what would have happened.
  3. 6 of our starting 11 were 23 years old or younger. This team could be amazing over the next 3 or 4 years....
  4. Sheffield United have a very tricky April....
  5. Sure... Heskey didn't have a brain. Ask any striker who played along side him.
  6. Should be fresh 😄
  7. True. I was drawing a distinction between the job of a footballer (to win football matches) and the job of a referee, which is to impartially administer the laws of the game.
  8. True, but a professional footballers job is to win football matches, not be impartial. If the ref doesn't like things said Toni him, book them and include it in match report.
  9. As a professional in your job, are you supposed to be impartial?
  10. Because they are supposed to be professional referees.
  11. After such lucid logic, I would hate people to think that you guys were referring to the arguments that might be put forth by an actual strawman. 😄
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