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  1. This is the type of season you want points on the board and games that are supposed to be straightforward, aren't.
  2. If this gets disrupted, the obvious thing is to try and play it in Portugal.
  3. The maths don't really change if Chelsea get a late equaliser for the top 4 race... so getting closer!
  4. If Chelsea win, and get to 67 points, and Liverpool draw, the Chelsea drawing with us will mean Liverpool can't catch them. I do like the idea of arsenal beating them, us beating them in the Cup final, then beating them again and costing them a top 4 place!
  5. Not to encourage gambling, but if you put £150 on Leicester to finish outside the top 4, and we do, it will pretty much cover the cost of next years season ticket....
  6. Before this period, we hadn't finished as the highest Midlands club for 55 years.... its a significant run!
  7. Felt like a fix. And before anyone doubts can agree such things in private, they managed to organise a whole league!
  8. Category B prices, no booking fee and looks like the £70 paid for season ticket retention will be put towards the cost of next seasons....
  9. I don't know about for the match, but Perezin is good for hay-fever....
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