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  1. I was pretty unhappy with the half time penalty competition on that spot! They even said don't put the ball on the spot the grounds man will kill us.... Then placed the ball on the spot. At the end of the day, I have seen this happen a few times, and regardless of the rules, I have never seen it disallowed when it has gone in. EVER.
  2. Yes, I remember at the end of the 14/15 campaign when we basically showed championship winning form to avoid relegation... I think we won 7, drew one, lost one? Something like that. People were saying 'look, that's title winning form!' I just laughed. I said we played a load of average teams, the one good team we played, Chelsea, turned us over 3-1, so don't get too excited you numpties!
  3. I just saw the spanish police vans in plaza mayor lined of with police looking on. I really wanted to walk up and give one a can of Pepsi!
  4. It's like you wrote that just for me and the boys Al! The atmosphere was very good and singing mainly throughout. The Everton fans hardly make any noise at all. The YNWA song was just s wind up for a bit of fun.... When you're 4-2 down, i think that's fair enough!
  5. I know it's 'atletico'!
  6. Interesting that real Madrid v athletic Madrid is pretty much full strength team from both sides....
  7. The next arsenal block has gone on sale!
  8. That will be a relief, if true! Thanks.
  9. Saying sold out, online....
  10. It takes an hour on train from leicester to st pancras.... Don't know about cost-wise, but time-wise, that must be a better option than Stanmore....
  11. Best route from st Pancras is to get northern line to London bridge(approx 10mins), then a train to norwood junction(approx 15 mins) then a 10-15min walk to the ground....
  12. I am not sure if I am coming to this game, but will let you know if I am.
  13. If you leave sharpish, you can get the 21.53 to st pancras. This is a quick train, the 21.58 takes 1h 40mins. Could book a cab to meet you in Mecca bingo car park, or try and use uber to avoid the need to jog!