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  1. It could be psychological, but could be Rodgers has just said we are down to the bare bones so don't take any risks...
  2. I remember ferguson saying that a linesmen had made a 'career decision' in not calling Drogba offside in a game against man u once. He did it all the time and got favourable decisions constantly. Its mainly why I hate them.
  3. I'm now starting to have negative thoughts about the rest of the season.... ffs.
  4. He has been an absolute legend but in the few games leading up to the operation he needed, and in the couple of weeks since the operation, he has been slightly off it. BIN.
  5. I am not sure that's quite the way to judge it. You want your strongest 11, and then think about how strong your team is if you rotate out 3-4 players. You would want to be able to cover any combination of 3-4 players being replaced at any one time. When fully fit, our first 11 plus 7 subs is very strong. In addition to the obvious injuries, there are some players, like tielemans and ndidi, that if you take them out, it just leaves a gaping hole. Whereas our defence is relatively strong, so you can cover playing Thomas or amartey, to rotate players out, without too much overall damage.
  6. I wonder how long he would have been out for if he hadn't trotted back out on to the pitch for another try?
  7. Just based on what the guy said about heskey. If he was as average as described, just curious why Liverpool would pay a club record fee for a 22 year old....
  8. I can't believe Liverpool made him their club record signing....
  9. I find Heskey mainly under-rated
  10. Newcastle have started brightly and man u look rattled..... I've been sucked in, haven't I!
  11. Watching Leicester has been like a string of ex-girlfriends?? 😄
  12. That's what I saw... and not an attempt to play the ball, so why no red card?
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