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  1. Glenn Murray getting my man of the match.
  2. This may seem like a small thing, but in the last two games, whist not winning, Maddison has jogged very slowly over to take the corners. Like he is being subbed and wasting time. Absolutely infuriating.
  3. Let everyone else worry.... Kasper Ricardo Evans Maguire Chilwell Tielemans Ndidi Maddison Gray Vardy Barnes
  4. If Adrian Silva can come on as a sub for Monaco tonight, I am sure tielemans is ready......
  5. FOXSE


    He wouldn't be able to run at the speed with Hazma.
  6. Bumped in to ghezzal at a petrol station in stoke on the way back....
  7. I was at the game, and people were saying 'why have we got everyone back in the box' and then they score with their header! But actually, I do agree!
  8. I am delighted with a point, and will be very happy to keep it! But it was definitely a bonus point.
  9. Just watched that... Kasper and vardy are absolutely in bits.....
  10. To be fair, at least 2 weren't off side...
  11. The one against Seville was pretty special, too...
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