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  1. Thirteenth v seventeenth isn't the game of the day. Despite the obvious relegation issue!
  2. Begs the question why the chant for him isn't sha la-lar, la-lar la-lar lar to tune of Amarillo??
  3. Tickets available: 1 adult; 1 under 18 and 1 under 11 available. Tickets in London.
  4. Mane also pretended to be injured until the VAR check was over. Then just got to his feet. Pathetic.
  5. Newcastle weren't good today. But the won at spurs about 4 games ago? These teams have to be beaten....
  6. I have one adult and one under ten now available. Can meet at ground.
  7. As it stands, 3 of Leicester's 5 games have been against teams in the top 7. 2 away from home.
  8. We weren't on it yesterday, and was set up too defensively. But man u were wasting time most of the second half. They barely had 40% possession and faced a barrage of corners. They hung on to a 1-0 at home. Well done to them.
  9. That is actually freaky. I looked through other matches from yesterday. These players positions are usually a bit all over the place....
  10. Haha! So true.... An edit button would help! Amazing stat though. Check this site out, if you haven't already: https://www.twtd.co.uk/league-tables/competition:premier-league/daterange/fromdate: If you put from I think 4th march to now, it gives you the points total for all the teams over the period Rodgers has managed Leicester. Tottenham have taken 14 points from their 12 games, but Man U 13 points from 13 games!
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