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  1. Our passes have been shit today. Whenever we have a runner we mess it up.
  2. If we win I don't care what tactics we deploy. Just hope this works!
  3. I think this is Leicesters way of protesting PPV
  4. We need more match threads! Let's get to 100...
  5. Let's give him a break, the whole team has been inconsistent since last Christmas and he's had injuries too. First half of last season he was arguably better than Tielemans and he looked fantastic and he's come back from injury looking quite sharp.
  6. Anyone looking forward to a Fofana Soyunchu pairing for years to come can forget it. We'll be lucky to get more than half a season of them as a pairing.
  7. A Ukrainian team has never won in England in over 30 attempts!
  8. Can't we just accept we're a middle ranking club and take the rough with the smooth?
  9. Love your optimism but we were a better than back then
  10. Really? You can't beat the feeling of a win. You're effectively saying you're glad we missed out on champions league last season because we tried to play the right way.
  11. Yes it is one of those things but it's been happening all 2020. Something isn't right. The only thing I can think of is that we've peaked and hopefully we'll settle as an upper mid table club at least.
  12. This is such a crazy season and with the way we're playing against a manger who does tactics let's just be happy with staying up.
  13. Players shouldn't be able to touch officials full stop. Then there's no ambiguity and everything is clear. Touching the officials tends to be done by players of big teams and psychologically touching a person can be used to gain trust on a subconscious level and should not be allowed.
  14. If we play our normal game we'll get picked off on the break. We should play like we did against Man City and absorb pressure then counter.
  15. Exactly I'm sure we're missing his heading at the back this season. How many goals have we lost to crosses this season?
  16. If there was ever a game too play in the counter its probably this.
  17. How did he do? I've never really heard him talk much but for some reason I assume that he's quite boring. I could be totally wrong. Seeing as he's being lined up as the next club ambassador I hope he's got something about him.
  18. And getting transferred to a big club. But right now he's not good enough. Yet.
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