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  1. Well said. Sums up the dreary old gits on here perfectly. Guarantee they sit in the West Stand with a flask and sandwiches in foil and just hurl abuse for 90 minutes. Old codgers
  2. I know its all about just squeezing more money out of everything but they could have easily brought back the cup winners cup instead of calling it a European Conference. A UEFA Cup and Cup Winners Cup still sound prestigious.
  3. After reading the thread about our relegation season under Micky Adams and surrendering 3 goal leads with Ricky Scimeca and Craig Hignett I needed to come back here to check I'd not dreamt the last 5 years.
  4. I still remember every single one of them throw away leads. One of my first seasons supporting us and it was a good taste of what I had to come. I'll always remember the Middlesbrough game with my Grandad sat in his chair saying nothing to worry about now son 3-1 90 minutes are up, even you lot won't throw this away. We were just as bad for throwing away leads 2 seasons before. If not worse. It seemed to be a running joke. Mucky Adams definitely didn't take enough responsibility for that seasons results because we genuinely did have a good enough team. As incredible
  5. Agree with this. Even Man City (as someone pointed out above they won the league) felt like they thought they were capturing a team about to win the quadruple. Then they had their big moment to win the league against Man United and royally ****ed that up. I find it all very symptomatic of the way media like Sky try to script sport now. It just ends up with countless flops like "super" Sunday.
  6. The thing is you're going round in circles debating one moment in the game but if you sit back that much without genuine quality on the ball when you do have it - you'll eventually concede to them anyway. Going over and over the goal they eventually were always going to get is futile. We lost because they were better.
  7. I'm getting this name on the back of my replica shirt, just to show I'm a rich bastard.
  8. Who has 90 minute copies of games from our Championship relegation season hanging around the house? You sick man
  9. To think Gudjonsson got a send off like he'd been a European Cup winner with us or something. None of our title winners got what he did 😂
  10. I wasn't myself. I liked Wellens and League One Oakley. I just also know they got accused of this for years. Well there's nothing Wellens didn't get accused of. My cat went missing once and Sean from Enderby spotted it in Richie's back garden.
  11. Also known as the Oakley, Wellens, Clemence mounevre
  12. Which coincidentally still remains the only time we are scheduled to play them this season
  13. I think when you watch our games from the O'Neill era back you really see such a contrasting style and identity from each team that really has been lost a bit in the modern era. No doubt the football is technically much superior, but the playing out from the back tika taka leads to many dreadful matches too. So many big games now lack what they did back then.
  14. As great as he was, I'm glad when our next anniversary DVD comes out the highlight won't be signing Muzzy Izzet from Chelsea.
  15. Its time they brought in a new rule that opposing managers can't do this. Last thing id want is some baldy in my face with his Paella breath
  16. Why exactly is a test needed? I'd rather something other than a semi final of an FA Cup be used to trial anything. Do this kind of shit with international friendlies.
  17. I was at this game. Remember my mum asking me if their manager was Matt Lucas. Strange what sticks in your head from football matches.
  18. I was convinced we were gonna get promotion after that game. We were unreal at times early on under Sven.
  19. It feels like everything has been geared for the London clubs with it. That Hull game you speak of, from memory I think they made it a 5pm Sunday kick off with no trains back to Hull after.
  20. Yeah I think this is it. It isn't so much us not being in it so I lose interest, its the same old teams time and time again being the last 4. If clubs like ours and Southampton made it more often it would add so much more to it. Especially if we all did so with full strength teams going for it. Man City and Chelsea always getting there with half a team out is just tiresome.
  21. Went school in Nottingham and although they were never even successful, the arrogance from the period you talk of is still very prevalent. I think in my lifetime as a fan we have pretty much always been better than Forest but they still have their idiots. Alot of parallels between them and England's fans abroad singing about a World Cup and 2 world wars despite being humiliated by the Germans in pretty much every way for the past 60 years.
  22. Even when we were just a Championship club we always seemed to be in the middle of drama. Play offs or relegation scraps. High profile takeovers or nearly going bust. Its been incredible. Wouldnt change it for anything.
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