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  1. This 100% we need the money to push on as a club. This is our chance since the top teams this year haven't been too great we need to take advantage or we won't be one of the best teams in the premier league for much longer. Also getting UCL makes players like Tielemans Pereira and Ndidi much more likley to stay at our club.
  2. If we are signing someone they have to be near mahrez level to improve us. No point of buying someone average since we are striving for Champions league qualification and need champions league level players
  3. Been in some of those places wasn't a nice sight
  4. Var is essentially a paid for service by Manchester united now odds are stacked against us massively
  5. None of our players can pass
  6. How often does the ball go out of play for us compared to other teams in the league
  7. If it didn't happen now it would have at the start of next season the writing has been on the wall since Christmas This team is young and therefore will not be able to handle pressure.
  8. Kasper only player than has been any decent since the restart Vardy looks lost tielemans is fat and everyone else needs waking up as well no UCL for us and if we got ucl we would be embarrassed by the likes of bayern
  9. You won me some money thanks
  10. Why isnt schmeichel screaming at them
  11. Albrighton at rb and get gray on
  12. If the ref gives it I wont blame him
  13. He looked decent inverted in the left but on the right he's an average full back imo. Then again hes still young so we will see
  14. Young teams rarely handle pressure well
  15. Fightforever

    The gym

    Its like you know me haha. My life style has been about as stationary as it gets plus with all the extra time my partner seems to be making food 24/7 and I can't resist since eating seems to be one of the few things to look foward to in lockdown.
  16. Fightforever

    The gym

    I've gained so much wieght over lockdown I was 12 and a half stone but now I am 16 stone not having gym has really screwed me over checked my bmi today I am now offically obese so there it is im a fat ****. I would start exercising again but I dont know where to start without equipment. I need the gym back ASAP. Any advice on what you can do at home with no equipment?
  17. This No ones been listening to lockdown advice properly yet some people will try to make it a race thing.
  18. Nah riccy and telles will be even better though.
  19. Needs to lay off the pork pies
  20. We need wingers that can actually get inside the box and attempt a chance or pass like how many times have our wingers just stopped on the edge of the 18 yard box and passed the ball backwards rather than cut inside
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