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  1. deleted
  2. This thread has 4300-odd replies and 287,000-odd views. The majority (like me until now) are almost certainly eye rolling at the bob being chatted and refreshing for some actual transfer talk - the purpose of this section of the forum.
  3. Your market research is Field of Dreams? I mean, a man who made a baseball pitch in his garden for ghosts, that's your role model?
  4. You mean PARASITIC ARMOURED ARACHNID GOHMA? I think I had a shit.
  5. Seems as though this website can add another one to the list Absolutely shocking.
  6. Play the class you are. Assault is for blowing stuff up and taking objectives. Support is for resupplying teammates and providing covering fire. Medics SHOULD be healing people and Scouts should be spotting and picking off enemies. Always look at the map before you respawn and look for objectives that are being taken or need holding. Always be aware where your team mates and squad mates are.
  7. I've got the Hellriegel with 'the archduke' legendary skin. Filthy. I love Assault. There's nothing like destroying a tank for the team.
  8. It feels like the same game as last year. I've deleted the demo.
  9. Attack on Titan:Wings of Freedom...I'm a good fan so far
  10. Leicester to Burton is pretty manageable if he were to be doing it part time! If a player can go on international duty so can a coach.
  11. Good call, serves me right for focusing on a comment where someone said I only had a couple of days to secure it
  12. I hatched a Snorlax out of a 10k egg yesterday, it's up to CP1304 after a couple of power ups. What a big sexy mother.