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  1. Defence not covering themselves in glory. But midfield looks a problem: offering no real protection, creating nothing, but even worse not keeping the ball. Don't understand why we play Perez in that position. He doesn't create anything and gets knocked off the ball. Put Pratt on and at least we'll keep the ball more.
  2. Not that it excuses those 57 officers. But the Buffalo Mayor has said their union forced them to resign. The union said if they didn't resign they would never represent them again in any future case. This is one of the biggest problems. Union's are good to a point, but there comes a time where they overstep their duty. They become too militant. Not sure what you can do to combat it though? Doubt you can just sack 57 officers easily. Maybe someone more senior will get involved because it makes no sense whatsoever. It's made a bad situation even worse - and made the union look awful.
  3. The Diocese of Washington, whose Church it is, is now on CNN saying she's outraged at what he did and denouncing Trump. Saying the church in no way supports it. Maybe this time he's gone one step too far?
  4. He just got the police the attack a crowd of peaceful protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets. Just to walk where they'd been and clumsily hold a bible outside a church. Think really he doesn't like the bunker boy thing. He just looks a typical bully. Dressing weakness up as strength. Wonder with things like this if it really works. His cultish supporters will love it. The swing voters might have another opinion.
  5. Wish I could see more of this, he gets it. It's a video of police joining the protest - seems better than sharing videos of police brutality (nothing amazing actually happens in the video). This situation will never get better unless people accept there is a problem within elements of the police. Instead of ignoring it, they need to weed out the bad ones - not just blindly defend them. They need better recruitment, training and accountablity. You see some of the videos of police brutality, or of police intervening in a peaceful protest with aggression - just escalating or provoking situations. At worst there are police officers who are racist or drunk with power. But some people just aren't cut out to be police officers. They don't have the temperament. They let fear take control; they dress up a weakness as a strength and lash out unfairly at people because they're scared. Or they're cowards who enjoy lashing out at people they know they have power over. It's so frustrating seeing people abuse their power and weak leadership excusing it - which is probably why civil unrest is now so widespread.
  6. There's has been, or is currently, some sort of protest/riot in pretty much every major US city. 13 states (as of now) have activated the National Guard. Fires in LA, Washington DC, New York. CNN is pretty much the only US news channel I can get. They're saying they haven't seen nationwide widespread unrest like this since the 1960's.
  7. Bit dangerous for the White House to tweet this. Trump doing it is one thing. Might be nuanced but Trump's twitter represents himself; that represents the nation. Shooting should only really be to protect life. I know he likes to be divisive; but they're playing with fire here. There are already videos showing unrest is spreading to other cities.
  8. Not really a good look for the police. Arrest the black reporter live on air; then come back and arrest his collegues. Then tell CNN he's been arrested for not moving. When he's live to the nation asking where they want them move to and he's happy to stay out of their way and go where they want. It's dangerous when the police start arresting journalists for no valid reason because they don't want people to see what they're really doing. I imagine their communications department was watching this thinking: please no.
  9. Don't know who it was. But if it's the same thread I'm thinking of I think they accused her of being homophobic. Think she was playing with her breast or something like that - whilst goading them. We could be talking about an entirely different situation! I always wonder where the bloke is who told us his friend from school was going to be a ref for our game. The ref had the worst game ever and he came back on here to lots of abuse (mostly light-hearted). I'd also like to know where the woman is who came on here and asked us to vote for her baby in one of those competitons. Then someone made fun of her baby (light-heartedly) and she went crazy! Then more people started winding her up. I think she got her friend to create an account. She also seemed to create another account. And got so wound up and confused, at one point she seemed to reply and argue with her own post - or her friend. Was my all-time number one Foxestalk moment - I'll never forget it; I was in tears. Even if I was to go back and read that thread: nothing will compare to sitting here watching it live and refreshing every 30 seconds.
  10. Does sort of bring the Attorney General into it now; which makes it harder for them. She's put herself in a bad spot. She tweeted defending him; yet the police say he's broken the guidlines and they would have sent him home. His speech looked like it had had legal advice. Be even worse if she's advised him; she's in charge of the people who made the law and would've been prosecuting him if a fine had been issued and he'd fought it. Some lawyers saying that she might have made her position untenable.
  11. Haven't paid proper attention to this convo and couldn't get that link to work properly - so if I've missunderstood sorry. But if you want a corrobrative reports about the looting this is a journalist's twitter feed who was on the ground. He looks legit, but I haven't researched him. His whole feed was quite eye opening (not just this tweet or thread). All the big fires, looks like someone hit him at one point. There's videos and pictures.
  12. It's possible. To be honest I stopped paying attention. He used to ask for advice about unemployment: then get annoyed when people would give him advice he didn't like (but would have helped him get a job).
  13. Yeah. Think he was always asking for unemployment and girlfriend advice.
  14. I agree with everything Maitlis said. But I don't think she should have said it; and I think the BBC are right. It's Newsnight; not The Emily Maitlis Show. She's just a presenter. If anything is going viral on social media from Newsnight, it should be an interview or investigative report. Not the presenter's opening monologue. She could have rephrased all of it slightly differently as a question - or said it as she interviewed someone. This isn't the first time I've seen one of her monlogues go viral appealing to people's emotions. I think sometimes in the age of social media some journalists want the celebrity/attention. But you can trade attention for respect. If Newsnight wants to hold itself to a higher standard, it has to stick to their rules; if it wants to be seen as a jokey light-hearted news programme then I'd have more sympathy - a bit like This Week. But serious news programmes on the BBC have impartiality rules; she could say this sort of thing in other outlets. Kuenssberg is always quoting stories or sources; she never really gives an opinion - even if she is biased. Maitlis could have said something similar using the same tactics Kuenssberg does. I think Maitlis lost her slot just to stop the drama; not as punishment. The BBC has enough problems about being seen as impartial. Sometimes it's partisan rubbish; but sometimes they do make mistakes. It's alright for Maitlis to say this: she get's to sit in a studio. There are juniour reporters, cameramen, photographers who work for the BBC who have to deal with the fall out of this on the front line.
  15. Is very odd. I didn't know that Dido Harding was overseeing the track and trace app either. People were already worried about their data. She was in charge of Talk Talk when they had a massive data breach years ago - 157k customers financial data was breached. She's also on the main board of the Jockey club which sanctioned Cheltenham earlier this year.
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