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  1. Fury would pick apart AJ; might not stop him, but would beat him on points. The only person of any true world-class quality AJ has fought is Klitcshko - who Fury out-boxed. Fury is quicker and a much more technical boxer - he'll slip AJ's big punches and just counter. There's a reason Wilder and Fury have fought each other and AJ has fought neither; because both he and Eddie Hearn know it.
  2. I sometimes think people underestimate what we offer right now. Young teams like ours (with the just the right amount of experience) don't come around very often. Especially with owners like the ones we have, who give managers freedom, understanding and won't sell our best players unless we make a proper profit. It's quite rare. When you add to that: the new training ground, the stadium expansion and maybe Champions League we offer more than some traditionally bigger clubs. There's a chance to properly build something here for someone looking at the bigger picture.
  3. There's some bloke near me who hates Chilwell. Just abuses him all game with such anger it's wierd - like he's got some repressed feelings for him he can't quite come to terms with. If it's not him, it's just constant angry moaning. Seems to think he's an expert, yet it's never crossed his mind no-one ever agrees with him - not even his friends. Went mental when Kelechi was brought on yesterday - couldn't work out if I was happy or sad he left 5 mins before the end.
  4. I think he's at Sampdoria. Plus, his brief time at Fulham might put them off.
  5. I find Sutton slightly annoying, but also slightly amusing - I see it for what it is. It's just his persona and it gets him attention which keeps him in a job. He knows one day the Radio 5/BT banter punditry fad will end - then he can go and spend the rest of his days talking about Celtic. When he does the Fantasy 606 Podcast he's a lot more reasonable. I find Savage more annoying, because he's an ex-player (who loves us when we're doing well) and genuinely seems to believe what he says. Whenever anyone challenges him, he can never defend his own arguments and always tries to bring in others to fight his battles for him. And constantly says, "it's just my opinion," whenever he says something daft; like it excuses his stupidity. I'll never forget when he was saying why would Dyche leave Burnley for Leicester when Puel or Ranieri left - he seemed genuinely suprised. I don't really care what anyone thinks about our club. It just makes it all the sweeter when we prove them wrong.
  6. The only theory I've heard that makes any sense is that no one is talking about his policies at this point. It's all down to the fact he won't do an interview; which he will agree to last minute and blame scheduling. Hopefully Marr asks him question tomorrow something along the lines of: When we have brave citizens tackling terrorists who've been let out of prison on your governments watch; how can we vote for you when you're too cowardly to even do an interview other leaders have agreed to?
  7. This thread has made me smile. Remember thinking we were doomed for decades when some of this stuff was happening - and look what happend.
  8. I imagine if Boris tries to avoid Andrew Neil they'll just empty chair him; which will make him look bad on every level. Would end up being even worse than being ripped apart for 30 mins in person. There are rules that apply to journalists about equal coverage during elections. They might use that as an excuse; plus they'll want to make an example of him.
  9. This might have been posted before as it's a little older. I naively just assumed he went straight into coaching after playing. Didn't realise he worked for John Lewis.
  10. I imagine having Jonny Evans back there is like having a coach too; must make his job easier.
  11. Yeah, the Tigers are playing away tomorrow. The police won't let them both hold home games on the same day.
  12. Probably old news, but I wasn't aware. Could well end up being the best £8.8 million we've ever spent.
  13. Saracens finally charged with breaking the salary cap for numerous seasons. 35 point deduction and £5 million fine.
  14. One of the biggest problems with VAR is inconsistency; it depends who's at Stockley Park. Someone like Mike Dean with a big ego will happily overturn decisions - maybe even go too far. But someone like Anthony Taylor is a bottler of big decisons. I'm suprised they didn't factor in things like this before they implemented it - could almost do with the exact same people on VAR every game. Pudits who micro-analysed all the decisons in previous seasons who are now moaning about VAR can do one though. The drama they created is the main reason it's been introduced.
  15. I remember when Allen had them working in the ticket office and cleaning parts of the ground. Then going to the media and boasting about it. Undermining your players and showing them up in public is never a great way to win them over. Also heard a story about him writing an acronym on a whiteboard to club staff when he had a meeting with them. When he explained it to them, he basically said: it was his way or they could all get lost - but it wasn't put as pleasantly as that (I can't remember the acronym).
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