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  1. Guesty

    Harvey Weinstein

    https://vimeo.com/142444429 The link above is to a documentary called An Open Secret. Due to the Weinstein Scandal, they're letting people watch it for free on Vimeo for a limited time. It's all about child abuse and paedophilia in Hollywood; how well known it is; how people convicted are still let back in to Hollywood and how it affects some of the lives of the child actors when they've grown up. It is an hour and thirty minutes, so not a quick watch. Shows what a cesspit Hollywood is and how many weasels there are.
  2. Guesty

    Harvey Weinstein

    It is strange reading some of the headlines, or that the story is written from the viewpoint of: Kevin Spacey has finally come out as gay. When really it should be: he sexually abused a minor, says he can't remember, but admits it's definitely a possibility and he has problems; so what does he remember?
  3. Guesty

    Euthanasia, Could you, Would you?

    I think I would if I had one of those muscle wasting diseases. Everyday your body fails you a little more till you're a prisoner on your own body just waiting to die; feeling like a burden to everyone - and seeing the look on their faces. There would probably be other situations too. Of course, it is impossible to really know. But having watched someone die from cancer, I really wouldn't want to put someone I loved through that - however to them, they might prefer to have me around and go through that. I've always found it strange how people euthanize animals as it's the 'best, most compassionate thing for them as they're suffering', yet it's a completely different viewpoint when it's a human. Whether it's selfish is a really difficult thing to answer: I imagine in some cases no, in some cases yes. It's very subjective to the illness, the reasons and the people involved. Very complicated, and I understand with all the loopholes and that there unscrupulous people out there why it is hard to legalise, but I hope one day it could be.
  4. Guesty


    Hi, Once I was having a stressful time at work; couldn't sleep and had a 2 week headache. I was prescribed amytriptyline. It sort of made me feel like a zombie - even on a low dosage I really felt it. I didn't really like it how it made me feel, it's hard to describe really. I stopped taking it after about a week, even though I was prescribed it for a few weeks. It did help, as i got some sleep and the headache went away, then things at work improved. The doctor told me everyone reacts differently to different medications - especially that type. Good luck for your job - hope it all works out.
  5. Guesty

    Chester Bennington.

    Really sad. I remember reading he suffered some pretty bad sexual abuse as a child. Can't be easy to get over (but may be completely unrelated to his final decision). It's easy to just see a famous person as something bigger than just a normal person. But he still has the same demons to get over - or situations to suffer. Money and fame can't really help - in fact I imagine it could make it worse. RIP
  6. Against the rule of the tournament. Can only make 4 subs in one go.
  7. Guesty

    Sean st ledger

    I'm sure i read somewhere he does some scouting for us and backroom work. He's been injured for ages and is trying to gain fitness I imagine - or just making up the numbers.
  8. Guesty

    Photoshop/ excel

    Depending on what you want to do then you might or might not need Photoshop. It can do a lot more than the free photo-editing apps. You can buy it on a subscription basis which is like £8 a month. i guess you could try that and end it anytime. (I'm not sure if there's a minimum amount of time you have to keep the subscription). Or try to find an old version somewhere, most photographers have the subscription version, so there must be old versions around somewhere on the cheap. The same with Microsoft Office. They're all changing to subscription based services to try and make more money. Youtube is a good place to learn and see what other people recommend and how they use them.
  9. Guesty


    I'd really try and get some experience in a school before you commit to this, or at least have a back up plan. There's a reason why around a quarter of newly qualified teacher's since 2011 have already left. From my experience of working as a TA (was 8 years ago) and seriously considering teaching. It wasn't the behaviour of students that put me off (And I worked in at the time, one of the more violent schools in the country (allegedly) - we made the Daily Mail and had 6 different headteachers in 5 years). It was more the pathetic bureaucracy and the behaviour of Senior Teachers. Schools can be very clicky, petty places where arse-kissing is on a scale I've never seen before. A lot of people go into teaching with very honourable idealistic attitudes, only to find out the reality is very different. It's not what they expected, they cannot help children in the way they want and most of their time is spent dealing with bad behaviour, mountains of paperwork and having to placate other teachers and use their teaching methods. Good luck though, I hope this doesn't put you off. I also have friends who are teachers who enjoy the job, got experience and knew what to expect.
  10. I get your point, but by doing this, Tom Watson has come out and said it's now backed Labour into a corner towards Hard Brexit - the one thing most of his constituents don't want. It's clear Labour is massively split, and are struggling to find a position. Who knows what would have happened in the future? It's more the timing of it - it was never going be successful. If he really wanted to represent his constituents; he should have waited a bit and been a bit more clever about it. Now he's just caused divisiveness and forced the very thing he shouldn't really want as Labour can't play both sides. And the next time there is a general election all remainers are going to have to think twice about voting Labour.
  11. Not really sure what Chuka Umunna thought he was going to achieve. The manifesto said they were leaving the single market. All this has done is cause division in Labour at a time when they were actually gaining momentum. Umunna's such a weasel. You can tell it's all about him. It must be killing him that he pulled out of the Labour leadership race as he knew Labour had no chance in the next General Election. Figured he'd get his shot after - and now it's backfired for him. So he just s**t stirs. The best bit about Corbyn being leader is knowing how much it must be pissing off people like him and Cooper. Thing is: Umunna's on record last September saying we should pull out of the single market if it meant the end to free movement.
  12. Guesty

    Huge fire London building

    I don't understand why she doesn't just come out and say: 'Yes it was probably a mistake. I should have come to see the people. I wrongly thought maybe people would be upset with my presence and it might have been taken the wrong way. I didn't want to cause a scene as the emergency services had enough to deal with. If that was wrong I apologise unreservedly and I care very much about this and the people affected'. Or something like that. It's like she just can't admit to making a mistake even when it would be best for everyone. Irrespective of your views on her, it's a massive flaw in a leader. It is interesting how different news channels present it though. BBC and SKY are hammering her for not going - and pretty much making it a story themselves. Whereas ITV mentioned she wanted to go to the hospital on the first day but they asked her to wait for a day. And when she did arrive in the community today there were people saying she shouldn't have come as it was going to make things worse.
  13. Guesty

    Huge fire London building

    Instead of saying this is the less fire retardant cladding. The company should be saying: this is the extremely flammable version, which in the case of a fire will be more like an accelerant. Whilst there's no excuse for taking the least flammable cladding given the cost wasn't much cheaper. People at this company and the fire safety people who test and sign off on this stuff are just as much to blame if not more so.
  14. Guesty

    Huge fire London building

    I think there's a difference from having a political discussion and silly political point scoring. Both of which you can see in this thread. You can see from some of the news that experts knew this cladding was dangerous and it's been going on buildings for years and years. There have been fires on other buildings. Seems like it was only a matter of time, but the people who mattered were burying their head in the sand or never expected loss of life on this scale. No doubt as it goes on we'll find mass incompetence everywhere. I know from working in local government the amount of incompetence in management is staggering in some places. People are promoted on time served or who they know and not ability. Those people then only promote people like them. Any subordinate who disagrees is forced out or leaves meaning incompetence spreads. All the best staff leave. This builds up until it reaches a catastrophic breaking point. I just hope this is an independent investigation with no political interference at all. As i imagine there will be buildings all over the country that have been refurbished in Labour and Tory constituents and there's blame on both sides. Local government tend to give all this work to the same companies. Just look in Scotland when all the exterior walls started falling down in high wind at the new schools and all new buildings had to be closed down as they were all structurally unsafe. It's riddled with bureaucratic bullshit. For example, I worked in a school that was refurbished years ago and the contract was with a big company; everything that went in the school had to come through deals with this company. The year prior the school had spent thousands on new computers. All of these had to be chucked in a special skip (weren't allowed to be sold or donated) and the school had to buy new computers at twice the value and a worse spec. There were so many other problems because stuff was done on the cheap or not thought through properly. The local governments/organisations involved in this aren't doing interviews. I bet they're all in a room having a mass arse-covering, blame-game meeting. Along with a lot of other people. Because they've just ignored valid concerns. It seems though unofficially, some police think there could be around 150 dead. There needs to be proper accountability no matter how many people it affects - not mass pay-offs when people just say sorry because they were incompetent.
  15. Guesty

    Huge fire London building

    Met Police Commander Stuart Cundy says, "the Grenfell Tower search may take months & says he hopes death toll will not be in "triple figures" When you start seeing them saying things like that, I fear they're starting to realise how many people are missing.