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  1. I'm think we did; though it may have been directed more at the player than the manager. I remember Gallagher getting booed; the goalkeeper Ricardo and a left back called Ryan McGiven (think that was his name) also being booed. They may not have all been under Pearson (or even substitutions), but we've always had an entitled, stroppy element in our crowd who'd rather hinder than help the team.
  2. It's funny when reporters try to ask him questions to get him riled or catch him out. He did a 24 hours Bear Gryills thing: it's hilarious - I watched it on Youtube once. If you've not seen it you should check it out.
  3. "I'm just here so I don't get fined". Love Marshawn Lynch.
  4. From what I remember they did say they'd talk to someone else. But Radio Leicester dug their heels in.
  5. I've always wanted it done. But one thing that put me off is my mates girlfriend had it done and now has a small black dot permenatly in the vision of one of her eyes. I'm very one eye dominant, so that put me off. But I know plenty of people who've had it done and it went perfectly.
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