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  1. As someone said it's teachers running a business. And some teachers go straight from school to uni and back to school. They have a unique sheltered view of some things. I know someone who works for a council who told me a story about a new academy. This school had been told all the good things about becoming an academy but didn't understand all the negatives. Within a few months of becoming an academy the school had a problem where a sewage pipe burst under the school field and it started getting sewage on it. The school phoned up the council to tell them they needed to come and fix it and clear up the mess. Not realising that now they're an academy it's their job to fix and pay for. They hadn't budgeted for it and couldn't really afford it.
  2. Don't think 3-5-2 is that confusing or out of the box. We used it against Newcastle at the start of the month and won 3-0. Against Villa we drew in the cup with 70% possession and 21 shots (if we'd started Iheanacho we might have scored more). We also revert to it mid-game sometimes. It's not perfect, but let's not say it hasn't worked recently. Chilwell's struggled defensively recently so it gives him a bit more protection. I wouldn't call Fuchs a liability at centre half. He did fine against Newcastle. This formation is more just to get Iheanacho in the team and to help Vardy. I'd have maybe gone with the diamond if Chilwell hadn't looked like he'd lost confidence recently. Sometimes it's just worth trying something different.
  3. I'd maybe consider a 3-5-2 to give Vardy some help up top and change things up a bit. Tell Chilwell and Ricardo they have free reign to go forward. Kasper Soyuncu Evans Fuchs Ricardo Tielemans Hamza/Praet Chilwell Maddison Iheanacho Vardy
  4. They are treated differently, I agree and for some it will be race. But people forget or weren't around: Kate was given a hard time by the press when she got with William. Called Waity Katie, goldigger, etc: had to give up her job because of loads of journalists were harrassing her outside her work place (she literally had trouble walking down the street until it was agreed the press couldn't come on her side of the road). She just took it, accepted it and finally they left her alone. Diana and Sarah Ferguson received lots of negative press and were hounded. They were all lucky there was no social media. It's almost like some wierd initiation the press think they have a right to. Daily Mail is a rag of a paper. It seems when the Mail writes a negative story about Meghan it gets lots of views which means more advertising so they keep doing it. Even people defending her make a big deal about the stories which is what the Mail want. I speak to people who I work with (office of over 100 people) who all come from different backgrounds and none of them seem to warm to Meghan; so I wonder if it's more complex than race. But there is undercover racism in the press and it does play a part, because it's a problem in society. It's like when people go missing you get missing white women syndrome or pretty white girl syndrome. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Missing_white_woman_syndrome
  5. As someone who has worked in schools (though it was over 10 years ago) and has friends who are teachers. It depends entirely on the leadership of the school and trust. Could be good or could be bad.
  6. Do wonder how this will play out. I can see Harry back here in a few years and an ugly child custody case. Hope I'm wrong and they live happily ever after though. Seems like Megan was completely unprepared for the scrutiny of royal life. All women who've married into royals have had to deal with a ton of scrutiny and harrasment. I see on twitter a lot of people saying it was all racism in the press, but I think it was more sexism. They were just used to to royal women doing what they were told and she was a bit outspoken. Her history doesn't help her though, she does seem to move on from people/family. Whoever she was, with her history, questions would be asked. Not sure this is quite the win for the Queen some people proclaim. They still keep HRH (just don't use them); still looks like they get the police protection costs covered (so does Tony Blair, so not totally unfair); looks like Charles will still give them millions and they can commercialise their brand. It's more of a cleverly worded PR statement.
  7. I think the main problem from what I've seen and heard about them is they're both great going forward but can't defend at all - like, worse than Chilwell on a bad day. Alonso was great as a wing back for Conte, but Lampard seems to prefer four at the back. I think the rumour is he's reunited with Conte at Inter. Emerson was signed under Conte as well, so was bought to be more of a wing back than a full back. Just like Victor Moses was Conte's right sided wing back but you wouldn't want him as a fullback. So not bad players, great at what they do. Both good for Conte's system, but not for others.
  8. I agree I have American family and they're always asking about the Royals if there's any news story - and the mentaility is different, they love them. But the paparazzi are worse in the USA (would probably be better in Canada). As much as they don't like the press over here, there are agreements to give them space as long as they agree to be photographed in certain places (eg: the only photo's of Prince George or Princess Charlotte are allowed on their first day of school then they have to leave them alone unless it's agreed or on 'duty'). I'm not sure Harry and Meg will get that in the US. Every British media outlet is going to have someone on them 24/7.
  9. Guesty


    Sometimes things like this can just be human error. There was plane shot down over Ukraine. The last time it kicked off between Iran and the USA the USA shot down a passenger plane. All it needs is for some trigger happy inexperienced person to panic and make a mistake. Makes no sense for Iran to shoot down a passenger jet either. But who knows...
  10. That's the thing. I think this will make it worse for them. The media will want to make an example out of them and go after them for every little thing. Just look how Piers Morgan is reacting. It'll probably be even worse if they move to the US.
  11. If they want to leave then I don't blame them. The media haven't been nice to her. The scrutiny must be quite annoying when they're a spare part now William has kids. Good luck to them I hope they're happy. But it seems they don't totally want to leave. Their entire brand is SussexRoyal but they say they don't want to be Royal. It seems they want to use all the marketing, branding and influence of being Royal without the trappings of being Royal. Want to do just enough so they can still live off Charles or us in part (despite saying they want to be financially independent). It's only a matter of time till they get caught in a situation using their Royal influence with someone they shouldn't, or to gain something they shouldn't and the press will be all over them. Happend with Prince Edward and his wife when they tried to have seperate jobs. Plus, to release this to the press when you've been asked not to is a bit out of order. Weird they've done it the night before the Duchess of Cambridge's birthday. There's the whole Prince Andrew thing, Phillip's in and out of hospital. The Queen's people have had to say she's not happy. It's just created a massive drama - which if they'd wanted could have been avoided.
  12. To be honest because I'd written so much in the other post and had to link Russia and China I was a little lazy for brevity - I realise China is more of a dictatorship than Russia. Putin's situation is more nuanced and a grey area. If he didn't run the country the way he does it might collapse. I respect how he has lead Russia from the brink of ruin. I don't think many could have done it. And with the sanctions and situations the western world have put on Russia they have backed him in to corners then blamed him for succeding or doing what he needed to for the best interests of Russia. Everything I've ever read said he didn't really want the job to begin with (which is not really a normal dictator). Plus the Russian government is a lot more complex than people realise. Until a few years ago I thought he had full ultimate control. But then found out there are different factions he has to keep happy. Sometimes the authoritarian faction do things he doesn't fully agree with, but pretends to as he doesn't want to look weak, but reprimands them in private. It is sometimes hard to know what is fact and what is fiction though. If he did things like invading Iraq or assassinating foreign generals it would be wall to wall media coverage how he's a tyrant and warmongering, etc.
  13. Always wanted to go, but no I've not been yet. He is pretty brutal if you are on the wrong side on him though isn't he? I guess it depends on your definition of dictator or what you consider to be brutal. He's certainly no Stalin or anything like that. He's not as bad as the western media make him out to be - and he's a lot smarter than they portray him. When you keep power for as long as he has in part because journalists and political opponents die or know they might killed - I'd argue the description somewhat fits. What's your opinion on him?
  14. I'm not sure what point you're trying to make? There's dead journalists and political opponents who would say he's pretty brutal when requried. When I say he's loyal: the reason I used 'appear' in quote marks was to imply it's for his own ends. His friends and allies have to know he'll have their back in most situations. But I'm sure they're all aware he's only loyal because it suits him to be. You don't stay in power for as long as he has if you burn bridges and aren't prepared to remove dissent.
  15. I'm not saying he deserves special treatment; just, maybe let's not mock him or at least be understanding for having a bad year in his job. His Mum has an unknown illness and he's raising the upset kids - she could be dying or suicidal for all we know. His Grandad who's the biggest influence on his career has cancer and could be dying for all we know. But hey, he's richer than me, so none of that should affect him.
  16. I know Lingard's had a bad year professionally, but it is worth remembering before we mock him. His mother has an illness which means that he's had to take in and care for his 14 and 11 yr old younger siblings (he has to go to parent evenings, etc). His grandfather's been diagnosed with prostate cancer. And he's the father of a 1 year old. He's said the worrying has effected his mental health. I think if we had a player in his prediciment and rival fans were mocking him on their forum we might be quite annoyed. But by all means mock the journalist who came up with this story.
  17. Guesty


    There is a search box on the top right - if you click on it, you can search for just this topic. (I've never done it). Maybe if you type your name or put a specific word in it might find it. I'm not sure how many posts you've made since. But if you go to the top right and click on your profile and go to the my activity bit. It has all the post you've ever sent in order. You can click on the post and it'll take you to it. Or all the posts are dated on here. There are 128 pages but if you know the date you could keep going back (skipping pages) till you get to around the correct date. There might be other ways that I don't know of though. Good luck.
  18. Not going to have any ill will to Man Utd over this, or write anything negative about Lingard. They'll look at this and think it's ridiculous. It's the journalist who looks incompetent.
  19. Trump's just tweeted he'll strike 52 Irainian targets if Iran react in any way. I'm not sure what will happen now. There's no way Irainain backed miltias will not react - they think they're going to paradise and have just had the equivalent of a sort of Winston Churchill assassinated. Plus, the economic sanctions have pushed Iran to a point where they can't carry on in the status quo. I'm not sure if they've really misjudged this assassination - especially with Trump's tweet talking about negotiation - and that this was to stop, not start a war. The Iran leader tweeted the day before the assassination that Trump couldn't do anything after the embassy attack - did Trump just over react? You've now got Iraq having three days of official national mourning for the Iranian general and the Iraqi's who were killed. That's the country the USA are supposed to be helping. That's the governments of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Afganistain who seem to be against or turning against them now. It just speaks to how poor the US' foreign policy has been. Abandoning the Kurds was a mistake. It basically just said to everyone, we're not even going to pretend to be loyal anymore after we've used you - even if you were our friends. Some of the US soldiers were leaving with Kurdish flags on their vehicles they were so digusted. They change their policy every 4 to 8 years depending on who's in charge creating power vacuums - meaning allies are also enemies, or allies of enemies. Their internal politics is so tribal that they can't keep a consistant strategy. The main reason Soleimani became so influencial was because he took advantage of the changes in strategy. Whilst Putin and Xi Jinping are brutal dictators, they're always there and 'appear' to be loyal. They keep to the same long-term plan - and slowly but surely, seem to be quietly gaining allies. Russia and China started doing joint military training exercises with Iran two weeks ago (#coincidence?). I'm not going to hyperbolic and say there's going to be WW3; but there is going to become a point where Russia and China say enough is enough.
  20. I'd heard Borthwick was going to be Head Coach. Murphy was going to be moved to some type of Director of Rugby role. I really don't see him leaving the England set up just to be a forwards coach.
  21. Guesty


    Think it's been on adverts. In one of the World Cups or Euros it was played after the last match which England were knocked out over highlights on the BBC. Maybe there?
  22. Guesty


    My favourite song of his is: I Giorni. Probably my favourite piece of music ever - and I normally like things like Pearl Jam and Rage Against The Machine. It's one of those songs you've heard but maybe never realised who it was. Always put it on if I'm feeling a bit sad. Hope things improve Paul. (PS, I don't know why it's a hippo).
  23. If Man City didn't want to pay £80 million for Maguire then they won't be able to afford Soyuncu. Just a media outlet looking for advertising clicks.
  24. When you pick your seats (normally you get a screen showing you avaliable and unavaliable seats I think), maybe try picking somewhere where there aren't too many people - you can just move and sit away from people and both enjoy the game. Back in the day when the ground was half full, me and my mate never used to sit in our season ticket seats; we'd just wait for 5 minutes into the game and go to different seats.
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