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  1. We really should win this, they have had a torrid time in the last few months.
  2. It was a Friday night wasn’t it? In the rain as the goals kept coming. I was also there when we won 4 1, I think that was the previous season. one of my favourite away grounds
  3. Perez is marmite but he has a value as a squad player and when he’s on it he has a great touch and is excellent between the lines and taking players out of position.
  4. Every time we won the ball they gave it back to us. Shocking display from the baggies, worse than Sheff U.
  5. Gary Coatsworth. Was it against Barnsley that he scored that wonder goal from outside the box? Or did I dream it?
  6. Spot on Red Squirrel. I do get fed up with some of the nonsense that people post after one bad performance. A Man Utd friend of mine said in the early nineties they were on the edge of champions league success for several seasons. That’s how long it takes to get to the next level consistently and that is what we are trying to do, not without some success.
  7. Was Nacho moved to tears when he scored his third? Excellent all round performance from him, not just the goals but his contribution. delighted for him. He’s had to wait a long time at Leicester for some glory. Deserves all the praise he gets.
  8. You mean him from The French Connection? No. Chris Wilder
  9. Akinbiyi? Blimey that’s harsh even for a moment. I’ve seen a lot of bad buys over the years but that was by far the worst £ for £. He needs a run of games, at times Collymore looked like he didn’t give a toss but was still a great player. Most strikers are poor at times.
  10. Last season we would have bottled that. As we would have at Burnley. More injuries this season but we have more fight. Great performance from Nacho, very much a confidence player who needs a good run in the team.
  11. I remember being at St Mary’s in the great escape season, we lost 2 0 and Wood was through one on one with their keeper and put it so wide it was almost a throw in. He seems to have improved a little sine then.
  12. Absolutely. We aren’t going to win the Champions League but we could win the Europa League. We don’t be seeded if we do get into the CL so it will be difficult to get out of the group stage. I really don’t get it.
  13. We lost to a championship side, that’s the most disappointing thing over the two legs. I would have replaced all 10 outfield players if I could. No pace, Tielemans was right off his game and Under reminds me of Mahrez in his early days, doesn’t pass and too one footed. I’m gutted with that, we could have really done something in this competition.
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