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  1. Absolutely. We aren’t going to win the Champions League but we could win the Europa League. We don’t be seeded if we do get into the CL so it will be difficult to get out of the group stage. I really don’t get it.
  2. We lost to a championship side, that’s the most disappointing thing over the two legs. I would have replaced all 10 outfield players if I could. No pace, Tielemans was right off his game and Under reminds me of Mahrez in his early days, doesn’t pass and too one footed. I’m gutted with that, we could have really done something in this competition.
  3. I thought Maddison got it spot on in his post match interview on BT Sport when he said they stayed in the game after Liverpool scored, as the manager had said they would have to if they conceded first. we have resilience now, much more than we did last season.
  4. Managing is easy when things are going well. The best managers effect changes when they are required. Well done Brendan.
  5. Is that 12 games in a row that we have taken the lead and won? That’s a team that is going to win things.
  6. Nick Powell, Pearson ditched him as he had a bad attitude I seem to remember. When he came on as a sub he was hopeless.
  7. Albrighton and Ndidi two best players. We controlled the second half brilliantly, that was a really good performance. Eleven games in a row that we have taken the lead and won, we now know how to close games out which we haven’t been able to do in years.
  8. That was a great performance. The BBC are quoting Spurs fans and their issues with Mourinho’s style of play. That is what he does, they seem surprised. I am more interested in how well we played, Rodgers got it right and the players to a man did too. We aren’t consistent yet, losing at home to Fulham and winning today but overall we are very good and should remember that.
  9. Well he keeps telling me he’s good enough but he’s 21 now so I’ve told him to bloody well get on with it
  10. Looking at the posts on this thread they were very negative Thursday evening. Fair enough we were very poor in the Ukraine as we were against Fulham. Two days later and we still appear to be doomed to fail again according to this thread. I don’t think Brendan will let this happen again, he knows we are better than that and so do the players. I am expecting a much better performance and a win tomorrow. My lad is at Sheffield Hallam Uni and lives just round the corner from Bramall Lane. I’ve told him to be a full kit w##ker and hang about the ground making a lot of noise for the
  11. As well as our performance being a massive disappointment, I had a quid on Evans to score first at 33/1 but own goals don’t count!
  12. Boxing Day 1984. Car broke down on the M6 we got to Anfield 30 minutes into the game, away end was locked me and my mate had to queue to get in the kop. Those in front of us soon realised we were Leicester but were very friendly and we had some banter. we were advised to keep quiet once inside which we obviously did. Andrews had a blinder second half and we won 2 1. The kop was a memorable experience but I would have gladly swapped it for the away end.
  13. January last year, I remember it well. My lad was desperate to go to Anfield. Tickets were slightly easier to come by as it was a mid week game. they scored before we had touched the ball, or so it seemed. Cold night, I feared the worst. we grew into the game and equalised on the stroke of half time. Perfect! We had the better of the second half and should have won. I have a good feeling about tomorrow.
  14. Leeds are one of those teams whose supporters by and large live on their history and always maintain that they are a Premier League team, even when they were in League 1 with us. So beating them convincingly on their own patch is particularly enjoyable. Just a shame we couldn’t be there to wave them off as they would have been leaving the ground early.
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