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  1. Hopefully he leaves the peroxide blonde at home.
  2. Big Matty Elliott. Apparently smoked a pack of cigarettes the evening before a game. He used to live near me in North Leicestershire when his children were younger. Often saw him driving around tight country roads in a massive Hummer. Was a decent player on the pitch too. Ledge. I tend to believe that a player's performance or talent on the pitch is not the only thing that contributes to legend status. Sometimes the stories that the mere thought of a player conjure up grant an epic otherness. For example, remember Sol B
  3. JJ is a bit like a pint of Carlsberg. It does the job, but you know there are better options.
  4. If we all chip in, we can pay £20.75 for a personalised video from the lad. Could find out his Spoons order? https://www.cameo.com/filipbenkovic
  5. If we win this, I will donate the goal difference x10 to LOROS. No chance we win this unless I tempt Mother Fate. You're welcome lads.
  6. I am not proclaiming to be 'in the know' here, but I have been privy to some information regarding the wee Croatian. Presently Benkovic has a long-term future at the club. The issue is that he hasn't had enough exposure to first-team football in recent years. His loan to Cardiff isn't a make or break scenario, or an attempt to find him a new home. Rather they want him to recieve consistent playtime, hence the risk with sending him out whilst knowing Soyuncu was unfit; they did not want to take away his opportunity to develop. Given that he is still relatively young at
  7. #RodgersOut sentiments have seemingly quickly diminished
  8. I have a bit of time for Palace, Woy's a good lad. Would like Scotty Parker to succeed at Fulham but probably because I fancy his WW2 pilot looks. Outside the premier league, I keep an eye on Burton. Least favourites; Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal Don't dislike the club per se, but I find their fans are the most entitled and needlessly opinionated bell wipes out there, Arsenal Fan TV is the epitome of the bellishness. The fans preach about their early-2000s success like a new tome of the Bible, yet were so quick to jump on the 'Wenge
  9. I'll back him. 23, made just below 50 league appearances with very few of them being full matches, relatively I'd argue he is fairly inexperienced. He is playing a bit dross at the moment, but hopefully he matures into his position. Few defensive midfielders are world-class, or even Premier League quality, before their twilight twenties. He would definitely benefit from more game time. For his style of play, he needs to learn to read the game better as he is not the most talented player on the ball, but he can disrupt forward movement if he cuts the passing lines. I t
  10. Let me bring this back down to earth. Desford Fish Bar I would argue is the best chip shop in Leicestershire. I love chips. In my years, I have tried a lot of the fine chipperies in our fair county. After having a quick cross-reference on Trip Advisor, I have had the pleasure of ‘taking away’ from several of the top rated fish and chip shops in the Leicestershire area, and let me tell you, Desford Fish Bar is unparalleled. The chips are firm, yet with that slight limpness you desire from authentic English chips. Servers, both male and fem
  11. Not having it at all. Football isn’t fair, I’m sure we can all agree on that. This proposal seems like institutional bullying and a consolidation of power amongst the so-called Big Six. The only comparison that springs to mind is the oligarchs grabbing resource mills in Russia following the downfall of the Soviet Union; capitalising on a time of strife for individualistic gain. The smoke and mirror is that it is for the good of the league, but this just develops an Us vs Them narrative. While individually clubs can benefit from outsider investment, this just seems like an internal
  12. I am from Leicester, so I support Leicester. Regardless of whether the team is composed of DJ Campbell, Fatty Fry-Up and Oakley or Vardy, Mahrez and Kante, it will always be my team. As to where the club goes, I couldn’t care less but I will enjoy the ride, whether that is in the dizzying heights of the Champion’s League or back in the EFL. Truth be told, I am not a fan of people who chop and change clubs they support like brands of toothpaste. You can change your name, your missus and your gender, but you should never change your club.
  13. Point well argued my good man.
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