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  1. See lengthy list of tedious mediocrity above for your answer.
  2. Indeed a wonderful player, but it does seem that his reputation will be tarnished by the allegations of child sex abuse made against him . If true, it is not at all pleasant reading.
  3. Chilwell's magic left wand weaves more mystique and mystery.
  4. Pre-Premier League, the top teams in Division One were much more fluid. Resources were less of a determining issue, so bigger clubs that had an exceptional manager, like at Leeds (early 70s) or Liverpool, dominated for a period (in Liverpool's case for much of the 70s and 80s) before being dragged back into the mundane mass. It was much easier for teams like Ipswich, Forest or Derby to have an exceptional season or two, win the title, and then likewise return to their "normal" level. So in short, those 5 teams were considered to be big teams, but they all had periods when they were either in the lower reaches of Division One (Arsenal, Everton) or indeed dropped into Division Two for a season (Man Utd and Tottenham).
  5. Mahrez has been the best leftie we have had, for his sublime skills and the 2015-16 season. But my own personal fave was Leonardo Glover himself.
  6. Without going into full lecturing mode, Celtic, being the club of the Irish diaspora, representing a strange mix of fierce Irish/Scottish historical nationalism, will always have an issue with what they see as the imperial English - mostly because of the British (aka English) occupation of Ireland -both before Irish independence and after It's continually maintained by the Catholic sectarianism in Glasgow and other RC areas of Scotland, which reinforces these beliefs from a very early age (just as Rangers' fans are inculcated into a partisan anti-RC Protestant life). I did live in Glasgow for a time, and for a mild and effete Englishman, I was surprised by how religiously bigoted society was, and is. The bottom line is that Celtic, with "illusions of grandeur", to quote a former manager of ours, have been mortally offended by Rogers traitorously scuttling off to the historical enemy, and a smaller club as well. This will rankled for a few decades or so, maybe longer! We must hope we don't draw them in the Champions League......
  7. His goal against Swindon to make it 3-3 prompted the loudest noise I've ever heard at a football match. There was a veritable crack of sound as the ball rolled in. Extraordinary scenes of celebration!
  8. It is still good to see Coventry where they are. Karma for them blocking up the top tier like a huge smelly turd throughout the 70s and 80s and 90s. Doing nothing while they were there (apart from one fortunate FA Cup win) and a waste of time.
  9. Filbert Fox to run on the pitch in just a blue thong every time we score. The thong comes off for five goals in one game.
  10. One wonders what the irrepressible chap would have up his sleeve for scoring in an away game in the Champions League at, say, Dynamo Dresden or SV Hamburg. Gulp
  11. You just know that cheating nob Zaha is going to con a penalty after 82 minutes.
  12. David Goldlbatt has just had published another of his books on world football. While it is, as ever, well researched and written, it rather hurt when he described the reaction to our chairman's death as "mawkish". If you look at the dictionary definition of the word, sentimental in an exaggerated or false way, then the reaction has not been mawkish at all. Goldblatt gave a talk at DMU recently about his new book. If I'd known beforehand about that I would have certainly challenged him on it.
  13. On a straight 100 yard dash, I think an 80 year old Granny with a Zimmer frame would have an evens chance of beating Gazelle Morgan
  14. A cross between Frankie Wortho and Ian Ormondroyd...
  15. Drinking a surprisingly excellent litre of dark beer, or two, in Moscow
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