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  1. Have to be content with the point on a night like this. But the ****ing inconsistency of referees is so frustarting: First half, Tielemans goes down in the area when the Burnley player has both arms around him - no penalty. 2nd half, Fofana does the same to one of them outside the area - free kick and a booking. At the end of the game Ricardo gets booked for kicking the ball away, In the first Burnely player does the same and the incident is ignored by the referee.
  2. Amartey looks like someone who has won a competition to play a game for his boyhood team. Awkward and lacking in finesse. He can't even take a throw-in without panicking.
  3. So was mine. My sister was friends with Lynda Mann.
  4. Yes, it was entered on the NHS database and I'll be contacted by my own surgery for the second dose appointment.
  5. I had a vaccine yesterday - the Pfizer variant. A bit of soreness in the arm and a slight headache this afternoon have been the only reactions. Useful tip for anyone looking to be vaccinated: I'm not in the current qualifying groups, but my wife is through her occupation. I accompanied her to her vaccination last night and she had deliberately asked for a late appointment as the vaccination centre are keen to ensure that all vaccines are used, and she had heard that partners etc will often be given spare vaccines late in the day not used by earlier no-shows. As happened with me!
  6. 1970-71 was my first proper season too. Good days.
  7. I've just won the Premier for the 22nd season in a row with Lutterworth Town. We retained the Champions League too, beating Real Madrid 13-0 in the final. Once again Daniel Lambert top scored with 62 goals, and ace keeper King Richard III conceded just 16 league goals all season. Sue Townsend made her record breaking 900th appearance for the club.
  8. Our third reminded me so much of Mahrez's magical effort against Chelsea in 2015-16.
  9. Neat player. Always remember with fond affection that last-minute winner home to Spurs in the FA Cup 3rd Round.
  10. This isn't 5 at the back. It's more like 3 CBs, with 2 mobile wing backs, who can cover as and when/if required.
  11. In these sort of games, I di prefer Barnes to come on after, say, 60 minutes when the game is usually opened up a little. He seems more effective than getting him clogged up in a sticky defensive mess.
  12. We'll just be pleased if we don't have the team coach's wheels nicked while we're playing them lovable scallywags.
  13. The last time tonight's referee Andre Marriner took charge of a LCFC game was a certain rather damp night on the south coast at Southampton, just over a year ago. I can't quite recall the score though.....
  14. It's like Trump and Boris Johnson are running the Premier League.
  15. Schmeichel: 1. Start coming off your line to take responsibility every now and again for corners and crosses 2. Improve your kicking accuracy
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