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  1. Maxi Kruse? - sounds like a fat bloke going out in the woods looking for a bit of gay sex.
  2. If he can still hold a place in the squad when AV come to Filbo on 7th March in the League, it would be a fitting gesture, if he were to come off the bench for them as a sub, say, for the crowd to show him how much his contribution to our promotion and Premier-winning seasons is valued by us. He may indeed be a complex character, but it would be a bit of relief for him to know that he's still admired somewhere since the car-crash of a career he's had after leaving LCFC.
  3. I'm taking my 5-year-old granddaughter for her very first game tomorrow. She's been desperate to go with us for a long time, but it's a shame that her hero Jamie Vardy won't be playing... Two cuddly Filberts are lined up to accompany us, as well.
  4. I've heard that Mr Umlaut himself will, just before being substituted on 60 minutes tomorrow, will remove his shorts and silk thong in the Turkish national colours, and will run around the 4 corners of the ground, to either irrevocably confirm or refute the allegations made in the song. You'll have to wait and see.
  5. 10 years ago, when people learned that you were a season ticket holder at LCFC, it was usually a bit of a condescending smirk. Now there's generally something like "Wow, you actually get to go to every game?" or "You must be enjoying life at the present!" I love this club so much xxx
  6. I've always disliked the business of all 11 players defending a corner. While Vardy can defend well, it gives a team with pace (like wot we are) a great outlet if you have 2-3 fast players to get the ball out to from a corner.
  7. Fox1970


    Another clever and brave little keyboard warrior happy to throw out insults when he can hide in his disgusting little bedroom. Vardy was comparatively ineffective under Puel because of the way the team played. Ghezzal may well be a much better player, in a team playing with confidence and direction. But if your superior football knowledge tells you he is a waste of time who am I to question your undoubted omniscience.
  8. Fox1970


    May be a different player under Rodgers. I didn't think he was that useless under Puel either. Ineffective, but so was Vardy.
  9. Rodgers said a week or so ago that Vardy woud have to be rested for some of the Christmas/NY fixtures. I think this is one he will sit out.
  10. Perez dropped to be fresh to play in Vardys position on Saturday.
  11. We were beaten by the better team on the day. MC are coming back into form, we're on the downward end of an amazing run, which wasn't going to last for the rest of the season. I'm still completely puzzled by the lack of outrage at the assault on Harvey Barnes, and no penalty, which would have made it 2-2 had Vardy scored. Imagine if Kasper had cleared out KdB like that - the ref would have been surrounded by MC players, Guardiola would have forced the 4th assistant to get Dean to refer it to VAR and a penalty would have been awarded. I think Rodgers needs to be a little more Klopp-like as well. Remember when Salah was injured by a Choudhury challenge and Klopp made some fairly unpleasant post-match comments about players deliberately hurting his darlings. BR should have highlighted that we had a player injured and had to go off in a challenge that should have been a penalty.
  12. Let's hope Leicester players remind themselves of some of the things Mahrez has said about the club recently. He needs an early reducer, which hurts.
  13. Yes, I despise that filthy dwarf. Another reason to hate him if he draws us against Manchester City. He tried to kill our club.
  14. Fox1970


    My daughter has a senior position there. It's a good faculty. But I would say that.
  15. Fox1970


    I went to university in 1980, graduated, had a successful career with my degree, took early retirement in 2013 and have started a MA at DMU, just for the love of learning.
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