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  1. Well that's possible. I just think he did look genuinely concerned. Maybe he's a great actor as well as being a decent pub footballer.
  2. Ignorant fools who think "yes, it's ok to job along at 40 in a 60 limit, occasionally dropping down to 35 - especially when there is a tail of cars behind me. And, ok you're going to overtake - so I'd better increase my speed, having woken me up from my little nap" Luckily, I have a hybrid Mini that can immediately accelerate to get past any of these idiots at warp factor 38.76
  3. If Tottenham win at Bournemouth tonight, or even draw, then Bournemouth will have to win on Sunday against us. No good sitting back to grind out a 0-0. It should benefit us that we'll have had 2 extra days to recover from the Arsenal game, especially if it's robust game tonight with tackles flying in.
  4. I think JV's immediate reaction to see if the Mustafi was ok indicated that it was unintentional - it didn't look like the response to a deliberate act. Interesting to compare it to Nketiah, who could easily have broke Justin's leg with that challenge. He sat on the ground, both arms raised, as if to say - "Ooo ref, I did nuffin". And showed no concern at all for the fellow professional he had assaulted, intentional or otherwise.
  5. And in addition to the 3 points we received a timely reminder why we should always despise Jonathan fatbastard Moss. Giving CP easy freekicks for their usual shithousery and rolling around in mortal agony, including 2 stupid yellows for marginal offences at the very worst, and then completely missing the 2 awful OTT fouls on Perez and Justin - no free-kick, no card, nothing. How he continues as a top flight referee is beyond me.
  6. Praet dropped again, despite offering more than Tielemans. I'm not really sure what he's doing wrong compared to the "stroller" Youri. During the first half drinks break against Everton, BR seemed to be directing most of his ire at Dennis Praet, who hitherto, I thought, had at least been trying to take the game to Everton, whereas Youri had gone AWOL, again.
  7. She's a model and she's looking good....
  8. Quite. If they were no mugs, then there would be no televised football (or huge payments to clubs like LCFC). Streamers, while it makes individual sense to them (just like the current panic buying and hoarding) are just parasites.
  9. Another reason to despise that ugly toad Grealish, if one needed one.
  10. The obscenely lenient referee that afternoon was Michael Oliver. Tonight's referee - step forward, Michael Oliver....
  11. I just hope the players are really up for this. Konsa said after the League Cup tie that AV essentially kicked LCFC out of the game, and they certainly had the luck and all the refereeing decisions go for them in the 2 LC matches. I'm still not sure how AV managed to retain 11 players on the pitch in the League game when we did them 4-1. AV will try the same tactics again, and we need to ensure that we are not outfought or out-thought and don't let them cheat or foul their way to leveling out the teams. An aggressive, snarling crowd will help too.
  12. Dozy drivers mumbling along at 50 on a national speed limit road, you start to overtake and then they suddenly wake up and accelerate. Complete arses.
  13. Mike Dean, you know that blind arrogant short-arse has been chosen as the referee. No doubt he will do his upmost to ensure that no one outside of Leicester can accuse him of trying to even matters up after his disaster at Villa Park just 2 games ago.
  14. Maxi Kruse? - sounds like a fat bloke going out in the woods looking for a bit of gay sex.
  15. If he can still hold a place in the squad when AV come to Filbo on 7th March in the League, it would be a fitting gesture, if he were to come off the bench for them as a sub, say, for the crowd to show him how much his contribution to our promotion and Premier-winning seasons is valued by us. He may indeed be a complex character, but it would be a bit of relief for him to know that he's still admired somewhere since the car-crash of a career he's had after leaving LCFC.
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