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  1. Just catching up on all this on my night shift 😁 jeez what an absolute nightmare! What the hell is wrong with them. Also what do Praet and Under have to do to play. We are losing so let's put on Mendy!
  2. I'm at work, can someone give me an update please. Are we still losing by 3? Anymore subs?
  3. Make some changes for gods sake, this is clearly not working!
  4. Can we mic up Evans, Cags and Wes and he tell them where to be on the pitch! 😂
  5. Agreed, if I was him sitting on the bench and watching Madders given chance after chance I'd be fuming
  6. Timmy needs moving up so he can make the runs, hook Madders and put Praet on the right with Timmy. Perez too please.
  7. Our strongest 11......... put some of the blooming subs on that would love to play and have a chance. They may play with more heart. Bring on Perez and Praet. This is ridiculous
  8. Kill this off in the first half please, I have to go to my night shift during the second half! 😄 goal for the birthday boy tonight!
  9. Cropped cuffed trousers...........😬😳 designer and probably cost a bomb. A little trendy for some of the players I should imagine!
  10. Just seen a clip of them arriving, not sure about the new suits 😂
  11. I'm working night shifts all that weekend so should be sleeping but will sacrifice a little sleep to get up and watch it! Totally worth it hopefully!
  12. Hales

    Dennis Praet

    No sale, he is absolutely needed. If Youri gets injured etc. then we are in trouble if he isnt there. He links up well on the right with Timmy too. We need to keep our better players not sell. This team is on an upward trajectory and we need a decent squad with strength in depth. This of course doesn't matter if he is unhappy and wants to play more regularly which is fair enough but we will never know that I guess. I am surprised Brendan does not play him more. Maybe he is easing him back in like Ricardo but he isn't going to get match fit or get confidence and momentum sitting on
  13. It means the "big 6's" awful behaviour isn't going to be forgotten about or brushed under the carpet as quickly as they would like! Absolutely right!
  14. Agreed! Tiredness is a strange one. The one who should be tired and lacking energy at the moment is Fofana due to his fasting yet he seems the most energetic. The body language of some is off. Madders for example has lost his swagger and doesn't look like he is enjoying his football at the moment. He needs to give others a chance. He wants to keep the squad together but he cannot just leave them festering on the bench either.
  15. Yes but he isn't bursting into life and doesn't seem likely too!
  16. I watched the first half but missed the second as I had to go to my night shift. Sounds like I didn't miss much! I guess if we don't win, don't lose! I'm puzzled by a few things. Madders clearly isn't right yet he continues to persist with him. Praet, Ricardo and Under don't get any time at all? Praet and Ricky are coming back from injury so maybe he is managing them but how can they build up match fitness, confidence and momentum if they never play? They are not going to be happy to never play for much longer I should imagine especially when Madders is playing and he isn't ready either. The a
  17. Timmy is making runs but needs help on the right - Perez? Praet?
  18. Brendan will sort. He won't be happy with the lack of energy
  19. Timmy has been good but just needs someone to link up with
  20. Madders still isn't up to speed is he.
  21. Brendan will have a word at half time...
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