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  1. Look at his adorable little face!
  2. I have a good feeling about this and I'm excited for the game. Points are there for the taking! This team is full of confidence. Go out and play well is all we can ask. I think it will be a good battle
  3. Brilliant news, he is full of confidence and signing a new contract is only going to boost that further. Great for team morale too and hopefully keeping Ndidi here and happy. Goals today Kel please!
  4. 丹儭丹儭丹儭 now I'm going to have to go and edit
  5. Love the Wilf and Nacho double act
  6. I can't believe the amount of posts about his name, funny Players read here apparently so Dennis if you are one of them please tell us! 不 Youri pronounced it Prart in a video game thing the Belgians were doing 云 I have a good feeling about Praet in the run in, think he will be invaluable to have back.
  7. Youri pronounced it Prart on a video recently 仄儭
  8. I don't get it, he really doesn't look like him That's a really poor mistake!
  9. I think get him for a bargain basement price. If Roma want him gone and no other takers? Something hasn't quite clicked. Maybe language, maybe his application and effort? It may be the wake up call he needs to crack on if he is under threat of being sent back to a club that doesn't want him. I guess it depends on who the club have lined up this summer. If money is going to be spent in other positions (striker etc) and he is bargain basement price then why not?
  10. Pleased for him! From being out with his hamstring he has obviously worked hard in his recovery and got back quicker that expected. Seems fired up and ready to go. That game and goal for his country will help his confidence too. Great to have him back for the run in!
  11. Get them all on planes and back to Leicester!
  12. I can imagine Brendan is watching and praying until the end. Bonkers substitution!
  13. Used to love watching and cheering on England but like many others I'm a bit fed up of the same old same old. The same players getting picked regardless of form. Lingard just about sums it up. Yes he has done really well at West Ham but that's only a handful of games and bang he is back in the England camp. Part of me is glad for Leicester that our players can rest but you have to feel for them too when they blatantly deserve a call up and it doesn't happen.
  14. Cags 弘 Timmy and Youri starting for Belgium. Praet on the bench.
  15. I wondered this too! I really wanted to see the Man Utd one nothing since the Liverpool match?
  16. For those that don't have sky, you can watch Belgium live on bbc iplayer channel S4C. They are speaking Welsh so I have no idea what they are saying but at least it's a free stream
  17. He needs some game time so it actually should benefit us when he comes back. Hopefully he is managed though and all 3 of the Belgians return in good shape. I worry for Evan's more. He got so over used in the last internationals
  18. Youri, you can empty your pockets now
  19. What a statement to the league too. So proud of them all. What a shift they all put in
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