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  1. Are you awake Brendan? There are points to be had. Bring on Madders and Praet!
  2. Sounds like a plan. Belgium connection please Brendan! Let our Belgiums rule the show!
  3. I really want to see a sulky salty pep at full time so come on lads!
  4. I think it's Brendan's plan to be honest?! They have had all the possession but they always do and we can't play how we normally would. Soak it up and then counter. I don't think it's been that bad......
  5. 😭😭😭 At least he found the net though. Come on Vards!!!!
  6. Praet on the tighten up midfield and link with Timmy and Madders too for definate.
  7. Is Perez a bit light weight for this game? Think we need a bit of grit.....
  8. I'm tuning back in at 17.29 when they actually talk about us!
  9. No panic! We have a good team and also the bench is stronger than it has been in a long time. Madders, Praet and Ricardo can come on. Come on lads!
  10. Fingers crossed its just twitter gossip!
  11. Yeah true, but it can't be easy seeing your former team mates smashing it though and then not even getting the chance to play. He is a confidence player after all!
  12. This is exactly why the internationals should not happen at the moment
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