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  1. Anything other than top 4 is a complete failure and questions will rightly be asked about the ability of Brendan.
  2. First time I’ve ever celebrated an Arsenal goal.
  3. Fantastic idea leaving albrighton and under out the team for 3 cdm’s. now we can defended a Burnley lead.
  4. Can’t see anything other than a loss here.
  5. Don’t take the cup seriously, get humiliated, have a end of season collapse under a Brendan masterclass. Rinse and repeat.
  6. This game wouldn’t look out of place in league 2.
  7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen zonal defending work for any team. No idea why so many managers persist with it.
  8. Something really need to be done about our set pieces... Can no one in the coaching staff spot the issue?
  9. I know this isn't our strongest 11, but Christ almighty is that piss poor.
  10. The Algerians will not be happy.
  11. All VAR has done is highlight the incompetence of the refereeing in this league. The fact that they can’t spot an offside with the help of VAR is nothing short of scandalous.
  12. Can’t help but think so many penalties would be saved if goalkeepers just waited before driving.
  13. Tomek

    Ozan Tufan

    Bit of a Danny Tiatto vibe about him... I'm sold.
  14. If we can stop dropping silly points against the Crystal Palaces of this world, we really are in with a shot this year.
  15. Can't believe there's still 10 minutes to go! Not quite sure how Liverpool haven't scored yet.
  16. Would love to see Perez get a game up front.
  17. You'd expect Liverpool, City and United to be nailed on for top 4, so with one space left I really can't see Chelsea competing under Lampard.
  18. I’ve turned it off. Absolute lack of creativity or any kind of effort from too many players once again.
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