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  1. About the same chance we had of winning 2015/16 then. I ****ing love those odds.
  2. Wilf's had 3 years (bloody hell that's gone quick) of regular first team football, whereas Hamza's had to make do with cameos and inconsistent starts against big teams.
  3. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  4. Just checked: Signed in October 2018 until 2024. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/ben-chilwell/profil/spieler/316125 Not saying necessarily we should just up his wages. Could probably offer more perks though, like free hookers for a year or something.
  5. Bit of a coincidence that we're being linked with all these left backs all of a sudden. Is Chilwell about to sign a new contract or something?
  6. Looking forward to the annual Andros Townsend thread now.
  7. Birmingham got a 9 point deduction for similar last year. The Sheep are only 10 point off the relegation zone as we speak. I wonder if they'll get further punishment for the Rooney/Red32 deal and/or the Keogh, Lawrence and Bennet debacle on top of that?
  8. Educated guess mainly - but the article you shared points out that the wage bill issue was from 2012-13 season, which was when we still had a lot of players on the books that were on high wages and Nige was trying to get rid of as many as he could. Plenty of players around that time kept getting loaned out or sold, and we had no choice but to scout properly and spend very little. Hence bargains like Vardy for £1m, Wood for the same amount, Knocky for £800k and 4 Man Utd academy graduates in one window - De Laet and James for £1m each, and Lingard and Keane on loan, not forgetting Kane on loan too. Worth noting too that by the time the rules had come into effect, we'd already broken them. I found this bit quite interesting in retrospect: FFP still isn't really fit for purpose, seeing as so many clubs have no choice but to fall foul of it. We lost £13m more than was allowable in 13/14, but we rightfully argued with the EFL for 4 until finally agreeing: “In reaching the settlement, the EFL acknowledges that the club did not make any deliberate attempt to infringe the rules or to deceive and that the dispute arose out of genuine differences of interpretation of the rules between the parties.”
  9. Still very low. When Pearson came back we'd allowed Sven to splash the cash and pay players well over the odds for a mid table Championship club. So Pearson and Walsh were left with the task of getting rid of those players, starting off with a blank slate and bringing in players who wouldn't cost as much and wouldn't have high wage demands.
  10. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s latest season is going to be added to UK Netflix on Sunday!!!!
  11. Labour preparing us for another 10 years of Tory rule.
  12. After tremendous anxiety, depression and failing to shit or get off the pot, I finally bought myself an elliptical trainer off Facebook marketplace the other day. I have an exercise bike and a treadmill but they're agony on my back partly due to my size but also a huge car crash a few years back. It's ****ing massive; I had to get my dad and his car to help me pick it up, and still had to drive back home in the pissing rain with the boot half open. And then I had to clear out the garage all day today, including taking the treadmill to pieces and fly tipping it*. But it's finally here, I've just had a go on it, and I'm very happy with it. It's very low impact so should hopefully help exercise without killing my back and other pains. Dry January is going well too, haven't really missed alcohol at all.** I've tried to make positive changes before and nothing has really stuck, but I'm becoming an uncle in about 3 weeks and hopefully hear about a job opportunity very soon too, so things for 2020 are at least feeling a lot brighter. I hope everyone on this thread is well. If not, never be afraid to post in here. There's some smashing people that are ****ing brilliant at being empathetic, knowledgeable, helpful and seriously kind. *didn't really **he says, on his third beer of the night. Leave me alone I've earned it.
  13. a) How the **** have we reached a point when No Country For Old Men can be classed as an 'old film'? and b) Holy shit I've just googled it and it came out in TWO THOUSAND AND SEVEN. That's insane.
  14. Basically using green screen to replace the background or place an object or person into a scene. There was a bit near the beginning when they were going through no mans land where Blake walked in front of Schofield, filling up the whole frame, and there was a tiny tiny jerk of the camera as it started to follow Schofield instead. It was either chroma key or it was part of the transition from the camera man to crane or wire or vehicle. Seriously brilliant filmmaking.
  15. As a video editor I couldn't avoid it. I'm pretty sure at one point they'd chroma key'd one of the actors on a green screen to place it over the cut. Genius.
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