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  1. If I’m going down I’m taking everybody with me.
  2. Don't go there Stan I'll get banned from FT.
  3. Wait, Lloyd Dyer or Nathan Dyer?
  4. Yeah, there's a reason I stay away from match threads.
  5. I nominate Finnegan to eliminate all such negativity and miserablism from FoxesTalk. I realise this puts me in grave peril but it has to be done.
  6. 3/5 of 2016's window finally out the club, now just Slimani to go (seeing as Mendy's contract is being extended)
  7. The locals should be grateful. We’ve literally put their village on the map.
  8. Had forgotten about that!
  9. Thought for a minute that he was going to be our new left back signing.
  10. Really weird way of making Liverpool look frugal by counting only expenditure from the 19/20 windows and not the cost of the whole squad overall, when they spent world record fees on the keeper and centre back. Their squad cost almost £600m to assemble.
  11. 'The Call' - Halle Berry, Abigail Breslin Enjoyable tense thriller, about a 911 operator who gets a call from a kidnapped girl.
  12. Can’t see Man City paying what we want to be honest. Yes they’re big spenders, bigger than anyone, but they seem to try to push a narrative that they’re not the sort of club to spend Maguire/Pogba, Allison/VVD kind of money. Instead they tend to spend at a lower lever but on multiple players and growing that year on year. For example, since 15/16: Sterling, KDB, Stones, Sane, Walker, Mendy, Laporte all signed for £45m-£55m each. Since 2018 they’ve signed Mahrez, Rodri and Cancelo for £60m-£65m each. Same reason they’ve gone for Ake at £40m - they can afford to just pay it for a quick deal but we’d be trying to negotiate it down for weeks. So I can’t see them going for Chilwell if we’re truly after £90m. Nor Cags, Wilf, Ricardo or Maddison, who I personally believe won’t go for anything less than £100m each.
  13. How can anyone question his record? He's never wrong. Also:
  14. Seagrave. Golf. Wales. In that order.
  15. Don't you dare make me spend all day trying to find the evidence to prove me right.
  16. Can't find a list of winners online but I swear we've been winning these since the 90s.
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