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  1. I would genuinely pay extra if I could get Kasper’s commentary.
  2. Pssst, Donald... The burden of proof is on the person making the outlandish claim, not the other way round...
  3. Thanks for reminding me of one of my favourite South Park moments ever:
  4. My cat’s still outside my house on street view. He’s been dead for 11 years.
  5. Texted some of my old Wreake Valley school friends who are now scattered around the world that someone from our school just scored for Leicester City, and I was quickly reminded that by the time I’d left Wreake Luke Thomas hadn’t even been born. **** my life.
  6. Never really understood the obsession some people have with the "GOATS". I always found the discussion exceptionally boring. I appreciate Ronaldo and Messi are great players but as they don't play for Leicester City my interest in them is extremely low. I much prefer unlikelier heroes anyway. Vardy all the way for me.
  7. That was me who posted about that. My source was wrong. Won’t happen again. They’re dead to me now.
  8. Here's the planning application page in case anyone wants to comment to the council on it: https://planning.leicester.gov.uk/Planning/Display/20200299
  9. Just reading up a little bit on this. Would more advanced us of LEDs be possible? As in, not just changeable lighting schemes, but showing full on displays like those on the seats at the London Olympics? I guess what I'm getting at is could the whole thing be used as a massive screen?
  10. Especially as we have a habit of walloping Man City when they least expect it.
  11. Not sure if anyone’s picked up on it yet, but wouldn’t this also impact on the club’s plans for expansion? Not just in the concourse, but in the fan zone too. Especially if they’re planning on making the matchday experience a “day out” rather than a 3 hour visit.
  12. HITC, but still.... https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2020/11/25/honestly-reported-18m-leicester-and-aston-villa-target-could-be-leaving/
  13. They've probably got everything ready to go but are just waiting to announce it just for the next pandemic to come along.
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