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  1. Does anyone else ever feel, even when you're actually feeling well, that you're permanently in 'crisis' mode?
  2. Pish. Not having a go. But we’re doing well enough with our current squad and it can be very hard to get a great deal in January, even though we have a decent track record. We have perhaps the best scouting and recruitment policy in the league too. Barnes and Perez rightfully have their critics but 10 & 11 goals+assists is decent for halfway through the season and about as much as we can ask for IMO. As for losing starting players - we’ve proved with our conduct over the last four summer windows that: - we will not be selling more than one major player per 2 windows; - we will not sell a player for less than our valuation; - we will absolutely not be bullied by any other clubs. The future is really bright. Be patient and enjoy the ride!
  3. Nah we’re ****ed. It’s all over. This was our season and now we’ve bottled this we’re destined for mid table as per usual. I’m stepping back from Leicester City duties. Rodgers Out. etc.
  4. Ok, come on. Which one of you did this?
  5. Seeing a lot of "bottle job" bollocks in this thread. We might not have played brilliantly but we only lost to a last last minute winner. And that was after having a blatant penalty denied. We're currently 3rd in the Premier League table, 3 points off 2nd, 8 ahead of 4th and with a goal difference of +28. I'm gutted that we lost tonight but I'm so ****ing proud that we made it to the semi final in the first place, and are doing so well in the league. We're not Spurs. We're Leicester ****ing City. We're here to **** the elite up. Tonight was just a blip. Take the negativity elsewhere. Also, **** Dry January.
  6. All we have is wine. And I'm a non-wine drinker. I've had to resort to emergency measures - Diet Coke and red wine spritzer.
  7. I have the same feeling but I have got nothing in the ****ing house.
  8. I'm not comfortable with the way he was treated at all to be honest. This was his original post: I found it really, really weird that it was framed as solely homophobic when I'm at least 4 things on that list. I'm an atheist (and an anti-theist depending on my mood) but I also believe wholly in free speech, to the point where I find it quite disturbing when people lose their jobs for saying something someone else doesn't like. For one thing that's showing absolute intolerance for other people's views - however vile you find those views, people are still entitled to them and entitled to express them. It's seriously ****ing childish to be just as intolerant back, when a reasoned, respectful discussion could lead to a change of mind. And who gets to decide what can't be said? Who gets to decide what I can't hear? This is the weirdest thing of our era - the modern left has become so intolerant of anything it doesn't agree with that people lose careers over it. I don't agree with what Folau said. I wouldn't have heard of him otherwise. I don't even like his religion. But the guy has a right to work.
  9. Nicholas Parsons was apparently - died today aged 96.
  10. There's a bit of an argument on RedCafe - some people complaining that they should have gone for Timo Werner in the summer when they apparently could have got him dirt cheap. Someone replied that he had had no Premier League experience. Another replied that Slimani actually does have Premier League experience. Who wants to tell them that yes, he does have Premier League experience, but he was shit?
  11. According to this he was... https://www2.le.ac.uk/offices/press/for-journalists/graduation-ceremonies-1/summer-2016/orations/oration-for-nicholas-parsons-cbe
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-51278023
  13. 7 goals and 4 assists in 6 starts in all competitions; 12 appearances overall and in just 379 minutes - absolutely phenomenal output. Just goes to show that the talent is there, it's finding the right mindset and system for him to thrive. I'm sure some would argue that Gray's inconsistent flashes of greatness and lack of output would count as a failure against Rodgers, but that would be harsh on both of them IMO. Finishing in the top 4 would be the better achievement though for me - as would a cup - though we shouldn't be focusing on just this season's accolades; Champions League football is unbelievable for us but we should aim to qualifying for it long term. Sustainable success is right within our grasp and I can't ****ing wait for it.
  14. June 2009: - Premier League and World Champions Manchester United receive a world record fee for Christiano Ronaldo. - League One Champions Leicester City are preparing for life in the Championship with the signing of Dany N'Guessan. August 2019 - Manchester United pay a world record fee for a defender by signing Leicester City's 3rd best centre back. January 2020 - Leicester thrive without Maguire and sit 14 points above Manchester Utd. - Manchester United are now desperate to sign Leicester's 3rd choice striker who flopped as Leicester City's record signing.
  15. I would piss myself if we just decided to recall him.
  16. They really are the gift that keeps on giving aren't they?
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