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  1. Everton have now been top of the league for 5 times longer than Spurs have been in the last 5 years.
  2. Your English is brilliant mate. You should honestly be proud about being able to speak and write in another language different from your own. It's a skill most English people lack, so never let anyone tell you yours isn't good. Welcome to the forum!
  3. Looking forward to seeing Ünder announced around Christmas time.
  4. I really hope they do a Stranger Things spoof with Cags rescuing Ünder from the Upside Down.
  5. Bloody hell what did we do? Threaten them with sending Diabate the other way?!
  6. Just in case who is this guy following on Insta and Twitter?
  7. Armartey CAN play all those roles! We just don't want him to.
  8. Just driven past the Marriott and saw Ünder having a ciggy outside. He was laughing at Cags pretending to walk down the stairs in a first floor window.
  9. Bale's contract demands were mental but Levy quickly gave in:
  10. Maybe they just really wanted another holiday?
  11. I would piss myself if the government announced that Spurs couldn't sign him because of the terms of their £175m bailout/loan.
  12. Arguably not, but you could also say that there's nobody with more divisive tactics or goals than the BLM movement. Their stated goals are extremely problematic and most people are starting to realise it. The Oxford BLM leader is a massive racist herself, as well as being batshit ****ing mental (Sasha Johnson, google her). It's very interesting to see that the PL has now switched back to No Room for Racism with Kick It Out. I'd prefer it if we stopped importing America's political hysteria over here personally.
  13. I still haven't seen the dance - what were people actually complaining about?
  14. He’s gone back home to pick up his copy of Here, There and Everywhere so he can ask his idol Steve Walsh to sign it.
  15. He’s teasing us and Puel is in on it. He’ll sign a new contract next week. This is Claude’s last revenge. We’ve been had.
  16. Lincoln or Liverpool away, if we go through.
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