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  1. Terry Jones. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-51209197 One of my childhood heroes. Someone who inspired not just my sense of humour but my outlook on life. Utterly gutted. Terry J and Neil Innes in the space of a month just isn't fair.
  2. Chilly and Hamza did. That’s why they were late last week.
  3. Brendan Rodgers has revealed how "colossal player" Wilfred Ndidi is poised to face West Ham, just 13 days after a knee operation. Ndidi is in line to make a swift return from injury on Wednesday night with Leicester manager Rodgers admitting the Nigeria international's importance to his Champions League qualification mission cannot be overestimated. Leicester have not won in the three games Ndidi has missed since he underwent knee surgery after damaging his meniscus in training. The initial diagnosis was that the 23-year-old could miss up to six weeks. But the defensive midfielder has made an excellent recovery and is likely to be included in the squad to face West Ham. Rodgers said: "He is so valuable to us and if we had been playing an FA Cup final a few days ago, he would probably have played. "He's made an incredible recovery and he's just a machine, a real colossal player. There will have been other players who unfortunately, genetically, won't have got through it and had other issues. "He gives a lot of the talent in the team that chance to express himself because of the ground that he covers. He's like having two players."
  4. I'll definitely have to check some of their stuff out. I've quite liked some of Tanner's stuff - you can tell he's much freer and unrestricted than he ever was at the Mercury with their advertising driven format.
  5. Perfectly valid points Alf. I'm very easy to please to be honest! In screenwriting you're always told to get rid of anything that doesn't serve the story - I don't necessarily agree with that as, like you say, some things might not add to the story but might add to the character. Writers very often write fully detailed biographies for most of their characters (see Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg's Flipchart notes on their films) that barely 1% of which makes it into the film. (Usually it's given to the actors to help fully embody the character). I agree too that credibility stretched a bit in some places, though like I said I'm so easy to please I tend to just ignore that if the cinematography is as beautiful as this.
  6. New podcast on the way: https://theathletic.com/podcast/160-50001/?episode=1&from_module=1 Really enjoying the content so far, though not sure if it be value for money when at full price...
  7. *spoilers* They got the balance just right for me. Blake was very talkative from the off, telling stories about his mum's garden and his brother, which pay off emotionally when he dies holding the photo and when we meet his brother. Schofield got emotional when even breaching the subject of home, and how things were - which ties into what it was like for the men when they returned from war. The last two thirds after Blake died, Schofield only had the woman and the child to talk to but with the language barrier and time running out he doesn't answer her when she asks if he has children. He talks about his medal twice, about how he gave it away for a bottle of wine - he's not interested in being recognised for his achievements, he just wants to survive. As a screenwriting geek I loved how efficient it was with his back story and the way it withheld information in favour of being involved with his journey in the moment. For me, this is what makes the emotional impact bigger at the end when he's resting against the tree and takes out the tin that he's been checking is safe throughout the film, and the message reads 'Come home to us'. We don't really need to know the details; many millions of men in the war had very similar stories and many millions never lived to see their families again. Schofield ends the film the same way he began it, resting up against a tree. What was an extraordinary story of bravery turns out to be just another day. The insanity of the First World War defined. Man I ****ing loved this film and I can't wait to see it again.
  8. Thanks for sharing! I can't get my head around the fact that this was almost 50 years ago!
  9. The Ice Kings were around in 62/63 I thought?
  10. 20 days into a transfer window and we still don't have an Andros Townsend thread. WTF.
  11. We don't need a striker.
  12. Good idea for a dating app that. Upper class people get drawn against working class chavs, with the occasional non-league no-hoper scum getting through to the next round. All fixtures to be held at a neutral venue for safety reasons.
  13. We don't have a white away kit this year!
  14. City's XI and subs... Schmeichel (c), Ricardo, Evans, Söyüncü, Fuchs, Praet, Mendy, Maddison, Pérez, Barnes Vardy Subs: Ward, Justin, Morgan, Gray, Tielemans, Albrighton, Iheanacho
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