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  1. Leicester’s Ricardo Pereira has made eight assists from open play in the Premier League since the start of last season – the only two defenders with more in this period are Andrew Robertson (14) and Trent Alexander-Arnold (11).
  2. Monty Python is the closest thing I have to a religion, apart from Leicester City. As such I believe it should be protected from hate speech in the same way other religions are.
  3. Except for the wafer thin mints...
  4. Michael Palin breaking down in tears on the news has done me in. Terry was one of my heroes but he was Palin’s friend for 58 years. Heartbreaking interview.
  5. Pretty sure Vardy only came for the shits and giggles.
  6. An obscure one, but one of my favourites: They really were decades ahead of their time.
  7. The only time we got a reference in Python!
  8. Another one I say to my dad daily: 'But mother!'
  9. In which Monty Python predicted Twitter:
  10. It's the second he spots the crowd looking at him that gets me every time.
  11. It's quite nice in a way, it feels like they're starting to accept that this is where we belong. After Liverpool beat us on Boxing Day some of their fans were goading us saying we're definitely not in a title race. Guys, 7 years ago we were more used to the mid table of the CHAMPIONSHIP, let alone the ****ing Premier League. We might be in a slump now but I hope we all appreciate that to even be where we are now, despite what happened in 2015/16, is ****ing insane for a club like us.
  12. "Just pretend, for god's sake!"
  13. I'm totally going to hijack this thread with my favourite Terry J sketches to cheer myself up. Don't mind me.
  14. I'm now even more ****ing proud that I got to see these guys live in 2014.
  15. Ironically that's the name of their North Wales Supporters Group
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