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  1. If someone could post the full article that’d be lovely...
  2. Never watched wrestling so can anyone inform me as to if this is a big deal or not?
  3. Could have been this one? https://www.flightradar24.com/JCB3/2592aa1e
  4. I have this really awful feeling that Sean is a character created by Stringer to try and endear himself to the fans.
  5. Gray is definitely a Premier League quality player IMO. It just hasn't really worked out for him here. You could very well make the argument that he's had rather inconsistent coaching over the years, as well as restricted game time due to being players in front of him being undroppable. And then having massive boots to fill after Mahrez left. Personally I think he'd thrive at Burnley. It would be a bit unfair to call him a failure here - he only cost us £3.5m, will make us a small profit and will leave us a champion. His goal at Cardiff will never be forgotten.
  6. QPR/Les Ferdinand statement on not "taking the knee":
  7. Looking back this really was a statement of intent wasn't it?
  8. He needs a little stick with a ribbon on it:
  9. Dorsett: https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11712/12077827/wesley-fofana-leicester-in-talks-to-sign-defender-from-st-etienne Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers has refused to comment publicly on his interest in Fofana, but Sky Sports News has been told negotiations with the French club are progressing. St Etienne originally wanted £25m for Fofana, significantly beyond what Leicester are willing to pay to bring him to the King Power Stadium. A structured deal appears most likely, potentially starting with a loan with an option to buy at the end of the season.
  10. Can’t believe he’s been injured this long. We are so lucky he got injured right before lockdown instead of in the middle of a full season.
  11. It was definitely something to do with it being Sunday. Feeling listless while everyone else was up and doing something. Trying to relax when someone's making some kind of DIY noise. Was half as active as I've been the last few weeks so that was another kicker! Feeling OK this morning though!
  12. The poor guy honestly can’t stand having to talk to Stringer.
  13. A novel idea that. I bet it’s a success.
  14. Kim Minge. The Minge Monster. GERRIMIN.
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