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  1. Have they got 15 new threads on him like we did when Mahrez went AWOL?
  2. Sounds like a Mahrez style mardy arse. Not the sort of personality we like to hire these days. I’d piss myself if PSV sue them!
  3. Just to be clear: Bergwijn has received NO permission from PSV to fly to Spurs for a medical examination. And he called Ernest Faber himself this morning and said: I'm not playing. Bewilderment above in #PSV is big
  4. They’ve got more letters in their name, I’ll give them that.
  5. Would seem that Mendy is indeed on his way - replacing him with a 20 year old with potential is great business for that amount IMO.
  6. My Dutch is a bit rusty but I'm pretty sure they're saying "Why the ****ing **** would he want to go to Tottenham Hotspur when they've only ever won two League Cups in his lifetime? He'd be better off at the King Power especially with their world class training facility about to open. **** Tottenham Hotspur."
  7. https://metro.co.uk/2020/01/25/manchester-united-summer-transfer-move-ben-chilwell-manchester-city-drop-interest-12122560/?ito=newsnow-feed I can’t ****ing wait for Man Utd to come after Chilly in the summer. It’s going to be so much fun.
  8. Times like this that make me miss Kante and Dickov.
  9. This season was his biggest chance to make an impression and aside from a few decent cameos, he just hasn’t shown enough quality. We need major upgrades of our wingers in the summer.
  10. Has anyone replied to Rusko to tell him Bergwijn has at least two legs yet?
  11. Unpopular opinion alert. I don’t see anything wrong with him being nominated or indeed winning an award. Some of his conduct comes across as very unsavoury and self serving, yes, I’ll give you that. I can do without hearing about his onion sandwiches, calling his listeners ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, commenting on whatever that kid has been up to and his general childish demeanour (I hope the LCFCTVHD crew rescue Pipes soon). Just commentate on the ****ing game Ian. But on the other hand I personally felt he conducted himself very well over the coverage of the tragedy and did a truly professional job in what was obviously a very difficult time for anyone connected to the club. I appreciate people have a more cynical view than I but I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt.
  12. Couldn’t be more against it personally. It’s great that they scrapped it in the League Cup all them years as it’s very much an inferior competition, but there’s something special about the FA Cup and replays are an integral part of that, especially for lower league clubs. The FA/PL need to spread fixtures out better over the season rather than allowing them to jam up the fixture list. The Qatar World Cup is going throw a massive spanner in the works too, very soon.
  13. Brendan Rodgers calls for FA Cup replays to be scrapped as Leicester cancel warm-weather training plans John Percy Credit: Getty Images Brendan Rodgers has scrapped plans for a warm-weather training camp due to fears over more fixture congestion. Rodgers is the latest Premier League manager to recommend abolishing FA Cup replays, as a draw with Brentford on Saturday will wreck Leicester’s mid-winter-break. Leicester will have no option but to play their replay on either February 4 or 5, days after a league clash with rivals Chelsea, before then returning to action against Wolves on Friday February 14. The Premier League introduced the ‘winter break’ for this season, but Rodgers is unhappy with the schedulers as his players will have little time off to recharge following a hectic festive period. When asked if he was considering a warm-weather camp for February, he said: “We couldn’t plan one because of the possibility of the replay. Inside Brentford: The hotbed of talent development with a valid claim for best-run club in the country. "I think, ideally, there wouldn't be a replay, you would finish it there and then with a penalty shoot-out. “If we’re playing a replay, we’re playing a replay. It will just diminish the time they can recover. We have our own internal plan so the players will get some recovery. “We obviously have a big game on Tuesday at Villa [in the Carabao Cup semi-final second leg] so the reward is there that if you do your job, then you get an extra few days free. "If you somehow don't, of course you're in after the Chelsea game and getting ready for the replay." Rodgers is set to make changes to his squad for the fourth-round tie against the Championship promotion chasers, with Christian Fuchs, Wes Morgan, Hamza Choudhury and Filip Benkovic in contention to start. And the Leicester manager has confirmed that striker Jamie Vardy is targeting a return for Tuesday’s second leg at Villa Park, after suffering a glute muscle injury. Vardy, 33, suffered the injury in the 4-1 win over West Ham on Wednesday and will be given the weekend off to give himself the best chance of recovery. Rodgers said: “We’re hopeful he will be ok for Tuesday, there's a little bit of work to do. He'll get some work in with the medical team. He'll stay with them for the weekend."
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