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  1. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    33 + 32 = 65
  2. The many Reasons we're Struggling

    I agree with almost all of the reasons that have been given but would like to add one that hasn't - the change to the non-grappling rules for defenders. Physicality was a major part of both Morgan's and Huth's game last season (and the only part of Wasileski's!). As soon as these rules were changed they both lost a major part of their defensive qualities.

    Does anybody know the date of the away leg? If it's the 14th/15th then I can make it!
  4. Which positions in January need investment? If any...

    I think that we could do with a new centre midfielder as there will be games this season where I feel that we would be better off playing a 3-man midfield. The thing that I don't get about supporters is when they would like a quality player to come in as back-up, for example at right-back. In my opinion, Danny Simpson was the best defensive right-back in the Premier League last season. His defensive discipline allows Mahrez to have a freer role. In short, I do not believe that there is an upgrade available at right-back without spending £15m+ and £100K per week - and those players will still choose the top clubs in Europe over us. For all of the reasons listed above, the best that we can look for is a player for the future who can deputise for Danny Simpson in the event of injuries or suspensions. The same goes for centre-backs.
  5. CL Draw

    Who did we draw from pot 3?
  6. The Final Run In - Maths and Psychology

    Speaking as a Maths teacher, you clearly did not pay attention during your probability lessons. Be careful today as there is a 50% chance that you will be murdered by a blade-toting meerkat - after all, it will either happen or it won't.
  7. Leicester City foreign legion (Trivia Quiz!)

    No Yakubu - and my spelling seriously let's me down on these!!!
  8. 78 points

    If someone gave me a free bet on it, then that is the number that I'd plump for - but as let's get 83* just to be safe. *number to be revised as/when Tottenham drop points
  9. I'm going 5th or 6th. The rest of this post may seem ridiculous though! So far it has suited our style to have played the better teams at home and the weaker teams away. This has meant that teams have consistently attacked us allowing us to hit them on the counter. There will be some weak teams who we play at home in the second half of the season who will sit back and be prepared to settle for a point - this does not suit our style at all. We have also still got to play Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool and Chelsea away from home - as good as we have been so far this season I could easily see us picking up less than 5 points from those 6 games - and we still have to play Liverpool and Manchester City at home.
  10. Wasyl

    If we revert to a back 3 then sure I'd love to see him back in the starting 11, but as long as we're playing 4 at the back then no. I'm not too concerned wether it is Was or Benny on the bench - but you can't sign a new player and not even put him in the squad! Was is class and whenever he is called upon I have no doubt that he will do a fantastic job for us. Was, Benny and Liam Moore are currently all squad players - which in all honesty was all that Was ever was before we switched to a back 3.
  11. Kramaric

    I could easily see Kramaric rotating with Mahrez for either a position just behind a front 2 or wide left.
  12. Starting 11 for August

    Wow - you must really not rate Gallagher!!!

    Are you drunk or just terrible at spelling? (FTI it's predictions, Cambiasso and Ulloa)
  14. Right, time to ask again... Vardy for England?

    As a Leicester fan I love Jamie Vardy - but he is nowhere near good enough for England. He doesn't score enough, doesn't look up enough and lacks composure. I don't have a problem with these deficiencies in his game as they are the reason that he is playing for us rather than a top 4 team (similar to Fryatt lacking pace or Schlupp lacking composure and a final ball).
  15. Retained List

    With us switching to three centre backs Was is a must in my opinion (as is signing Huth and maybe even another younger centre back). Giving Cambiasso another year is a no-brainer. I'd be happy to see Hammond in the squad for another year, especially if James is going to be out for a long time - but if we get the opportunity to sign a quality centre midfielder then I don't really mind.