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  1. Not looking good this. Dont let the racists win. Let's give these a good hammering than these lot should be made to play behind closed doors for a few years.
  2. Any manager can pick a side that can beat the majority of the shite sides in Europe. When we come up against anyone with half an idea we are completely clueless. How Keane gets picked is a disgrace. Same with Rose and Rasford. Southgate is a joke.
  3. **** me he is bringing abraham on now. Sooner Southgate gets a premier league job the better. Bloke is a complete fraud.
  4. ****ing MLS fella has knocked one in.
  5. Has southgate ever taken Kane off? Abraham been scoring for fun and cant get a go.
  6. That Keane is proper shite. What is southgate playing at. Danny Rose must be worth a bet at getting sent off too. Spent most the 1st half out of position
  7. Complete over reaction by Klopp. He did what was required and what players have been doing for years. If he is injured then its unlucky. The bloke spends most the game diving about anyway so its probably a bit of karma.
  8. What's the point in VAR. If a bloke diving over after the smallest of touches isn't clear and obvious then what is. He went down like someone had hit him with a sledgehammer.
  9. I come to read about the ground expansion and people are slagging off coalvile. Much rather live out here then near the city. Lovely bit of countryside and we have a wilko. What more do you need! Oh and a decent non league side.
  10. ****ing spurs. Ruined my bet tonight. Glad they went out.
  11. The prices are an absolute disgrace. Not bought anything in the ground for a couple of seasons. Nearly 5 quid for a pint is taking the piss out of the fans.
  12. Not great so far . Seems a bit lost out wide. Either play him closer to Vardy or Albrighton should be playing
  13. Gutted Gower has gone. Probably the best they have on there. Hopefully not being replaced by Nick Knight and Rob Key. Yawn fest them pair.
  14. The sides no better than last year so not sure why anyone is expecting us to all of a sudden become a top 6 side. 30 million quid on Perez who is no better than anything we already had and 20 million on a midfielder who cant get in the side. Bizarre team selection today though and if we keep setting up like that we will have plenty of frustrating afternoons like today.
  15. Crap game. Rodgers cocked that up. Far too negative. Need to stop playing 2 defensive midfielders. Not needed today at all especially when you look at their midfield. Disappointing!
  16. Ridiculous challenge. Definate pen too. Need a kick up the arse.
  17. What a load of bollocks that was. Southgate is such a poor manager. Conceding 3 to a side like that with a miserable defensive midfield like that doesnt look good and it's clearly the wrong option.
  18. Absolute farce that midfield. Southgate clearly has his favourites. Barkley only in as he plays for Chelsea. He wasnt even very good on Saturday. I'm starting to get pissed off with southgate and on the verge of hoping we get beat again so we can hopefully get a manager in with a bit of excitement. Saying that though, Boothroyd with probably get the job next.
  19. Slightly concerning that were created next to nothing at the moment. Very light weight going forward. Only one shot on goal again tonight
  20. I tell you what that dubious Iranian channel has locked up my laptop and crashed my footy manager game! Not ideal
  21. my stream has gone to shit. Bring back the cones please
  22. FFS this is worst than Keys and Gray
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