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  1. Bizarre sub. Palace not looked like scoring all game. Big wes causes a touch of uncertainty at the back.
  2. Probably the worse side we could of drew. A premier league side who play a full strength team and that are desperate for a win.
  3. That var decision is a disgrace at arsenal. Happy days.
  4. City scored more away goals tonight than derby did in their last season in the premier league.
  5. Great game. I was only 11 ish i think. Bloke infront of me got wacked on the head by a pie. God knows why i remember that
  6. Not one player. Probably shows where we are as a county.
  7. It wasnt the challenge. It's his reaction to everytime he is fouled. Rolling around holding his face when he has been wacked in the stomach. Cheating
  8. That James is a ****ing cheat. Horrible little ****
  9. This VAR really is a load of shite though. Worst than Brexit.
  10. Not enough to make you fall over like that. Serves them right. The refs need to look at the bloody monitor though
  11. Doesnt seem to have a clue where he is playing. Looks lost and usually ends up in the way of someone else. Albrighton should be playing.
  12. It sounds like there still doing it.
  13. Not looking good this. Dont let the racists win. Let's give these a good hammering than these lot should be made to play behind closed doors for a few years.
  14. Any manager can pick a side that can beat the majority of the shite sides in Europe. When we come up against anyone with half an idea we are completely clueless. How Keane gets picked is a disgrace. Same with Rose and Rasford. Southgate is a joke.
  15. **** me he is bringing abraham on now. Sooner Southgate gets a premier league job the better. Bloke is a complete fraud.
  16. ****ing MLS fella has knocked one in.
  17. Has southgate ever taken Kane off? Abraham been scoring for fun and cant get a go.
  18. That Keane is proper shite. What is southgate playing at. Danny Rose must be worth a bet at getting sent off too. Spent most the 1st half out of position
  19. Complete over reaction by Klopp. He did what was required and what players have been doing for years. If he is injured then its unlucky. The bloke spends most the game diving about anyway so its probably a bit of karma.
  20. What's the point in VAR. If a bloke diving over after the smallest of touches isn't clear and obvious then what is. He went down like someone had hit him with a sledgehammer.
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