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  1. Would be 3 points clear of 5th if we had won.. Such weak mentality by us.
  2. Portsmouth 6-1 Cardiff Watford Bournemouth Stoke
  3. Agree but there is enough experience in that side. Schmeichel, Vardy, Evans, Fuchs, Albrighton. Even Perez and Praet have over 300 career games each under their belt.
  4. Unfortunately I don't think he will get any better. He has shown throughout his career that this is his ceiling. I like him and he's a decent player but we need better if we are serious about future top 4 challenges.
  5. He's a decent player but inflated fee due to inflated market. He starts every game because he's better than Gray and Albrighton
  6. Breaking into the top 4 is near impossible. In the last 14 years the top 5/6 clubs have consistently been there. Leicester City are the only CL participants from clubs outside the big 5/6, and we had a huge chance to do it again but choked so badly its so infuriating. The anger towards this team + manager is well deserved. Rodgers has many questions to answer. I'm not Rodgers Out but as @davieG said Rodgers has really gone down in my estimation.
  7. I was thinking this last night. Everytime this team + manager had a bit of pressure on them they ****ing fold like a stack of cards. Liverpool at home, these players get talked up as possible title challengers, the international media spot light is on them. What do they do? Zero shot on target and get battered 4-0 at home. League Cup semi final against an atrocities Aston Villa side with no strikers and we somehow conspire to lose to them. FA Cup v Chelsea, once again go out in the quarters against an inconsistent Chelsea side. Watford, Brighton, Everton, CL ppst is on the line abd this team gets 2 points from 9. Spurs never choked like this. They never threw away a 14 point lead. This is the biggest bottle job I've seen in a long time. Up there with Newcastle and Keegan but at least they were up against the reigning champions. We are up against a Chelsea team with a rookie coach and a United team managed by a Norwegian PE teacher.
  8. We won't even finish 5th anyway so this decision will be immaterial for us.
  9. I know Man City are better than us but its infuriating to watch them sweep aside bottom half fodder with such ease. I wish we were flat track bullies.
  10. In terms of starting 11 only Collymore and Izzet would improve us. As a squad, Heskey، Guppy, Elliott.
  11. Absolutely would not be happy with Europa League. We were 14 points ahead of United at one point, now we are just 1 points ahead. We should have been home and dry. If we were 6th or 7th all along and chasing CL spots but just missed out by few points I would be happy but I'm not gonna be happy with bottling top 4. First half of the season gets 9/10, we played some truly scintillating football (Southampton, Arsenal, Newcastle, Villa etc) but second half of the season gets a 4/10, dire performances and shocking defeats to teams we should put away.
  12. It kinda is. If the Knicks were located in Memphis nobody would talk about them. Their play off record in the last 2 decades doesn't warrant it. But because they're a big market team they get a ton of media attention. More than Milwaukee, Portland and even the reigning champions Toronto.
  13. Unfortunately its the nature of the game. I follow the NBA and the basketball media would rather spend gazillion hours talking about the New York Knicks who have been useless for god knows how long rather than better teams with more promising players like Dallas or Portland. You'd think they would welcome competition, but no.
  14. True. But tbf to him he was getting clowned by everyone, even his own fans, earlier in the season. He has now managed to get a tune out of that team. I still don't rate him but fair is fair, he is doing good. His interervies are cringe though.
  15. It is unforgivable. All we needed was not to shit our pants and crawl over the line with that 14 points gap on NYD. Post Christmas we have been terrible and its unacceptable. Finishing 5th and getting into Europa League is gonna be so ****ing anti climax. I wanna see us back in the Chamlions League, not play away to Odense Boldklub on Thursday nights.
  16. At least double figures. We were well ahead of them. I get the annoyance with United and penalties but the reality is its our own damn fault if we miss out on CL.
  17. How did Bournemouth become so bad? They still have the same decent players that had them mid tabld ish for the last couple of years. Things has gone stale perhaps.
  18. We need a top class wide man , and then Barnes/Perez can fight over the other spot. Its hard to carry 2 wingers/wide forwards who won't get 10 league goals. If we want consistent top 4 challenges, this position has to be top priority this current window.
  19. When is the CAS decision due? I thought it was this week.
  20. He belongs at Burnley where his small club mentality and anti-football tactics are tolerated.
  21. Sheffield United on 51 points in their first season is damn impressive. Fair play.
  22. Not sure if Jim White is being serious or not. :/
  23. He is what he is - a decent squad player. He's not a starter. Barnes is, and Barnes has missed some truly awful sitters this season (Chelsea at home for example). Keepbhim. Unless we get a £12-15m offer from the likes of Palace or Bournemouth (like Schlupp).
  24. Just need the Man City ban to be upheld. So us, Chelsea and United can calm the **** down.
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