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  1. Should imagine the signing on fee, wage and agent fees won't come cheap. See Aaron Ramsey.
  2. Genuinely thought we could turn it around when we signed Lee Hendrie on loan from Sheff Utd, a sign of intent. He was decent to be fair, we were just a sinking ship
  3. Look at how desperate Kane is to move, he's 28 in July... knows this summer is his last chance, he's probably left it too late to kick up a fuss.
  4. Infuriating yes, but we've had to cope with injury after injury. Spurs frontline are hard enough to play against as it is. Proud of the lads and they will be as disappointed as we are. We are Leicester City knocking on the door of the elite, it won't always go our way.
  5. No doubt be a decent signing for us, but this is horrific 😂 it was a stupid thing to say even back then, never mind now. We beat them 0-1 if anyone was wondering.
  6. Wouldn't be so sure Liverpool win this, Williams and Phillips don't look convincing at all
  7. Perez offers more off the ball than he does on it. That says something in itself. He is supposed to be an attacking player.
  8. Don't think anyone can begrudge Chelsea winning that one, it was always gonna be a struggle. Over to you Burnley!
  9. How are we not losing. I do think Mendy is the man to come on here.. we're being completely over ran
  10. Words fail me how amazing yesterday was, being one of the fortunate few who had a ticket. The match itself wasn't the best but the atmosphere, the Tielemans goal and drama towards the end was just breathtaking. One of the best days of my life.
  11. Said it so many times before, Paul Pogba is a complete waste of space. Far too slow on the ball and a massive ego to go with his very average football skills.
  12. Gutted. What an opportunity missed
  13. Said this when they won 1-0 at Sheff Utd. On one hand, they're winning games but they are so boring to watch considering the money they've spent on talent.
  14. Has to be some sort of punishment anyway, they took this way to far. Pulling out is obviously the right thing to do but for this to go unpunished is ridiculous. There at least needs to be a serious investigation into the Americans that own Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal. If there's any justice they'll fvck off.
  15. On the other hand, maybe Man City don't agree with all of this but felt the need not to be left behind? Who knows
  16. What a time to sit on the fence unbelievable this guy is
  17. Massive points deduction for every team that's signed up. Absolute disgrace
  18. Morgan Rogers on loan at Lincoln from Man City looks a real talent.
  19. Bang average player who somehow earns over 100k a week. I don't think he'd even light up the championship from what I've seen of him.
  20. I don't think there was much in it, a lot of mucking about with the ball by Chelsea, Sheff Utd could have easily equalised.
  21. Thought he had a good game. Offered little going forward but I'd look more towards Your in that respect, put himself about and won a fair few tackles.
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