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  1. I’d argue that the player himself needs a move to resurrect his career, it all depends whether Klopp would stand in his way though. As has been said, the title is as much as done.
  2. The phrase ‘if they become available’ does my head in. More or less ANY player is available at the right price.. if a club is keen on a player it is up to the buying club to force the selling clubs hand.
  3. In all fairness I don’t think Shaqiri is going to win or lose Liverpool the title anytime soon.
  4. Should imagine he’ll get one anyway, regardless if he came to us. Think he needs a loan for his own career to be honest, could help us out too. Everyone’s a winner
  5. Would anyone take Shaqiri on loan? Even further down the pecking order now Minamino has arrived.
  6. Whoever it may be, it has to be a top class winger. Barnes needs to be taken out of the limelight for a bit, can’t handle it.
  7. Fair to say we need one or two players in the window to provide competition for places, our wingers have been appalling recently
  8. J.Lisemore


    What the fvck were you watching
  9. That annoying EFL commentator that ALWAYS says after the first goal... ‘ and it’s (insert team here) who hit the front!’
  10. As if the TAA and Sterling one wasn’t enough got to be some match fixing going on here. Ridiculous
  11. Good luck to the lads, hopefully they take their opportunity. Not the ideal team but they’re all wearing the blue shirt so let’s get behind them
  12. From memory I think he got injured in a league cup game and never played for us again.
  13. Bakayogo is a bit harsh really, had a big injury early on and never recovered
  14. Justin for Ricardo, Fuchs for Chilwell. Perez upfront with Iheanacho with Vardy on the bench.
  15. Down to the manager this is. Tactics have been absolutely abysmal. Man City and Liverpool, set up completely wrong in both and we’ve stood no chance.
  16. That’s the vibe I was getting, no doubt he’s giving 100% but he’s just running around aimlessly and backing out of 50/50’s. Here’s hoping he turns it on this half
  17. Don’t particularly like singling our players but Barnes has been utterly dreadful, honestly still looks pissed
  18. They’ll be waiting a bloody long time
  19. To his credit, managers must point him out as the obvious Hull threat before a game, and for a winger to keep finding the net like he is, that’s some record he’s got.
  20. Got to agree with this. Gray is just hopeless but at least with Barnes you can see with guidance and time he can improve. Wonder if Bournemouth are still interested in Gray?
  21. Could have handled it a lot better in his time with us but he was always destined to play for a top side, must have been frustrating. On the other hand, he shouldn’t forget that we were the ones that gave him this platform, to say he ‘wasted 2 years’ is disappointing considering he was still playing regular Premier League football with us for a massive amount of money.
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