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  1. We saw it for years at Old Trafford to be fair, this has been going on for a long time and with more and more money in the game it'll carry on.
  2. Getting absolutely battered here, it's embarrassing really
  3. Has to be a formation change soon surely. This could end up 3 or 4 nil
  4. Nice not to see the Ndidi Mendy partnership come on lads, attack attack attack
  5. Will be interesting to see how our full backs attempt to contain Zaha. Have a feeling we'll go for it and they'll catch us on the counter.
  6. Safe to say the wheels have well and truly come off
  7. Theoretically Brendan seems like someone that would guide him in the right direction. That laziness could be coached out of him, still only 23 - but would be pricey considering Flamengo spent £15m on him 6 months ago. It does however raise alarm bells that Inter were quick to get rid.
  8. Gabigol. Did only sign a permanent deal with Flamengo on January, mind. Plenty of talent there, maybe moved to Inter too soon.
  9. May aswel have postponed it, how I didn't fall sleep through that I'll never know
  10. If I wasn't feeling sleepy before I am now
  11. Even worse that Darren Bent has bitten at that to be honest.
  12. To add to this, obviously Kante would have had the final say on a transfer but I can imagine his agent had a big influence on whether he was staying or going. I doubt he would have thrown his toys out of the pram if he had to stay put it that way.
  13. Were f**** aren't we. That was dire
  14. Future looks bleak for Nigeria if that's their manager. Sounds like a pished up glory hunter from down the pub
  15. Was made Anderlecht captain at 17 I think, must have some leadership qualities for sure
  16. You only have to look what happened to all of those players after their time with us haha, all careers nosedived. Moreno was probably the most successful
  17. Kaebi barely played to be honest, can only remember him at Ipswich away
  18. I bet half of them have no idea what is going on
  19. Arrangments with who? Grandparents? Undermining the situation is silly, this is a serious issue.
  20. Laughable really, Atletico have been doing this for years under Simeone especially away from home.
  21. No doubt we'll play the ball around the back for 45 mins at least. If they score then we go into panic mode and actually play to win.
  22. Needed to improve the side in January, we all knew it.
  23. Nice to see him back after such a long time out, can't we just be positive and give the guy a chance to come good? He's still only 28, let's just wait and see rather than writing him off? Needs to used correctly though, any further long term injuries then I agree that his time will be up unfortunately.
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